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Middle English concelen, from Anglo-French conceler, from Latin concelare, from com- + celare to hide

  • Date: [http;// 14th century]


  • 1 : to prevent disclosure or recognition of <conceal the truth>
  • 2 : to place out of sight <concealed himself behind the door>


Concealment (also called abscondence or hiding) is obscuring something from view or rendering it inconspicuous, the opposite of exposure. A military term is CCD: camouflage (object looks like its surroundings), concealment (object cannot be seen), and deception (object looks like something else); in a broad sense, all three are forms of concealment.

The objective of hiding is often to keep the presence of an object or person secret, but in other cases not the presence is a secret, but only the location.

More generally an object may be hidden from view, either purposely, or as a side effect; in this case the presence of the object is not necessarily a secret.

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