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Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin, from favēre to be favorable; perhaps akin to Old High German gouma attention, Old Church Slavic gověti to revere


  • 1 a (1) : friendly regard shown toward another especially by a superior (2) : approving consideration or attention : approbation
b : partiality
c archaic : leniency
d archaic : permission
e : popularity
b archaic : aid, assistance
c plural : effort in one's behalf or interest : attention
  • 4 a : a token of love (as a ribbon) usually worn conspicuously
b : a small gift or decorative item given out at a party
c : badge
  • 5 a : a special privilege or right granted or conceded
b : sexual privileges —usually used in plural
  • 6 archaic : letter
  • 7 : behalf, interest

— in favor of 1 a : in accord or sympathy with b : to the benefit of : in support of <a verdict in favor of the accused>

  • 2 : to the order of
  • 3 : in order to choose : out of preference for <turned down the scholarship in favor of a pro career>

— in one's favor

— out of favor : unpopular, disliked