Final Rhapsody in Blue Minor

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I get a constant stream of emails asking when I will post more material.

MissionIgnition was never about spamming out posts in the vain of being popular, to peddle products, merchandise or magical mystical tours to some exotic island or faraway place. I posted only if I felt inclined to share something i deemed of value but mainly for the Blue Transmissions.

The time has come for me to move on and this "Final Rhapsody in Blue Minor" will be the final post. For 20 years I have appreciated and enjoyed your sharing’s with me. I've made many friends for which I am greatful and thankful.

As a side hobby I've been teaching young teens and adults to play guitar for almost two decades. This has now become the forefront and my main focus. Additionally something I've been working on among other things is sound/light healing technologies for which I also wish to seriously pursue. MissionIgnition is paid forwards so content will remain up until that expiry.

And so ... unless I sit next to you on a train/bus/plane or unknowingly bump into you on a street corner or supermarket isle or we cross paths unknowingly in a moment of synchronicity.... I bid you farewell.

You can read the last post "Final Rhapsody in Blue Minor".

May you always be in higher vibrations.



It is time for me to move on. This will be the last post from MissionIgnition.

We live on a planet approaching 8 billion people. These people are made up of and not limited to countries, borders, states, religions, genetic race, colour, cast systems, political affiliations with countless and infinite beliefs.

All of these create many angles and sides with harmonious alignments as well as many oppositions, tensions, fights, wars etc. And that is just one planet.

Now, extend this out to multiple galaxies, perhaps a whole universe if not many. Don’t stop here, continue onward and upward to other dimensions, astral or otherwise (high and low). It does not end here but extends further out to souls, soul families or groups, angels, archangels, archons and creators or creator and so forth.

Macro to the micro.
Life is teaming with endless life.
Infinite and unmeasurable.
The animal and insect kingdom all hunt and devour each other.
Fungii and Virii devouring anything or anyone that is not in harmony.
Earthquakes, Volcanos, Hurricanes and Cyclones.
All “assumed” to be in natural harmony balance.
In each instance cells die and new cells are born.
Anglish as it may be; “cell’ sounds very similar to “soul”.
Cellular – Soulular. Don’t sell your soul.
Suns/Stars die out whilst others explode or are born.
Blackholes gobbling up anything that cannot escape their gravity.

And so … what are YOU/ME/WE left with?

A) You, the creator peering out of those eyes reading this on your screen, created all this wonderful and majestic multi-faceted entwined dream or game (good or bad) for your exploration and experience or;

B) Many creators, to each their own, created many universes, realms, worlds and games to explore and experience.

Surely a Creator would not design itself a system that would entrap itself inside an illusion for all eternity that it could not get itself out of?

An experience is created, tasted and released. Instead we hold onto them further solidifying ourselves in matter and groundhog day cyclic patterns.

It does not matter which of the above A or B it is. We ALL could be the one being (creator) expressing and experiencing from multi-faceted angles – or – we all could be from different creators.

Either way, just like on Earth where we have so many factions as described above there also are factions out there that oppose each other, planet vs planet, galaxy vs galaxy, other races all opposing and conquering each other via war or manipulation through technology.

On Earth we can see this dynamic play out.

East vs West
Country vs Country
White vs Black
Race vs Race
Religion vs Religion
Who is right? Who is wrong?
Who is telling the truth?
Who is manipulating via covert means?
Who is for peace and who is for war?
Who is attempting to dominate the other?

It literally is no different to the plant, animal and insect kingdom. Though many will debate that nature is nature and is in balance i.e. all the creepy crawlies eating each other, lions eating smaller prey, sharks eating dolphins and whales beaching themselves is all just “nature”.

If that is the case, then are we too not just “nature”? – or – are we something better, greater more powerful than nature and thus not constrained by the same?

And so, who is to say that other extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional races are any different to you or me or us. Same goes for soul groups.

I raise this because I am constantly being asked which is summarised into the following questions: “why is everything so bad and corrupted?” … “why are we like this?” … “what is the ultimate outcome or agenda?” … “what is the end game?” … “Why can’t we just have harmony and peace?”

I was going to launch into the following with great detail but have summarised it instead;

  • Universal and Dimensional structure is like a guitar or harp with 24 strings
  • Origins of Human and other ET races and their cosmic battles
  • How we Humans came to be here with the embodied DNA of 12 ET races (12 tribes/colours)
  • How other ET races are seeking this rare DNA engineering
  • Some of these ET races who willingly contributed their DNA to the cosmic Human project now want to claim ownership of the whole program (this the major reason for the unseen battles)
  • Atlantis and Lemuria and those that came before them
  • A soul race invasion because they have destroyed their realms and bodies and are desperate for survival and as “we” have already some of their *DNA makes it easier for them to re-engineer a body for incarnational purposes
  • Finding and tweaking/hacking a bio-compatible body to incarnate into (Human body temple)
  • Mass DNA testing to locate true angelic humans and which human race is most compatible
  • Hacking the human body by disconnecting communication with higher source/soul through electromagnetic radiation, vaccines and GMO
  • Carbon is a toxin for this invading maligned ET race and hence the push with global climate warming and carbon zero emissions before their arrival
  • Terra-forming the Earth and atmosphere through engineered weather and chemicals
  • The human (humine) soul group contains DNA strands from at least 12 soul group species like Averine, Feline, Canine, Reptiline, Dinorine, Delphine, Mantisine, Cetacine, Amphibine etc.
  • Anytime between now and the next 100 years we will be blasted with higher vibrational photons from the galactic core
  • If the above does not result in growth and expansion for Earth and its inhabitants then Earth will self-terminate (reset) around the year 2400.
  • How media and technology use frequency/vibrations through words and images to influence YOU to move in one direction or another
  • However, launching into the above in detail would just lead back into “US vs THEM” and around we go in circles with who’s on first and who’s on second base just like that Abbot and Costello comedy.

So this being the last post “Final Rhapsody in Blue Minor” I will leave you with the following.

There is a war on all levels above and below currently raging around us. Do not become attached to the the outcome for it matters not. Instead focus on your inner-self to raise your vibration and in doing so your vibration will permeate to those around you and so forth like a ripple in a pond from a small stone.

There is inequality, bias, racism, politics, corruption greed (power and money) etc. However, there is also love, communion, sharing, thriving, embracing, connectedness, openness, oneness, peace and harmony etc.

Whether you live in a cave, are oblivious, sheltered, naive, not affected by the above or you simply just wish to ignore it. It is happening. i.e. All exist.

Repeating what is already written above because no matter what angle you choose to look in from you are left with two.

And so, we circle back to why is this all happening which leads us down a fork in the garden path:

A) You the creator peering out of those eyes reading this on your screen created all this wonderful and majestic multi-faceted entwined dream or game (good or bad) for your exploration and experience or;

B) Many creators, to each their own, created many universes, realms, worlds and games to explore and experience.

Either way if we are to reduce this further, it would be;

A) This is all a dream or game created (by you or us) to keep ourselves amused, exploring, learning and experiencing and hence we are G.O.D. (generator of dreams).

B) The source creator (not you) has either lost control of its creation, is powerless, does not care or planned “this” all along.

Take your pick, because YOU, peering out of those eyes reading this have ultimately only two paths to choose from. A or B. And thus it matters not as either will lead you to the same destination with the exception that one path is the highway and the other is a long and winding dirt road but regardless of which one you believe you find yourself exactly where you are this very moment.

YOU either created this – or – The Creator planned it all along. If you created this then work towards changing it. If you didn’t create it then you are at the hands of the creator.

A few last words

Keep your vibration high and integrity whole and true as this will contribute to help you find yourself in a “place” that is void of harm, destruction or chaos but filled with love and peace. It will also help contribute to the overall vibrational field of the planet and its inhabitants.

I once asked Blue; if my arm got severed, do I have the ability to grow another?

Her reply was; “If you were a master (of your reality) you would simply grow another …. however, such a master would never find themselves in a position of severing an arm in the very first place”.

Her response above can mean many things to different people and applies to everything. Her response actually to me used to be depressing because it implied that whether or not one planned an experience it was “fait accompli”.

It goes without saying that prevention is better than the cure however I’d like to expand on it. One could after awakening becoming enlightened and choose to grow another arm because one “planned” such an experience from the onset.

Maintaining high vibrational integrity will be a challenge. After all WE/YOU/ME are here in this life/reality to participate, articulate, express and experience.

What I do know is that HIGH VIBRATIONS / FREQUENCY are not affected by LOW VIBRATIONS / FREQUENCY. This is true of sound and colour. The higher frequencies will always stand out and are undisturbed by the lower frequencies.

A musical chord is made up of multiple notes. When the notes are in relational harmony to each other you will hear much to the joy of your ears an exquisite musical sound. If not, then it will sound very noise chaotic like. YOU/ME/WE are individual vibrations and collectively no different.

It will be extremely difficult to tell the difference between or navigate through evil, oppression, disease, propaganda, lies, falsehoods, tyranny, all levels of manipulation and fear. However, it is your vibrational integrity and conscious intention that will determine if any and to what degree the above will influence you.

Imagine that! A vaccine that may be forced upon you has no effect on you. You maybe in the middle of a war-zone but the bullets avoid you flying around you instead.

You (individually or all-together) will feel compelled to become something more. This is a universal process. Each individual or musical instrument in isolation does not sound like much. However, all playing in an an orchestra in symphony sounds greater than the sum of its parts. Ever tried playing in a band? Small or large? It takes some practice working together before the music played sounds coherent. Now imagine 8-billion musical instruments in the symphonic orchestra. What would it sound like?

If 10 individuals are building/adding/growing and 1 is destroying then the one destroying will have a difficult time keeping up with the 10 who are building. However if 1 individual is building/adding/growing and 10 other individuals are destroying what do you think the result would be.

It takes alot of effort to build but very little effort to destroy.

A vibration can be;


Each of the above carries a vibrational energy packet. This energy packet is not judged to be bad or good. It is simply an EXPRESSION/ARTICULATION that is RECEIVED/PERCEIVED.

Whatever you believe is good, another person may believe is bad. So who or what is right? How does one achieve peace, harmony, growth with such a situation with neither person imposing their force or will upon the other?

The answer may be that all involved can grow through expression i.e. “allowed to be” without injury or harm to the other. Outcomes, end-games and destinations are an illusion and the only reality is the journey experienced itself.

Ultimately YOU/ME/WE are here to learn and experience by helping, building, growing, expanding – or to – harm and destroy. Which one are you? But just like cells in a body, some old cells need to be torn down and destroyed in order to build new cells.

Bidding you farewell. May you always be in higher vibrations.