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Mantutia served as Melchizedek Director of the Urantia Revelatory Commission for Parts II and III of the Urantia Book and compiled Paper 120 to place upon the record, those universe events and counsel that were preparatory to the final bestowal of Michael. (UB Papers 56 & 119, end notes) (pp. 648 & 1319) He serves now as a Regional Manager or guiding Melchizedek influence in the Rocky Mountain area.

There is a council of Melchizedeks who have regional oversight responsibilities as these administrative units function as geographic and energetic areas of the planet. His area is the Rocky Mountain Cordillera, the range of mountains going north and south extending into South America. The region ranges from the Rocky Mountains to approximately near to St. Louis and the Mississippi Valley, and westward to the Sierras.

His lessons may be found by following this link.