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  • The ego is nothing more than the cesspool of denial. It is that which lacks light.
  • The ego wants you to believe that you are compelled to certain actions, certain feelings, certain choices, certain perceptions, certain statements by something that surely exists outside yourself. This is never true. In no circumstance is there anything of creation that has the power to dictate to you the choice you will make.
  • That part of your mind called the ego will rise up to tell you that if you listen to the one that some have called the saviour of the world, it will take you to a path of destruction. That is because the voice of ego knows that it will be destroyed if this path is followed. You – the Reality of who you are – cannot be destroyed.
  • The body is the representation of the ego.

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  • You must decide to live as if you were not the ego.
  • When you are willing to let go of your need for egoic grandness, true grandeur will begin to pour forth through you.
  • Egoic consciousness is the feeling of being absolutely certain that you are separate and alone, that you must rely on your own thinking process and that no one beyond your unique, contracted sense of “I” has any connection to you whatsoever, and no one cares.
  • I have shared with you many times that it is the egoic mind that compares and contrasts. Therefore, never compare or contrast your experience with another person’s. Yours is unique.*Shanti Christo

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