Earth Transitions to Gaia

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Dream Time : Thursday Morning approx 3am - 10th March (aussie time)

Whilst at work Wednesday i began to develope a powerful migraine which had everything blurring, overlapping, looking and sounding like one was in a tank of water.

At home in the evening the migraine had subsided but was still hanging around regardless of what i did. I get one headache a year and this was it.

I decided to take aurum metallicum (homeopathic gold) and colliodal gold together to help with pain and to sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow i was gone.

Next i hear the sound of screaming jets like F1-18 jet fighters screaming over the roof our house and the walls/house shuddering/shaking and i literally jump out of bed in fright thinking "WHAT THE F" are screaming jets doing fly overs in suburban streets.

[this is in my dream but at the time i literally thought it real - it was that real/vivid]

I jump out of bed, quickly put on my boxer shorts and a t-shirt and i look at the digital clock alarm on the bedside table which shows the time of "22:77". Immediately i then realised i was vivdly dreaming - again i hear screaming jets fly over shuddering the windows/walls of the house.

As i turn around to run outside to see what the fuss is, Blue/she is there (7ft tall) in the bedroom doorway firmly shouting at me; [dialogue as follows]

Blue : Wake up wake up - what are you doing asleep still - now go - wake your neighbours up and make your way to the beach immediately - your family, kindred, colleages and friends are there already waiting

R: what is going on?

Blue: war in heaven is upon us and Earth is about to transition - now hurry

so i run outside bare-feeted in my boxer shorts and black t-shirt and begin knocking/thumping on the neighbours doors yelling to them to wake up and head to the beach [side note: nearest beach to where i live is like 20km away]

i now find myself at the beach - bare feeted running over sharp rocks, sea shells and sand - the bottom of my feet are bleeding

looking across the beach i see like 1000's of people all gathering and dozens of blue beings (like blue herself) guiding them to the waterfront where waves are crashing down and swirling around their feet

again more screaming jets fly over and as they do sonic booms are heard (breaking the sound barrier)

On the horizon sky i see like 1000's and 1000's what appears to be like fire-flies - tiny dots - but they are coming closer, brighter and as they do getting larger and lighting up the night sky

R: look what's that coming towards us?

Blue: That's your angels coming

By now they are getting larger and glowing like spheres balls , like orbs but egg shaped big enough one could sit inside it and they are shimmering different colours

R: they don't look like angels to me ?

Blue: your angels are your spirits - your spirits are coming out from within and out towards you - they are your vehicle to take you all to Gaia

So now my mind is attempting to make logic of this - how is it they are coming out from within - when they are going down from the sky

These orbs/egg-spheres are coming down and hovering at the water/shore and the blue beings are helping each person climb into into their translucent orb/egg and as they do it shoots up and out into space like at the speed of light

My attention now turns to some kind of quarantine area where people are lined up and the blue beings are removing some kind of black box thing from between their shoulder blades

so i move closer to have a look - the blue beings with their glowing hands (of light) are just reaching inside between each person's shoulder blades (more to the left shoulder blade) and slowly drawing/pulling out/removing what looks like a black slimey looking cube - the size of like a small rubik's cube

the black cube is slimely/gooey looking with spidery like tentacles - the process looks quiet painful for some people as they yell and scream in agony

after removal they drop the slimey black cubes into blue ink like liquid what looks like one of those yellow-cake radioactive containers with the radioactive danger logos on it except the logo is blue triangle

so i turn to blue with a look like "what is happening what are you doing". she turns and says to me

Blue: this is metatron's cube - it is inserted upon your arrival here as a seed - it's design is to filter, limit and control - to enslave your soul and stop it from becoming fully realised

she grabs one that has been removed and shows me on each side/face of the cube there is a star of david - she continues

Blue: this is the HEX on HUMANITY - it's design is to disconnect souls from their spirit

R: do i have one between my shoulder blades?

Blue: you were seeded with one but was removed upon your rebirth - open hearted you have been since - some have transmuted all if not most of this cube by their teens and others it remains until their departure from here - you can not be live on GAIA with metatron's cube still implanted

my mind immediately focuses on my family, partner, children, friends, colleagues and kindred - most all i've met or come into contact with through out my life and recently - they are there - all lined up on the beach awaiting their spirit (orb/egg) to arrive so they can climb in

my 2 kids (appear to be mid-teenagers grownup - about 4 or 5 years older than they are now) and all the others kids (neighbour's kids and their school friends ect) are excited like at a disney theme park getting ready going on a big joy ride

Blue: there is no need to be concerned - they will all be home and safe on Gaia preparing for Earth's home coming merge

so like a boy at christmas i say

R: great i finally will be going to Gaia once and for all - i'll go now and line up with the others

Blue : no as your promise - you are staying behind with us until the very end

R: [my heart now sank low] what do you mean stay behind until the end?

Blue: until all is unbound and undone - and Earth has transmuted all her pain, grief and suffering that have been placed upon her by Metatron's fallen over the aeons and cycles of time - we must now help see her through her very own transition to GAIA - she is not left behind - any moment now all is about to be released

everyone - the whole beach is now cleared and gone (to Gaia) - and it's just me and blue / with the other blue beings - it is almost pitch black (only blue's light glow is illuminating) and all i can hear is the crashing of ocean waves and ocean surf - i am about to speak and Blue puts her finger to her lips as to say "be quiet"

then everything goes absolutey dead and silent and pitch black dark - and all i can hear is this low sound tone hum/buzz - it is sounds kind of like wobbling sound - wobble - wobble - "weoo - weoo - weoo" but electronic square wave sounding (according to my ears - less than 1Hz frequency more like half-hertz - the wobble sound occurs every 2 seconds approx - which is impossible as it is below human hearing unless you are hemisyncing)

blue now speaks

Blue : do you hear that (referring to that wobbling hum sound)? - it is metatron's frequency

R: where is it's source - where is it coming from?

Blue: just as you had metatrons cube seeded in you at birth - so did the Earth - she like you has a large version metatron cube deep within her womb nearer the bottomside of her heart - this is now going to be removed before she can transcend to GAIA

R: i am thinkign out loud - how the hell is that going to be removed - i could only imagine how big and slimely it must be and how huge its tentacles would be

she then firmly speaks says

Blue: embrace yourself - here comes the transition

the metatron frequency begins to fade and i hear a new sound - it is the sound of when one puts a seashell to the ears - it is swirling/wooshing - a spiralling sound - it is getting louder and louder - it is everywhere - it is humming and singing like musical/symphony a whole spectrum range of frequencies - randome yet melodic and dancing - still it is getting louder and is it gets louder - the earth from under my feet begins to spin/turn erratically and i fall/buckle under all the movement

the earth is now wobbling/moving/spinning from under me - like a washing machine back and forth - everytime i try to get up - i fall back down again (the blue don't appear to be affected by this) - so i lay down on my back and everything is now spinning erractly - there is lots of wind but it is musical like the sound of seashells - i look up and see it is getting brighter - like the sun is descending into the earth - the dark night is been replaced by bright white light - i can now feel the sea/ocean water coming over me in waves

i now notice the veins in my hands - fingers - arms - my legs - feet - on my neck are all starting to bulge - really really bulge and turn very dark blue - lots and lots of veins bulging - my skin all over is like beginning to turn blue with bulging ugly veins - i can feel the blood surging thick thru my veinsin pulses and surges - my head is beginning to throb and is now banging - my heart is pounding and racing away - i am getting that feeling i am going to throw up - i'm getting hold/cold - breaking out in a sweat

the light continues to get bright-white-blinding and Blue says to me "Can you see the bright white light - it is Earth merging with GAIA"

my concern is not GAIA - but me - as my veins are about to pop/explode and my head/heart are throbbong/racing - i can't stand it anymore - i can't talk - i can't breathe - Blue leans over me and says - "be patient - you are now returning to your true self - you are becoming one of us" - she then leans over and places her hand over my eyes and closes them - i pass out - blank - black -

[end dream]

i wake up startled - my heart pounding - like am out of breath - look at the clock it is 5:17am - my migraine is gone - i try to go back to sleep but just lay in bed making sure to recall as much of the dream as i can.