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The nature of life is the blending patterns of unending energy waves and pulses in an :outward spiraling progression drawing all and everything towards itself.
Energy within the biological spacesuit (human body) is created by various :electromagnetic fields which are set into motion by spiritual intent and will. These :require active raw materials and elements such as light, air, water, minerals, vitamins :and enzymes to name a few.
In your current state of present and physical being you can not have one without the :other. Your spirit and mind coupled with mental and emotional attitudes form resonant :patterns which are reflected in and by your biological makeup as well as your external :reality. A body without a spirit is lifeless. A spirit without a body is unable to :experience, express and articulate within this universe where you exist. - Blue 

Since the age of 5 after a metaphysical experience during a schoolyard accident involving another child I became interested about how the spirit/soul interfaces (downloads) into the physical body. Later after becoming aware of and practicing astral travelling and having OOBE further deepened my interest as to how the interface occurs. As a teenager and onwards I would spend hours at a time in float tanks, studying and experimenting the works of William C. Lilly, MegaBrain and the Monroe institute.

Some are tired of hearing vague wishy washy airy fairy words and am constantly asked to help provide tools that one can put into practice. The below is a simple summary of things one can practice to further enhance your interface.

One very important thing I learned from Blue was that if we wish to understand how the creative universe and nature operates and everything within it, then we need to first understand how our bodies operate because the two are identical and reflective of each other.

The shape of human organs, glands/chakra as whiteholes and blackholes, the communication between cells and how they group together and move, how blood / water flow, how the heart pumps blood as well as electromagnetic energy around the body etc. We are a bunch of cells inside a human body which is a cell inside the body of earth which is a cell inside the body of the solar system, inside a galaxy, inside a universe, inside another universe, inside another universe etc etc. Think micro and macro.

Coming from an electronics/computing background I like to describe things in computer terms;

Body = Computer

Inside the computer machine you have a CPU (central processing unit) = Brain (central nervous system). Without this you are literally a living vegetable.

All the circuitry, cables and wires = nervous system, veins and arteries

Your eyes are the computer screen, ears are the microphone, speakers are your vocal chords

The Power Supply (PSU) = heart, pumping life force around your body

Memory is stored in several ways and methods - there is RAM (Random Access Memory) this can be hard disk, flash disk or DRAM modules. Then there is ROM (Read Only Memory) which can be like CD's/DVD's, BIOS and firmware. Without boring detail there is what i equate to be CELLULAR memory and SOULULAR memory (they sound the same for good reason; cell = soul). Because believe it or not, according to Blue the soul is nothing more than a blackbox recorder. The soul records all experience (which stored in the cells) and upon death it uploads all its experience in soul/cell groups which interface with the All-That-Is. Yep, technically you are god's computer. Your are the biological interface, you are the musical instrument.

The Operating System (OS), be it microsoft XP or VISTA or Apple OSX is the operating instructions, parameters and instructions within this universal domain/dimension. Thus OS = EGO.

And last not least, YOU are the User/Operator/Hacker of the BIO-Computer and its Operating System. It is entirely up to you on how you use/abuse it, what data you choose todownload and store in it, which memories you keep accessing, how often you clean it, run antivirus checks on it

Felt compelled to write the above, however what is funny when i cross checked the above synopsis with Blue, they told me that it was an over complicated way of looking at things.

So i asked them to do better and give me a simpler analogy - they showed me a SWIMMING POOL! and said YOU are the SWIMMER in water of the BODY of the swimming pool. The water is being constantly recycled, filtered and cleaned. How you swim/flow/waves and care for that water contained in the swimming pool is up to you. This can be expanded to the analogy of an OCEAN.

Essentially - the cleaner and unimpeded the lifeforce can propogate through your body, the more bio neural circuitry you have available, the more you will be able to download of yourself making you more sentient, more aware, more awake in this matrix of illusions.

The below are just some ideas for educational purposes. I'll probably expand on these and update every now and then 

  • Glands

Your glands - especially your endocrine glands are what keep you young, healthy and alive with the spark of your soul/spirit - look after your glands - your glands are located where your have chakra points - they are the biological interface to your soul/spirit - the healthier and more functional your glands are operating the more of your-self/soul you can download/realise (real-eyes) into your physical temple (body) 
*Plastic Don't eat or drink from anything made from plastic i.e. containers, bottles, kettles, wrappers etc - plastics leak xeno-estrogen and other hormone distrupting toxic chemicals to name a few. Stick to glass or quality stainless steal. 
*Microwave Ovens Don't cook/heat your food/beverages in a microwave as the microwave frequency alters the composition and structure of food which is not resonant with cells. If you must use a microwave use only glass or quality ceramic/'china to heat/cook your food.

  • Breathing

Learn to breath correctly - slow and deep - using your lower lungs and abdomen to their full capacity. After a big thunderstorm go outside and breath as much you can the clean fresh air which now contains high levels of negative ions which are very healthy for the electrical function and communication of cells in your body.

  • Sun & Light

Ensure you get lots of quality sun light - on your skin and through your eyes - don't wear sunglasses or shades - your glands through your eyes need the full colour spectrum of light to function and produce hormones correctly and efficiently. Learn to sun-gaze at least 10 minutes each day. Don't use sun screen on your skin - UV light is very important, amongst other benefits, on your skin it creates vitamin-D which is a hormone that is deficient in 90% of western society - sun screen lotions contain chemicals that become toxic under the heat of the sun and easily absorbed through your skin into your blood stream. 

  • Learn to Listen

Western society spends 75% of their waking time talking - blah blah blah. Spend more time listening intently to others, nature and to your innerself. Listen to new music/sounds every day. Try Mozart or Vivaldi. If you have difficulty hearing or listening it is possible your are deficient in mineral magnesium.

  • Smell the Flowers

At least once in your day - take a few minutes out to smell the fragrance of a flower or plant. Nerves in your nose are linked to your glands which produce and release beneficial hormones necessary for health. If you have difficulty smelling it is possible you are deficient in the mineral zinc.

  • Taste & Smell Your Food

Stop - don't gulp your food down - slow down and take the a few minutes to actually smell, chew and taste your food - not only does the extra chewing help your digest the food more efficiently through the release of enzymes and vitamins in the food - your taste buds are linked to glands which upon the type of taste (sour, pungent etc) release hormones and specific digestive juices which prepare/signal your cells to open, absorb and utilise nutirents more efficiently.

  • Alternate to Expand and Rewire your Neural Circuitry

Everyday - do something different - use your other hand or foot to kick or draw or write. Learn to eat or write with your other hand. Brush your teeth with your other hand. Walk a different route. Drive a different route. Simply use your senses in different ways always alternating. Eat a different food you haven't eaten before. Smell a different fragrance. Read and Listen to something different.  Alkalise Learn to alkalise. Your body is 70%+ water. Like a swimming pool the pH of water must be kept at a neutral pH leaning more towards alkaline. Western society in the majority of cases leans towards the acidic side. Too much stress, sugar, starch, meat, pollution, metals, plastic will make your body acidic. An acid body produces and acid mind, depletes & leaches your minerals and inefficiently utilises the oxygen and nutrients to your cells. i.e. an acid body can not absorb nutrients nor oxygen causing your cells to starve and eat themselves (cancer). 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with some lemon juice in a glass of water before bed-time is worth its weight in gold.

  • Plants to Detox the Air

Surround yourself with as many indoor plants you can tolerate as they will absorb pollutants in the air you breath - they are a natural air filter.
 Fluoride is a Nerve and Brain Cell Killer Further fluoride calcifies your glands making them hard as rocks and dis-functional - supplement with iodine which will expel and knock out fluoride from your body. Most western diets are deficient in iodine explaining hypothyroid conditions and slow metabolism. 

  • Chlorine = Cancer

Taken in excess is one of the major cancer causing agents in the human body as well as a nerve gas in warm/hot temperatures - learn to use sodium thiosulphate (found cheaply at swimming pool shops) which is natures natural de-chlorinator.

  • Soil & Food

Modern mass production farming practises have destroyed the soil filling it with toxic fertilisers made from heavy metals, plastics and other toxins. Food grown in this way does not contain adequate nutrients & enzymes and can be toxic. Further it is picked un-ripened and chemically treated to last on supermarket shelves. By the time you cook and have eaten it - it is devoid of nutrients. If at all possible grow some if not all your fruit & veg or befriend a farmer who grows food in a healthy and non-toxic way.

  • Supplement with Magnesium & Zinc

North Americans tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies have found the followng; 86% were magnesium deficient, 70% were zinc deficient, 82% were vitamin B6 deficient, 65% were selenium deficient. Note: 300+ enzymes in the body require magnesium to activate and function correctly. The next largest enzyme co-activator is zinc with 100+ enzymes depending on zinc. Selenium deficiencies are well reported in people with breast and prostate cancer. Eat foods high in these minerals and vitamins or supplement where possible.

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