Communication and Fear

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  • posted 13th July 2007

The underlying issue for Earth humanity in this moment is that it lacks connection to its inner self--its inner power resource. In doing so, it is missing its position and its place in the universe as a whole. Essentially it has been unable to access its power--its divine right to everything outside of itself. It does not understand the universe, and sees all as random chaos without any realisation that there is a divine design and intelligence which is actually them! YES. THEM! Humanity itself.

Humanity would rather give away its power than accept responsibility. We speak on all levels both inner and outer--micro and macro. Earth humanity assumes it is separate from all things, and further, that it is above all things. What humanity fails to realise is that it is assisting in creating this chaos. Simply due to one tiny key expression: Communication. Humanity as a whole is unable to communicate with its inner self--its inner being--and this is reflected by its inability to communicate with all things external to itself, in part due to its belief that it is separate. It does not communicate with its environment, with its nature, its Earth, its children, each another... We do not speak of superficial communication. We speak of inner communication.

Humanity is Earth's central nervous system. Its inability and refusal to communicate is causing destruction to its self at the cellular ("soulular") level as well as other levels. This is reflected with tension, stress, pressure, convulsions, tremors, fevers, quakes, rash... As you can see, biologically it is the same as its Earth. This destruction is reflected externally where humanity is destroying the very hand that feeds it. The side effect of this is cosmic on a grand scale. What humanity does not realise is not only is this situation destroying its inner environment, but also its own solar system, and is contributing to the off-balanced rift on a universal scale.

As you resonate, so to does your universe, but more so your sun and Earth. YOU, HUMANITY ARE THE LIVING PRAYER! You are the Book of Life.

Humanity must understand that everything external to its inner self responds to IT. It is a cause, not effect, of its external universal creation. As a whole, human consciousness is currently steeped in fear and separation. Now is not conducive to enter into the origins of this; it is important only to understand that a belief in separation from Source created fear, and this fear created further separation likened unto your domino effect. The separation in itself was an illusion, a trick, a sleight of hand... Again, to discuss the mechanics of this would further digress so we will leave it for another now in your time, but suffice to say there is no blame directed here. By becoming whole and complete in yourself do you then only know truth.

As humanity evolves externally, it must involve itself internally to maintain harmony and balance. Involution is the order of the day. Evolvement without involvement creates an imbalance which manifests itself as further separation. Abundance and space are dimensions within. However, humanity in separation perceives them to be outside, and in doing so it becomes territorial, greedy, hungry, violent, aggressive...

How to become complete and whole is simply to communicate with all things--no matter how small, no matter what form or shape--and in doing so you become involved, participating. Your resonating vibrations are then fed back into the divine creative loop and complete the circuit to create wholeness rather than separation.

Inner communication is better understood perhaps as communication without fear, and superficial communication is that with fear. Speak your fear. Express your fear. Inner communication is inclusive and whole, and nothing is to be separate or judged by it. Many "new age" schools feign at the thought of breathing the word fear. To exclude fear from expression is further separation.

Expression of fear is not to be feigned, but instead embraced. Fear only becomes destructive when there is attachment and expectation to it. Understand your humanity's fear, for in doing so you will then understand the nature of the beast and what motivates it without fearing it.

Communicating your fears to each others' hearts dissolves them rather than breeding further fear. Humanity is afraid of fear itself. Only by embracing it will you become whole again, and this is done via communication. Heart to heart.

Perception is only half of the picture. Articulation--expression--via open-hearted communication brings you to completion and allows you to grow, expand, learn, explore...this can only be done with an open heart, whereas fear contracts, restricts, stifles.

Beneficial transformations may catalyze various fears to rise to the surface of awareness on a global scale, as any unexplored new terrain/territory, even though benign, may stimulate feelings of trepidation and fear. This is okay and not to be judged, but allowed and embraced without attachment or expectation of outcome to the fear. An innocent child not knowing for the better will come to you with fear in its eyes and soul. Do you shun it away and ignore it? Do you yell at the child, telling it to go away and not to be so silly in such thought and feeling? Do you attack the child for having such a fear? No! Not at all. For this will only further separate and alienate the child and breed more of the same. You open your hearts and arms in embracement, listening patiently with your heart and understanding with your mind, and then speaking with compassion and taking measured action to alleviate the child's fear...really it is quite simple.

Understand that those who do not wish to embrace the communication of fear or allow the expression of it to be communicated are in fear themselves. For in doing so they would then need to take responsibility and action to alleviate such fears and it may not be conducive to their comfortably numb position, perhaps one of power and greed. A person not willing to share his food or profit, will not want to hear about the fears of a starving fellow human. This may be a simple example, but nevertheless it is reflective of the human paradigm.