Earth, the Heart of Gaia

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Radioactive material belongs to Earth's Heart. It is her Hearth.

It is the ESSENCE of her BEING. It is the LOVE that she is.

It is Her energy source of love which she radiates inside out for all life living symbiotically on her and within her.

That's where it belongs, should stay and not be dug out for use as an external energy source.

When it is removed from her HEART it becomes unstable, like kryptonite it is toxic to humans.

Radioactive material not contained within Earth's Heart is coincidentally toxic to the Human Heart Chakra / Thymus Gland. This is not by accident but by divine design.

Man has/is ripping Earth's Heart apart by continuing this behaviour of removing her love energy source.

Instead man should be seeking to utilise energy from the "gravity of love" which is all around for all to use but ignored.

Nuclear reactors containing the essence of Earth's Heart (love removed) which are placed in specific harmonic spots across the Earth act as a gridlock draining/dampening the frequency / morphgenetic field.

In the grand design of divine creation it has Earth's angelic code name that of the same resonance as HEART / EARTH / H-EAR-TH.

It is by no accident for EARTH is the HEART of GAIA. The Inner Centre.

Gaia is the greater body, with Terra (Earth's twin) as the Meta-Mind (ego/cognitive) and Earth the HEART.

Terra (Terror) is where war is waged from against Earth/Humanity.

Thus why Earth/Humanity is the most important gliterring prize and jewel in this corner of infinity.

The Blue Shields by late April will be raised again by a 5th of an octave in an attempt to buffer the morphgenetic frequency field from collapsing as radioactive material is returned to Earth's Heart.

The raising of this frequency will create tension for all who are not centred within their hearts.

The pacific techtonic plate is Earth's breastplate and thus her heart is activated and on fire as she returns to pure love.

Do not resent her quakes, tremors and waves of love as they wash over your gridlocked establishments and institutions.

Earth is RETURNING to her HEART. Returning to Love. To do so she needs the essence of her heart returned to her.

The essence being the radioactive material which man has removed/ripped from her heart. The chain of nuclear reactors gridlocking her must be removed/deactivated.

And so she prepares to birth a new humanity and take her rightful divine place returning to be the heart of Gaia's body.

Next time you see a flower - smell its fragrance - taste of its essence - this will assist to return you to Earth' Heart, one with her honouring the journey and sacrifice she has made for us.

As you realeyes the purpose that is in all things and darkness and light shall be as one. Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future and as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams. Only to find yourself standing in deep water. Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores.

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place. Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did and Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, the Heart of GAIA.