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Machiventa Melchizedek 'Received' At Noon on 02/21/05 (MST) 'T-R'/'Channeler': non-disclosed

[NOTE: Received from Machiventa Melchizedek, the same individual who was written out of many books of the man-written bible as he was a threat to the various ‘priesthoods’ that had tremendous power over the people. The priesthood even changed most all references in the bible to have ‘God’ actually talking with Abraham, and ‘write out’ all references to Melchizedek, allowing the Jews to feel more self esteem and as the ‘chosen people of God’. He was here 94 years and was not entirely written out of the bible ( “….without father, mother or pedigree he abides as a priest continually….”) He has now been elevated to ‘Planetary Prince’]


Good day, my friend. This is Machiventa. Pleased am I to be here with you as you become increasingly prepared to reach into whole new levels of service as a blending mortal ambassador representing the Master ('Jesus') and those who rule in his name upon our cherished planet.

You are well beginning to understand that you will be serving upon my staff of mighty mortal 'liaisons' as we become mobilized with increasing numbers of those of the evolving new order of planetary citizenry that will be required to effectively lead those upon the planet to new and enhanced understanding of who they are and what they can become as they are reborn to the realities that will become manifest as evolving spirit-led, liberated sons and daughters of the living God.

My friend, you are well envisioning inevitable natural occurrences that will result as the globe readjusts to new realities, as the current ways of living, thinking and being will come to an end, as we know it. As you work with spirit, you will increasingly become the beacon of light you are co-creating, enabling you to bring yourself to many of those brethren who, like yourself, will be comprising the mortal staff I am assembling that will act as those pioneers of the new awakening that we are on the brink of.

The great times of instability you are envisioning are imminent, as old things pass away, allowing the new to be ushered in. Those staff mortals of the evolving new order of planetary citizen will be required to bring stability to those who know not the ways of spirit, enabling many souls to be reborn to whole new ways of thinking, living and being that will become required in order to bring the momentum to a critical mass level to affect the dawning of a whole new planetary dispensation which will open up to the eventuality of the initial, pre-stages of Light and Life.

As our Magisterial Son assembles his staff from those mighty mortals upon my staff, become prepared, along with those you will be led to, to become increasingly flexible to go wherever spirit leads you, as great diversity will be required in these early days, as the work to do is great and the laborers are few. Know that you will be relieved increasingly of the need to labor for your material needs, as all will be provided, allowing you to begin your spirit-led search to begin coming into contact with many like yourself, throughout the world, who will come together increasingly to work cooperatively under an umbrella of various coordinated groups, comprising various associations segregated by area of specific function (the 'CCUCC').

114:7.13 ...The cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens on Urantia now numbers over one thousand mortals whose insight of cosmic citizenship far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial abode, but I am forbidden to reveal the real nature of the...

As these groups become formed, they will begin mobilizing under the direction of myself and many non-mortal personalities upon my staff to affect great changes upon this planet encompassing all the areas of society which will be requisite for the entire reorganization of this planet. Such a group of mobilizing mortals of this new co-creative order of planetary citizen will be drawn from to fill the many positions upon the mortal staff of our Magisterial Son (known by some as 'Monjoronson').

Indeed, you have correctly surmised that many of these individuals will live upon this planet for hundreds of years to allow less disruption in planetary progress that would naturally occur as the result of the short life span of present day mortal inhabitants of Urantia. Such a group of ambassadors will become a critical and vital component that will establish the readiness of the planet for our Magisterial Son's impending bestowal.

Rest assured that you are indeed empowered to affect this great event, as you allow yourself to become all you can become, allowing spirit to guide and direct your journey.

You have well concluded that many new and unknown realities are descending upon this world, morontia realities that will enable possibilities heretofore unimaginable to become a living, growing reality for all who embrace spirit and strive for Oneness with their indwelling Father Fragment, thus releasing them indeed to walk upon this world, yet be not of it. Such a blending of the material and morontia (minds and bodies) has not previously been possible of attainment, except in those rare instances where souls of great spiritual light and brilliance have been given such gifts directly from the Life Carriers and various coordinated personalities, bringing them to become operational on morontia levels of universe reality, while walking upon this planet. Of course, the Master ('Jesus') achieved this level while upon Urantia, as have a few other great leaders who kept alive the higher truths that were in danger of perishing from the world, altogether.

I have personally worked with most of these individuals and have overseen the changes that were permitted by their indwelling Father Fragments. These individuals are the rare exceptions who have reached beyond the levels of terrestrial mortal attainment and have gone on to achieve the attunement with their Thought Controllers ('indwelling spirit of God', literally) which allowed a number of them to translate to mansonia (the 'next worlds' or 'mansion worlds'). Although there have always been those upon the planet who have reached the first psychic circle, certain limitations ingrained within the racial memory as a result of the Lucifer legacy have prohibited the overwhelming majority of these individuals from achieving the attunement required for translation.

This is now changing, as great new gifts have been permitted to become ingrained into the cellular memory of those co-creative spirit-led mortals possessing capacities for such gifts. Such capacity may be indicated by numerous aspects of genetic predisposition, in addition to willful desire and growing capacity for the entertainment of living, growing faith.

As increasing numbers of mortals are awakened to higher spirit realities and embrace these realities with faith, then rest assured that increasing numbers who reach the first psychic circle will go on to reach terrestrial mortal attainment and subsequent fusion potential.

Those pioneers of this newly blending order of planetary citizen who reach such a level of development to be considered fusion candidates and who are deemed vital to the process of global progression, will indeed be permitted increasingly to delay fusion and remain upon this sphere, achieving whole new possibilities, acting as bridges ('liaisons') between the unseen spiritual hierarchy and the mortal inhabitants of the planet. As these co-creative mighty mortals of the new order increase, there will be whole new possibilities extended to the races that will enable them to increasingly overcome the animal mind and indeed gradually begin re-writing their racial DNA, thus slowly overcoming the ingrained cellular corruption resulting from the regression occasioned by the Lucifer rebellion and subsequent Adamic default.

Rest assured, my friend, that to those who have been given much, much more will be given. We need the cooperation of all who will allow themselves to become true spirit-led sons and daughters of destiny. It is through these far-seeing, faithful pioneers that spirit will work and allow mankind to uplift and up-step their planetary estate and approach a living reality more consistent with conditions upon those planets that did not go into rebellion and default.

Such a new, evolving order of planetary citizen will indeed become increasingly the norm in the millennium to come, as such an order of citizenry is quite natural to those planets approaching the initial stages of Light and Life. Although, at this time upon this planet, such individuals may appear to be beyond the comprehension of even those of advanced status, understand, my friend, that this is in no way the case upon other worlds unmarred by rebellion and default.

Rest assured that great times are upon us, as you stand poised to become operational on new levels of universe reality that will allow you to become prepared to be about our Father's business. Great changes will be coming upon you as you allow all things to become new.

Savor the present moment as you allow living, growing faith to lead you, as love dominates and truth coordinates, enabling you to become increasingly the effective and worthy server of all. Accept the great abundance with joy, my friend, as you glorify God through all (eternal) of your achievements.

Know that new levels of consciousness will allow you to become ready for new teachings, training, preparation and rehearsal for various assignments and tasks beyond your wildest dreams and expectations. Continue your exercises as you reach within, increasingly striving to live within the present moment.

I am thrilled to have spent this time with you, my son, and look forward to your increasing assimilation of new truth that will indeed transform you into a bright and shining beacon of light for all to behold. Carry on and know that many walk with you.

Until later.



Of Global Revelations… Part Three: Machiventa Melchizedek

The corps that served our planet with distinction,
Concerned, that revealed truth neared extinction,
Received permission to prosecute their plan:
“Enhancement of the God Concept of Man”.
A Melchizedek receiver volunteered,
Materialized, on Earth he appeared,
Favoring a "Nephilim"-Sumerian,
Versed in languages, foremost Chaldean.
Sharing their supper he affirmed to Amdon:
"I'm priest of the Most High God, El Elyon;
The stars of the firmament, lilies and land,
All made by God the Supreme of heaven."
He thereby commenced his bestowal mission,
Revealing to man the one God within,
Denouncing ceremonial sacrifice,
Preaching faith, substituting bread and wine.
The creed, ceremonies and seven commands,
Devised by Edenites and Dalamatians,
His teaching tactics taken from Adam's sons,
His methods of teaching, second to none.
Physically, mentally and spiritually,
His students were fed to capacity.
Presenting revealed truth for ninety-four years-
His school prepared many future leaders.
The family of Katro with whom he long lived
Passed on higher truth to their relatives,
Perpetuated in their family line,
Handed to Moses, on his father's side.
A versatile student with a brilliant mind,
Abram attended three different times-
Converted, giving up his numerous gods,
"Chosen", to preserve the truth of one God.
He traveled to Egypt seeking food supplies,
Residing at court, with Sarah, his wife,
His distant cousin on the Egyptian throne,
Commanding the army his genius shone-
With a share of the spoils of his victories,
He returned to Salem ('Jerusalem') with high prestige,
Shunning the honors of the Egyptian court,
Along with various tempting comforts.
Fired up with zeal, full of kingly ambitions,
Abram extended his acquisitions,
Becoming the leader of eleven tribes,
Plotting his conquest of west Palestine.
Machiventa refused to sanction this scheme,
Since he had not a son, Abram agreed,
Their covenant sealed, he was told of Canaan,
By his offspring, the future occupation:
"Look up to the heavens and number the stars,
In time your seed will be so numerous."
This formal covenant with Melchizedek,
His believing "was counted for righteousness".
Their covenant represents the great contract,
That by faith, not works, salvation's intact,
Whereby God agrees to do everything,
Man only agrees to believe and obey.
As Machiventa promised, Isaac was born,
Their covenant put in writing and sworn,
Surrendering ambition for worldly gain,
Abram was circumcised, changing his name;
Their reconciliation thereby complete,
Abraham ruled the Salem colony,
Improving the temple, upgrading the school,
With thousands of tithe payers on the scrolls,
He handled the herds and the dairy projects-
Missionaries trained by Melchizedek.
These teachers of truth spread his gospel of faith,
Bringing truth to men of many a race,
Penetrating Egypt and Asia Minor,
Iceland and Europe, Japan and China;
Preaching faith in one God to all the nations,
Setting the stage for our Creator Son.
As centuries passed and religions evolved,
His original gospel slowly dissolved,
Blending with the older, superstitious beliefs,
Uplifting their doctrines and ceremonies.
Whether Moslem or Buddhist, Christian or Jew,
Taoist or Jainist, Sikh or Hindu,
All monotheistic religions derived
From his one God doctrine: “God, the Most High”.
A heroic chapter in the human race,
His gospel remains alive to this day,
"Without father or mother or pedigree,
He abides a priest continually;
Neither beginning of days, nor end of life,
This Melchizedek, priest of God the Most High."
His decision to end his bestowal here
Was based on awe and superstitious fear,
Viewed as a super-material being,
He decided to leave, late one evening-
After bidding goodnight to his mortal friends,
Entering his tent, his fellows took him.
Released from the flesh, restored to his status,
Back to the receiver corps of the planet;
His emergency bestowal thereby complete,
He resumed his ongoing ministry,
Working with descendents of those he had taught,
Thus keeping alive the truth of one God.
Collaborating with prophets and seers,
He fostered high truth for two thousand years,
Preparing the world for our Creator Son,
Universe Sovereign of all Nebadon.
Involved in our planet's unfolding events
With increasing power and influence,
Representing our Sovereign with great presence,
He was recently crowned our Planetary Prince.