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Noun - content

content (See: context)

  • 1. (uncountable) That which is contained.
  • 2. (uncountable) Published information and experiences such as many novels, movies, music, game, webpages, presentations, organized data, etc.
  • 3. (mathematics) The n-dimensional space contained by an n-dimensional polytope (called volume in the case of a polyhedron and area in the case of a polygon).
  • 4. See also contents [1]

Content may refer to:

  • Information
  • Volume generalized to arbitrarily many dimensions in mathematics and physics
  • Curriculum to be learned as opposed to the teaching methods used
  • Content (measure theory), an additive real function defined on a field of sets
  • Content (algebra), the highest common factor of the coefficients of a polynomial [2]