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Public is about the what of belonging to the people; relating to, or affecting, a nation, state, or community; opposed to private; as, the public treasury, a road or lake. Public is also defined as the people of a nation not affiliated with the government of that nation.

Public also refers to the general body of humankind, or of a nation, state, or community; the people, indefinitely; as, the public; also, a particular body or aggregation of people; as, an author's public. "public Network" means a network that is regulated as a common carrier.

Aggens (1983), in the paper titled "Identifying different levels of public interest in participation" states: "There is no single public, but different levels of public based on differing levels of interest and ability".

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From L. publicus


  1. Pertaining to the affairs or official affairs of all people, not just those of a private group; contrasted with private.
  2. Open to all.
  3. Funded by the government.


  1. The people in general, regardless of membership of any particular group.