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I started meditation when i was about 11-12 years of age [i used a fire-heat ball of light method which i will discuss another time] then stopped it when i became a rebel teen, heavy metals bands etc etc.

Later I began zen/transcendental meditation classes which didn't last long due to the fact i could not get into it because it all felt wrong. Especially when the teacher began teaching your basic chakra meditation classes starting with the root chakra and working upwards to the seventh. My inner voice would whisper to me and say ... "you're supposed to start with the heart ... this is the first chakra ... central to all other chakra's".

Long story short, with a little help from out body experience and the astral i ended up with my own meditation technique "the heart-spiral" which for me seems to harmonise well and pretty much every one else i have told/taught it to have given me excellent feedback.

It is my belief from my experience that there actually are 24 prime chakra's. 12 are in this physical manifestation and 12 in the non-physical. We pulse in and out of this existence of focus at approx 24 times per second but are only conscious of the time we are in the physical (possibly why video movie frame rates were based on a minimum 24 hz i.e. frames per second).

Of the 12 prime chakra's, 7 are mirrored and aligned with the body glands. These are the ones I use for the heart-spiral. The other 5 chakras are overlayed as follows; one above your head, i feel it at approx 60 centimetres above the crown and two hovering in and above your wrists, approximately 15 cm and two in the souls/soles of your feet (i.e. one in each foot).

The reason many focus on the 7 gland/chakra system is because these are main the vortex/energy points where the soul interfaces with the biological spacesuit via the gland system which produce hormones (harmony).

Another issue of contention and confusion is which gland is regarded in the position of the crown 7th chakra? Is it the Pineal or the Pituitary? In my astral travels i have learnt that the Pineal is the crown, the communication device between the all-that-is receiving and transmitting all frequencies. The Pituitary is the surveyor the two work closely together setting up a resonance chamber in the brain between the two. I call these the "butterfly".

Everything begins with the heart..The soul's primary node is this area approx 2 inches left of the "liver" up underneath the rib-cage virtually to the bottom right of the heart. Some know this also as the "assemblage" point and there are some that actually claim to move the assemblage point from below the liver into the above area for re-aligning puproses. All energy coming into and out of the body is through the heart chakra which then loops around in spiral fashion feeding into and out of the other chakras.

Sequence 1

The sequence is as follows ... from 1 to 7

Spiral chakras.jpg
4th Chakra - Heart (green) . enters here first
3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus (yellow)
5th Chakra - Throat (blue)
2nd Chakra - Sacral (orange)
6th Chakra - Brow/3rd Eye (indigo)
1st Chakra - Base/Root (red)
7th Chakra - Crown (violet)
… then cycles thru again to the heart chakra

The above is a simple sequence form 1 to 7 of the chakra's opening up. If you draw the flow of it, it is like a spiral.

Please note: the other 5 additional chakras to the main 7 (i.e. the two feet/leg chakras, two wrist chakras and the chakra 60 cm above the crown are connected to the heart chakra. The last picture "Crown" at the bottom exemplifies this.

Download video and watch video at this link

Sequence 2

Also as an alternative you can start with the heart and then focus on pairs (one above and one below).

1. heart
2. solar + throat
3. sacral+ brow
4. base + crown

Instead of seven steps, you do it in 4-steps. Consider the 4-chambers of the heart, 4-aorta's and the heart is 4th chakra. The the heart also has 7- muscles, which spin/tilt the blood like a spiralling vortex.

Interestingly doing some numbers on the chakra sequence you find;

4 + 3 = 7
then 5 + 2 = 7
then 6 + 1 = 7
then 7
or with the 4th as the centre
then 5 + 3 = 8
then 2 + 6 = 8
then 1 + 7 = 8
Octave of 4= 8 = infinite spiral loop

Consider heart disease is one of the number one killers ... why? ... it is not just food/diet ... it is the energy dynamics of the heart.

If the heart is not open and tuned/flowing and allowing the energy to spiral through correctly can cause imbalances in the rest of the body and affect other things.

eg ... if the heart is blocked and you are trying to open and/or close chakras/seals that are closed below the heart then dis-ease can manifest problems in that region in the body. The same goes if above the heart i.e. Energy maybe trying to flow/spiral/cycle thru and it can't cause the heart is closed/blocked, pressure then builds up and bang!

Also if the energy is not released from the top half or the bottom half, due to the heart seal closed or blocked not fully open then those seals/chakra's can burn out or over stress/over work and start causing physical ailments in those areas as well as pressure on the heart-chakra and the heart itself.

Simply with an unbalanced heart ... closed-heart ... will cause other chakras and their respective glands to either overwork/stress and burn out. This is reflected and can be seen where some overuse / draining of certain areas extreme examples are addictions eg. Sex or drugs or you may notice some people "talk too much" some people are over emotional, some people have sever eye/sight problems or hearing etc.

Also if you feel inclined you can sit cross-legged and also clasp and hold your hands out in front of your heart area. Imagine your hands like a flame or ready to catch a ball and remember to breath in/out like woosh-shhh sound.. (note: the lungs are situated in the area of the heart chakra.

The above is not the only way to meditate, it is one method of many to share. If you have anything to share please email me.