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By: Ron Besser Released on July 03, 2011

Document - D

  • Summary of Document -A- dated 23 June 2011:

It is in Document -A- we find a description of the new communication circuit placed on Urantia at the end of May, 2011 It will be used extensively when Monjoronson appears in the flesh on Urantia. In -A- we said that the reflectivity circuits are to be used to forward messages simultaneously from a great distance as from Paradise and Havona to Urantia and surrounding universes in Orvonton. It is important to realize that the receipt of one message by hundreds of Reflectivators, messages all worded the same, will prevent fraud, establish legitimacy of the message, and provide users a sure way to confirm what is asked of them.

  • Summary of -B-

And Additional Explanations June 24, 25, 2011

It is in -B- that we learned that Urantia has a monumental problem resulting from the unfortunate legacy of the Lucifer rebellion. The rebels prevented those humans who died during the reign of Caligastia to transfer to the mansion worlds to receive an adjudication of their standing and to resume their ascension careers. Lucifer considered it a waste of resources to send mortals to another world when he could train them on Urantia. He forbade mortals to enter into the seraphic sleep and then be taken to the mansion worlds. Instead, he arranged the energy grids on Urantia to support their morontia-soul forms when he repersonalized them on Urantia to work for him. Caligastia fully supported this regime and made all spiritual and morontia resources available to Lucifer to carry out the scheme of re-personalization without ascension.

  • Document -B- was appended to when the -C- Summary appeared. The additional Summary -B- information discussed that approximately 35,000,000 souls, along with other operational groups and sub-groups still present on Urantia , must be adjudicated to regain their status as ascenders. The Melchizedeks are working through the coordination of their college on Edentia with Melchizedeks stationed on Urantia to begin to clear the various energy grids that surround our planet. It is these infected grids which are responsible for the large numbers of individuals remaining on the planet even after death has terminated their life in the flesh.
  • Summary of -C-

June 26, 2011

We learned what the Melchizedeks on Urantia are doing to begin the cleansing of the planets energy grids so contaminated by Lucifer, and how the Melchizedek university on Edentia is providing leadership and liaison control for those on the ground who have begun this work. The Magisterial Mission can not easily proceed while these circuits are so highly debased, but the Mission will still proceed with fits and starts until some clearing has returned enough circuits to the Father on Paradise that a foothold can be established to cleanse the rest of the planet.

Racial blending and cultural rejuvenation is essential to stabilize Urantia for those future eras we call Light and Life, a term borrowed from the Urantia Book that describes life after the bestowal Son has completed his work and the Trinity Teacher Sons have begun their work on the planet. Urantia has had its bestowal Son out of the normal order of epochal Son dispensations, so it becomes necessary for Monjoronson to begin the process to normalize what has gone astray and invite Adam and Eve to participate. Summary -C- provides the reader conditional details about their return, the schools they will help run, and the direction of curricula through their children now residing on Edentia.

  • Summary -C- concluded with a description of how mortals will be attached to the Magisterial Mission and gave some insight into the approvals necessary for this to happen on Urantia while remaining in the flesh.
  • Document -D-
  • Unofficial Series
  • By: Ron Besser
  • Released on July 03, 2011

Production of these ABC Summaries Acknowledgment: [Acknowledgments: Monsanloran Melchizedek is stationed in the Central American region of the northern hemisphere and has operations and control programs for South America, Central America, and the western United States. His work is to cleanse the communication circuits established all around the globe starting in Central America where they are particularly corrupted by the practice of “obeah”, the Mayan name for black magic and child sacrifice. Monsanloran has provided the information in portions of this document to me.

To Mantutia Melchizedek, the Melchizedek in charge of the Edentia Melchizedek University, who has also graciously provided input into this document reviewed and approved for release today.

The Father Melchizedek has also approved the general content of this release. Document -D- discusses plans not yet put into effect and are future usages of personnel not yet assigned. It was deemed so important that the general idea of what reorganization is to take place very soon, that we (the Father Melchizedek) rather err in too much than not enough information.

On the human side, I am indebted to the help of two reflectivators who helped to clarify for me names and origins of information contained herein. I only mention these reflectivators by their function rather than their personal names in order to help them maintain anonymity at this time at the request of the Melchizedek receivers.

Thank you to all celestials and spiritual supervisors whose network of communication circuits and permissions by our Supervisors has allowed these Papers to come forth. Myself and on behalf of our readers alike, we thank spirit for your support, help, and contributions to these papers. I could not possibly produce this information without the inside help of the Melchizedek administration and the humans employed by them. Thank you.

Ron Besser]

  • The Melchizedek University and the Melchizedek Receivers

Because Urantia has had such a checkered history, it has had several examples of universe government which have been changed over the millennia. Today’s discussion is how the Planetary Government is going to change dramatically once again. Please note we are not officially informed of all the details yet, but we will make them available when we can.

Beginning in the fall of 2005, the Melchizedek University began the work of consulting to reorganize the planetary government on Urantia. I is necessary to change the present arrangement of personnel because the present Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, is to be on the visible staff of the Magisterial Son.

Monjoronson, the Avonal Son chosen by Christ Michael more than a millennia ago to come to Urantia, will be provided 12 Melchizedeks who will be visible to mortal eyes. Among the twelve Melchizedeks incarnating to serve with Monjoronson is Machiventa Melchizedek.

To provide Urantia a semblance of organization to be carried over from the planetary traditions of past administrative heads (excepting Caligastia), it was decided by the Nebadon executive branch that Machiventa would be even more effective if he were to provide leadership through the staff of Monjoronson. This left the question of what shall replace Machiventa when he incarnates with the Magisterial Son.

During the compilation of the Urantia Book, there were present on Urantia twelve receivers who substituted for the deposed Lanonandek Order of Sonship known as the Planetary Prince. Lucifer and Caligastia were of the Lanonandek Order, but created havoc when they seceded, with 37 inhabited planets, from the System of Satania to form what they considered their own space enclave to be headquartered on Jerusem, the capital of Satania. Thirty seven planets of the 609 then-inhabited planets well enough progressed to be considered of the status of evolutionary life that can recognize God, went over to Lucifer with their Planetary Princes. Upon the final bestowal of Nebadon’s Creator Son on Urantia, the rebellion was terminated by the bestowal Son, Jesus. Lucifer was interned and Caligastia was allowed to remain on the planet but was highly restricted in what he could or could not do.

Upon the termination of Lucifer as System Sovereign on Jerusem, the authorities in Nebadon requisitioned Melchizedek receivers to hold the Urantia government in place until a suitable replacement was found to be the Planetary Prince. We can now report that the 12 receivers who came to Urantia to replace Caligastia are now being asked to return and replace Machiventa Melchizedek as temporary rulers of Urantia until the regime of the Magisterial Son is completed and the last of the Lucifer rebellion is adjudicated on all apostate planets.

  • Current Status of the Rebel Planets in Satania

The 37 apostate planets have now all received their Magisterial Sons except for Urantia! Very little more can be reported about this collection rebel planets until they have undergone the changes their Magisterial Sons have initiated. This change of status will require that no visitors may approach these planets for any reason until the Avonal Sons of record on these planets signify that they may receive contact from off-planet species. In addition to the status change mentioned here, these planets will be arrayed in a new form of government not tried before in Nebadon and will be reporting directly to Lanaforge instead of a Planetary Prince until further notice.

  • The Melchizedek University Status on Edentia

As reported in Section -B- of these Summaries, the university established on Edentia, the Constellation capital of Norlatiadek, was established to study the Lucifer rebellion as well as to understand what the bestowal of Michael spiritually, morontially, and physically, changed in the system of Satania and specifically what it changed on Urantia. In many respects the study of the bestowal is also a study of Supreme values not yet well understood in our local universe.

Preparatory to the return of Christ to Urantia, there will be a conclave of universe Sons who will attend a consortium of teachers drawn from Paradise who will provide seminars about the Paradise philosophy and view of the rebellion on Urantia. The Melchizedek University at the same time will host tens of thousands of new students now permitted to visit Satania which has been closed to them since the rebellion. Visitors to Urantia and other rebel planets in Satania who were stranded when the circuits were seized isolating them, will come to share their experiences of “making do” for hundreds of thousands of earth years.

The university will now host those students who experienced first hand what it was like to see war in heaven breakout, but the Melchizedek institution will also be changing its location to Urantia. Its new location will be the placement where it will continue to specialize in the affairs of the Lucifer rebellion and to study the after affects on the rebellion on the vital energy circuits which give life and support life on Urantia. All of these circuits are nearly down to basic or minimal standards of operation today, and the Melchizedeks are working feverishly to put some back into good working order before Monjoronson incarnates.

When the Melchizedek University from Edentia relocates to Urantia, it will become the first university in Nebadon to have as its chief director a Creator Son. The Creator Son of Nebadon has been nominated by the Paradise Father to stand for election as the Melchizedek University’s new Viceroy. Such is an eternal office of honor and genuine effort by the new Viceroy for this universe age.

The Melchizedeks will continue to staff and teach the courses designed to describe what actually happened and what repercussions it has had on Urantia, Norlatiadek, Nebadon, and Orvonton, and why the Master Spirits intervened to overcome the startling decline of Urantia back to the barbarianism of war and sacrifice.

  • The Twelve Melchizedek Receivers

The selection of the twelve Melchizedek receivers was made in June of 2005. It contains names of those who originally came to Urantia around the time Michael ended the rule of Lucifer and removed Caligastia as Planetary Prince. It is these twelve receivers who were in office when the Urantia Foundation began publishing the Urantia Book in 1955. They recently had resigned their posts sometime during 1992 when Machiventa Melchizedek replaced them as head of the planetary government at Christ Michael’s request. Because there are humans who will be reading these Summaries will also transition into the new era, we have chosen to publish the twelve names in order to become familiar with them. They will become known to all Urantians over the next millennium of time during the reign of Monjoronson.

Membership of Urantia’s Interim Melchizedek Government is as follows:

  • (01) Malvantra
  • (02) Mantecha
  • (03) Monsanloran
  • (04) Mancortia
  • (05) Mandelphi
  • (06) Manturgia
  • (07) Mamonjonlarson
  • (08) Manluermia
  • (09) Mantumia
  • (10) Monjeremiah
  • (11) Malcormutia
  • (12) Machiventa (Present Planetary Prince)

The twelve will govern Urantia through the Council of Twenty-Four.

  • Redefining The Council of Twenty-Four

Readers of the Urantia Book know this Council was formed from one-time humans and other Orders of life who served on Urantia with distinction. They were appointed for their life-times as morontia beings on the system capital until released by a millennia dispensation or by other decree. One such member has been approved to move on to the higher spheres of learning and spirit, known as the midwayer ABC The First, who distinguished himself during the Lucifer rebellion. His work on behalf of Urantia is applauded by all who knew him.

At the time of the presentation of the Urantia Papers, the Council had twenty-four seats but only eighteen members were assigned to this service. That membership has declined slightly due to the release of ABC The First (Midwayer), and Adam and Eve (who count as 1), who will be dispatched to Urantia with Monjoronson when the Mission begins.

The remaining Elders number sixteen at the present time. However, upon the approval of Adam and Eve to take an assignment on Urantia as the Magisterial Son’s agents for change in the education system, the Council will be replenished with new Elders. These two seats will be filled with mortals who also served with distinction on Urantia. Those placed in nomination include names you are all familiar with as they belong to the late twentieth-century history of events most of you reading this will remember.

The Council will remain with eighteen members until there is an additional adjudication of the sleeping survivors upon the release of Monjoronson from the Magisterial Mission in anticipation of the inauguration of the first stage of Light and Life. Normally, this release occurs every semi-millennial spans of time, but in Urantia’s case, they will be released when Michael feels they should be adjudicated.

The new status of the Council of Twenty-Four will also now hold what we in America call a press conference by a visible representative of the Council explaining the world view to those mortals on Urantia who can not otherwise see for themselves what is being prepared. It is likely that the public conference will be scheduled regularly to keep the population updated about these extraordinary changes. The Council will be advising the twelve Melchizedek receivers at the same time, and will continue to provide a Governor General as was done since Pentecost. The Council of Twenty-Four will also provide liaison with those new forces on the planet which have to do with communication with other worlds that Urantia belongs to in the Satania System. Satania, a system which when completed will contain 1,000 inhabited planets under the direction of the Lanonandek Son who holds the title of System Sovereign (Lanaforge), is to be placed on probationary status in order to complete the plans of Christ Michael who wishes Urantia to become a combined evolutionary sphere and architectural status sphere for ascension studies.

  • The Probationary Status of The System of Satania

The probationary status for Satania is necessary for several reasons:

The one that receives the most attention is, of course, the requirement of the rebel planets to quietly be removed from intra-universe visitors during the beginning phases of their Magisterial Missions.

But of a fare greater reach of meaning, the probation is due to the inclusion within Satania of a new system of architectural planets built to order to compliment Urantia’s status as a school with universe standing in Nebadon.

These architectural spheres, when completed, will be in nearby space. Your moon will remain closer to Urantia than the new spheres will be. The to-be-built- architectural spheres will be constructed to house administration and student assemblies for viewing Urantia and will orbit in space between the orbits of Mars and Urantia. It is to Urantia that students from all over Nebadon will come to study the rule of law, the dangers of rebellion and its consequences, and in what way the will of God is triumphant and complete over, and in spite of, rebellion. The architectural worlds nearby are administrative centers are also for affairs not yet revealed to occur on Urantia.

  • The Constellation Fathers Prepare for Urantia’s Ascension

The Most Highs of Norlatiadek are preparing an announcement to the other ninety-nine systems under their jurisdiction that they may no longer send visitors to Urantia for the foreseeable period due to the change in status of Urantia as a special case in need of rebuilding. Urantia’s status change will be in effect the moment Monjoronson lands upon Urantia in the flesh to begin his mission. To some this news will disappoint many who felt that the day for inter-species, off-planet contact was about to be approved. The changes in planetary status from becoming a universe shrine to Christ Michael’s bestowal as a human to the planet, to a planet that now will have a whole new destiny as a universe educator and moral symbol of the triumph of the Father’s will in planetary history, make it necessary to restrict too much attention at this time. Human visitors from other planets will be delayed by decades as far as first contact is concerned.

This concludes Document -D-. Additional Summaries are forthcoming as they can be received and documented and approved now that we have many more persons interested in them than was originally forecast.

Thank you Ron Besser


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Document - E

The ABC SUMMARIES Magisterial Mission Update Unofficial Series Document -E-


By: Ronald Besser

PDF Version Released July 23, 2011

Additional Revelation of The Master Spirits


I wish to provide the reader a few words of explanation as to what is happening that we may declare the somewhat portentous title that we are about to make new information available about the Master Spirits. I do not originate this information. It is sent to me via a reflectivity circuit to assimilate in the best way the reader feels he or she should use it. Confirmation of this information will have to take place when the Magisterial Son arrives and when his staff of celestial and human staff adjutants are prepared to make announcements that concern in what manner they are prepared to govern.

Governance is a word that is usually political, but in this case, Monjoronson and any spiritual representative to an evolutionary world, speak of governance as setting examples without the politicallycharged atmosphereof the various branches of democratic assemblies. Revelationisoften politically at odds with the traditions, but that can be overcome by preparing people with brief reviews of what is to come. We are providing one of those reviews today.

Revelation Continues in the Manner Proscribed by the Ancients of Days to Urantia

We have now reached a point in the evolution of the fifth epochal revelation when changes are natural and expedient for the process to work better, faster, and unimpeded. God works through the mind in spite of the fearful priests among us who insist it can not work that way, or that a mind disease is present to disfigure the purity of the original revelatory text. Tell that to the indwelling Father who depends on the mind to contact all men and women regardless of their revelatory capacity. Fear of change is the disease, not the mind which contacts the Father.

These nay-sayers have refused to acknowledge the work of spirit-sanctioned programs which use transmitters, channelers, and reflectivators to do the work of revelation when a physical representative of the spiritual government is not present to do that for man. A change is coming shortly to provide the world its first physical representation of a spiritual authority since the failure

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 1

� of Caligastia’s natural use of modified humans to represent him in the flesh. Caligastia was not incarnated, but Monjoronson will be, and the contact with individuals and world cultures will begin immediately when he arrives. Meanwhile, until that process is in place, there is no other choice than to give man a chance to become used to those differences of planning being worked on now as opposed to those plans which have become dated in the Urantia Book. These Summaries are a human attempt to place what is changed before readers so they are familiar with what they will have to deal with as the Court of the Magisterial Mission arrives to begin implementation of the new dispensation.

The kind of revelation reported herein about the Master Spirits can only come from the Master Spirits themselves, as this is a release of new kinds of thinking with regard to how the Master Spirits actually have suddenly become active on Urantia far beyond even what a planet in Light and Life would have under normal circumstances.

The Inclusion of the Voices of The Master Spirits to Urantia

Hearing their voices is an extraordinary development. It has no precedence within the teachings of the fifth epochal revelation because it was never anticipated that such activity would become necessary. True the philosophers on Paradise have conceived of this possibility, but they never thought a small world lying on the outskirts of the youngest superuniverse in time would ever make use of such a powerful development.

What power are we talking about?

Urantia, in effect, has become a prisoner by failed and thoughtless experiments which, when totaled by their effects on Urantia’s evolution, has caused the Universal Father to determine that there was no usual remedy to change Urantia back into what it was supposed to be in the first place. While mercy, re-education, and reclamation are always needed, they are not enough to accomplish the new Urantia foreseen by Michael 2,000 years ago.

There are no more powerful types of Paradise entities in time or near time than the Master Spirits. They embody Supreme totality and more. They are the essence of time meanings and values along with the transcendental power to break and mend again that which can not produce any fruit. They unerringly react to the Father’s will as even the lowest human may do through dedication to the forces of change decreed as necessary to bring Urantia home to millions more who will teach there to graduate untold others into the universes of time.

The Master Spirits understand the meaning of life. They know how it is mutated and changed by experience or by wilful misuse of biological coding as done by Lucifer. But who or what controls

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 2

� the DNA mechanism apart from experience? The life force itself underlies the mechanistic means through which it is expressed, and the Master Spirits do have control in measure of these altruistic forces of Father-type meanings in life endowment. They see into the fundamental truth which animates life.

When we speak about the Master Spirits being able to address “the fundamental truth which animates life”, we are speaking to the Supreme power of the Master Spirits who work in cooperation with the Ancients of Days, to be able to eliminate the troubled genome in Urantia life perpetuation. They see the layers of error built up over time that can be redressed in no-time to revert design into its first potentials as originally called forth from the Son-Spirit creative intention to create this part of the time universes.

Here in the Son-Spirit unanimity exists the perfect and original fiat for life on Urantia and all other evolutionary spheres beyond Havona. The Son-Spirit union comes together to form all post-Havona plans of the divine intention to create man in the likeness of the Father. The Urantia Book writes:

“The Eternal Son and the Conjoint Creator have, as partners and through their co-ordinate personalities, planned and fashioned every post-Havona universe which has been brought into existence. The Spirit sustains the same personal relation to the Son in all subsequent creation that the Son sustains to the Father in the first and central creation.” [Paper 8, Section 3]

It is therefore possible that Master Spirit Number Six, as yet unrevealed by name below, has conditional control of life prerogatives within time. At the very least this Master Spirit knows intimately the wishes of the Son-Spirit with regard to life designs beyond Havona. That these Voices have been opened onto Urantia indicates the far-reaching possibilities of being able to cleanse and then revert Urantia’s life patterns to those intended by the Son-Spirit.

While these matters are of direct concern to the Life Carriers of Nebadon, do not forget that the Life Carriers carry with them the mandates of the Ancients of Days to establish life in accordance with the designs formulated on high [as in the Son-Spirit intentions], and that permissions to implant life must come from the Supreme Trinity Personalities ruling Uversa, as well as the associated “lifespark” imparted by the Creative Spirit of Nebadon. The Master Spirits exist to guarantee that the programs joined within the Son-Spirit unanimity are delivered in accordance with the mandates of creation: That All Shall Hear My Voice!

It is here that we ask the reader to make one more leap of spiritual logic and look upon the Master Spirits as having a direct influence in the type of life-force that is animated by the Creative Spirit, in our case, Nebadonia, the Creative Spirit and consort of Michael of Nebadon. This has not been revealed before on Urantia, but when all of us are part of the reformulation of Nebadon and Urantia as it concerns the design of life, the explanation must naturally address the role of the Master Spirits in life impartation not described in the Urantia Book publication.

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 3

� If nothing else, the reader is asked to recall that it is life itself on Urantia being addressed for reclamation. And it is the Master Spirits who will oversee its implementation, and they are here to guarantee that the adjudication of Urantia is perfect and merciful.

The Presence of Five Master Voices Currently On Urantia

We now have focusing directly upon Urantia the presence of five Master Spirits. That is the number revealed within these pages. The rest are undoubtedly involved too, but their personal presence is delayed to our sight because of the ongoing litigation on Uversa concerning the Lucifer rebellion.

Lucifer’s contribution to Urantia was a disaster. He made it hard to hear God, and he demanded obedience much as a dictator require loyalty or death. It has come to light that there are millions of diseased minds on Urantia which have no claim to Urantia in the first place. Secondly, their presence has so hampered the appearance of the Magisterial Mission that they can no longer be ignored. Another case has come to be filed against other litigants coming out of the default of the old Planetary Prince, Caligastia. While this may seem similar to Gabriel Vs. Lucifer, it is not, and it will be concluded before Monjoronson avails himself to the flesh of incarnation.

Of the five presented here in slightly more detail than we have in the Urantia text (Paper 16), we learn they represent superuniverses, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. Master Spirits from Superuniverses 5 and 6 do not yet participate on or with Urantia in the context of the mandates released on Uversa in 2010 that are designed to determine the future role of Urantia as a university for the ascension of humans.

For the reason that it is their combined power of Supremacy, Ultimacy and to some extent their collective Absolute reality, Master Spirits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 have embraced Urantia as a liaison-force of the most powerful Paradise energy possible which may be applied to a material planet giving origin to potentially spiritual beings arising from animal evolution.

The Rarity of Architectural Sphere Status Derived from Evolutionary Planets

Even more reasons exist for Urantia to be opening to the influences of the Master Spirits. The fact that Urantia will become a combined evolutionary world and an architectural status sphere was describe earlier in these ABC Summaries. What was not spoken to earlier was the relative rarity of any evolutionary planet becoming a status sphere that will join with the actual headquarter worlds

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 4

� of the local universe capitals in importance. It is interesting to note in the Grand Universe that all rebellion planets that have received a Creator Son on a bestowal mission have been architectuallized. In Orvonton, Urantia is the first one in our minor sector; there are less than ten such planet types in our major sector, and less than one hundred in the grand universe. And this is also why the Father and Master Spirits are so directly involved in a “local matter.”

Before we go next to more important matters, I would like to spend a little time to develop just how reflectivity is utilized to produce documents like this one. The slight digression is meant to help the reader acclimate to a process somewhat similar to the production of the Urantia Book but without a famous Sleeping Subject. In our case, sleeping is used to download material during the night season, and then to open the circuit consciously to upload documentation considered importance enough to establish this series, The ABC Summaries.

Acknowledgment of Resources for Document -E- And More About Reflectivity Uses on Urantia By The Master Spirits

The fact that I am permitted to say a few words concerning the process is because the powers-to- be recognize that they have available a foundation for such a discussion in the Urantia Book text readers can easily access. There they may read about the Master Spirits and how the revelators explained their function in the 1934-1935 disclosures released in 1955. In 2011, the Master Spirits were activated and speaking directly to Urantia at the request of the Paradise Father, and it is the fact of their involvement with Urantia, Christ Michael, the Ancients of Days, and many others unknown to us, that we may now prepare a short narrative about them and what we may speak to regarding their role on Urantia for what may be for the foreseeable future.

None of this effort could be considered without the use of the reflectivity circuit now employed by myself and a few others whom I rely upon to confirm and spell out for me the difficult task of getting names and places spelled right and spoken correctly. For some unspecified reason, communications which originate from the Paradise-Havona system are first encoded into a thought stream which must of necessity be released through the reflective system. This may have to do with an energy differential that has to be overcome between the two realms communicating. Having use of this system almost automatically doubles the capacity to receive because it is so fast and accurate. The reflectivity transmissions as installed everywhere is capable of transmitting 144,000 messages simultaneously faster than the speed of light. On Urantia we have our multiplex communications in radio, television, and commercial traffic everywhere, but while using something of the same concept of using a carrier wave to wrap messages around it to send, we have yet to get much beyond 64 or more simultaneous messages at once.

It is also of record that the Father Melchizedek only speaks to the planets within Nebadon through reflectivity. While the Father Melchizedek is resident on Salvington near the Michael residence, also

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 5

� for some reason unexplained, he too only speaks using the circuitry of the Supreme’s reflectivation. This points directly to some unrevealed relationship between the Father Melchizedek and his superiors, the Ancients of Days on Uversa. In turn we may conjecture that all of these connections as interwoven and coordinated into the fabric of light are somehow or other part of God the Supreme’s vast reflectivity system. It is stated by those running this reflectivity system that there are conditions of reflectivity usages yet to be discovered even by beings on Uversa, as not all is known even by those who use reflectivity every day. Its use being granted to Urantia by the Universal Father will also continue to be a revelation to everyone in this part of the universe.

Certainly, one can not underestimate that along with reflectivity being operational, that the role of my indwelling, the Thought Adjuster, is also making his circuit available at the same time. I do not know in what way reflectivity and the Adjuster compliment one another for these communications, but the combination is powerful enough that I do not lose connectivity by inadvertent loss of hearing (breaking of the circuit). Nor do I operate in an altered personality state whatsoever. I am allowed a connection twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. I am able to operate normally, answer the phone, eat, laugh, think, and react with all my facilities, yet receive simultaneously. A rough comparison would be as Adam and Eve were described being able to speak with one another for a distance of up to fifty miles in the Garden. In a sense, it is that natural with reflectivity, onlythe great distances of the universe can be traversed as easily as Adam and Eve could do in fifty miles with verbal communication. It is a gift of grace from Father on high, and it is an amazing facility to be allowed its use.

I also wish to thank Christ Michael and Mother Spirit for allowing revelation of this nature to be published. He has asks that all who may read this material to keep in mind that it is still a human product and subject to those natural anomalies experienced by personality operating in the flesh on Urantia. For the reader’s information, I am also now asked to allow time for a review of these documents on high before they are released to the subscription list. It may interest some of you to know that when I had completed the last document (-D-) I made ready to release to the list. Suddenly I found my word processor frozen, and my modem disarmed until I received a message back that it was approved to release about an hour later. My modem and word processor were released at the same time for normal use and operation. Until this happened I was not made aware of how completely they monitor these documents which you read and ponder.


Functions By Superuniverse of Jurisdiction

Of all the personnel designed to operate in time, it is the Master Spirits who determine how a superuniverse they oversee becomes dominated by one aspect of the creative intentions of the Paradise Deities. Early on we learned that the three coordinate persons of Paradise Deity associate with each other in various ways. They may have personality association as they do in the Triunities,

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 6

� or they may combine their Deity natures through trinitization to form creative and indivisible Deity unions which have a creative principle in them they wish to develop in one superuniverse.

The Master Spirits portray each one of these creative purposes of Paradise Deity. In fact, the Master Spirits do not just function to pass on their representation of the meaning of these creative unions of Paradise Deity, these Master Spirits actually are the Voice of Deity to time and help to explain to the superuniverses what it is they do and what the Deities themselves wish to communicate. In time, the Master Spirits are the only contactable unity this side of Paradise that time beings can find to actually ascertain the attitude of Paradise Deity concerning questions of will and Paradisaical intentions.

In brief, each Master Spirit has jurisdiction over one of the superuniverses. Here they direct the wishes of the Infinite Spirit (or as his other role as the Conjoint Actor) as to the distribution of mind. In Orvonton, Master Spirit Seven, who has been named AYA by the Infinite Spirit, provides the Creative Spirits of time cosmic mind tinged with the meanings of Orvonton, or the meaning of the whole. It is for this reason, that AYA speaks for the meaning of the whole of the Paradise union of all three Deities as the Paradise Trinity. In fact, AYA is the Voice of the Paradise Trinity to time. AYA may speak for himself as well and does so frequently to Urantia in these days approaching the appearance of Monjoronson on Urantia.

The Role of the VOICES

Why do the Paradise Deities require Personalized Intercessors to speak to the superuniverses? The answer could be explained with long speeches about the nature of Paradise Deity, but in summation the response as to why the need for someone to speak for Paradise Deity is fairly direct and understandable. If Paradise Deity interjected itself, however slightly with their own direct voice to time, they would instantly convert time to Paradise absolutes.

If time were suddenly converted to absolutes by the Father appearing within time, there would be no finished Supreme Being. There would be no temporary destinies or intermediate ascension careers for time creatures. Time would cease and the time universes would be frozen into absolutes of perfection not transferable to time beings. All would be lost for the time experiment including this universe age of experiential development on the finite, the absonite, and absolute levels of experiential Deity. The Master Voices were conceived and brought into existence to fill the critical role to avoid this mishap.

The Infinite Spirit recognized at once that an event something like instant time-oblivion would ensue without some intermediary to speak as the Paradise Deities. The Spirit perfectly understood from the Father-Son unity that He was to provide a living being for each Deity and Unity to voice what the Paradise Deities wished to communicate to time.

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 7

� Deity wishes to be understood, but Paradise Deity exists as infinity in coordinated absolutes so that it can not reduce its power sufficiently to even enter time to make declarations of their thoughts and intentions. Therefore, the Father, and the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit have cooperated to empower a new creation called the Master Spirits to be their Voices, their spokespersons, to the superuniverses of time.

Each Master Spirit unerringly conveys what each Paradise Deity thinks and wishes to be known. And they also do so for each Paradise Deity unanimity known as the Father-Son union, the Father- Spirit union, the Son-Spirit union, and the Father-Son-Spirit as unqualified infinity. Each has its Voice created as one of the Master Spirits.

This explains the Role of the VOICES, but what actually transpires when the Voices are interjected into the stream of time?

Superuniverse Number One

ORILLINGTON: The Father’s Universe of Time

[We are indebted to Paper 16 of the Urantia Book to provide the basis for this section in particular. Paper 16 represents the basis of revelation to allow the Master Spirit concept to become resident in the human mind as a reality of Paradise and of time. The Master Spirits see both ways and react and exist as the focal point through which Deity on Paradise communicates with creatures and Deity in time. The reader is directed to the text from pages 184 through 196 for a complete overview of the Master Spirits and of relationships not entirely covered in this Document -E-. The blue font represents quotes from portions of Paper 16 as a review for the reader of the salient points about each Master Spirit reviewed here.]

“Master Spirit Number One. In a special manner this Spirit is the direct representation of the Paradise Father. He is a peculiar and efficient manifestation of the power, love, and wisdom of the Universal Father. He is the close associate and supernal adviser of the chief of Mystery Monitors, that being who presides over the College of Personalized Adjusters on Divinington. In all associations of the Seven Master Spirits, it is always Master Spirit Number One who speaks for the Universal Father.

“This Spirit presides over the first superuniverse and, while unfailinglyexhibiting the divine nature of a primary personalization of the Infinite Spirit, seems more especially to resemble the Universal Father in character. He is always in personal liaison with the seven Reflective Spirits at the headquarters of the first superuniverse.”[Page 186]

Master Spirit Number One is known to time as SIRAYA, sometimes spelled SIRIAYA. Of all the Master Spirits and even of the superuniverses, the Father’s Voice and universe name is the most

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 8

� complex and difficult to portrayinto a material language. Ihave heard Reflectivators pronouncethis Master Spirit’s name. It often sounds like SIR Ç-AY Yah, but there are others subtle sound enunciations that come forth hard to capture for me. Perhaps a second volume of the Urantia Book will make this name as clear as possible to the ears of material man when the time comes. The Voice of the Father has said it is satisfactory to call Him Siraya until a way is found to provide the true speech sound his name typifies to others on Paradise.

Siraya has jurisdiction over ORILLINGTON. His work is to explain what the Universal Father wishes to be done, and to enforce its application through the time-space warriors known as Melchizedeks. On Urantia, Siraya has commenced his work to bring the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion into final stages of default upon those who caused it.

Nothing in the entire universe is more controversial than the Lucifer rebellion as it played out in the System of Satania 200,000 earth-years ago. However, its end was thought to be completed when all of the rebels were either interned or lost through personality extinction in 1985 when it was announced by the Midwayers to Teaching Mission personnel that it had been finished and adjudicated by the Ancients of Days. It fell to the one-time mortal, Abraham as the functioning chief of the Teaching Mission corp in Nebadon for Urantia, to speak of it first to an assembly of the Urantia Foundation adherents on the west coast of the United States in 1991. Since then, several developments have caused all concerned to take a second look at Urantia.

In 2007-8, Christ Michael was asked to confer with the Father on Paradise. Here it was explained that Father saw into the mystery of the difficulty on Urantia where cooperation between mortals was becoming impossible. No one in their earlier reviews of Urantia caught the possibility that the influence of Lucifer had so permeated the energy grid through which thought is filtered on Urantia, that humans found it nearly impossible to join with the Light to cease the endless warfare and disagreements which mar civilizations on Urantia to this day.

Upon returning to Nebadon, Michael instituted a review of all policies including the then approaching mission of Monjoronson to go to Urantia as the Magisterial Son. Here on Urantia the Melchizedeks began to confer with Monjoronson to prepare for his intervention when they found that some rebels had escaped detection and were hiding on Urantia. These were the lower order of angelic life and sanobim and cherubim who had been affected by the Lucifer decree that no spirit- origin being would escape his detection. Accordingly, when Lucifer was removed and Caligastia was disposed of, they assumed they were not called to bring their removal into question.

As discussed in previous Documents in this series, those who remained on Urantia were able to escape detection through the use of the energy grid placed there by the System Sovereign about the time of the arrival of Caligastia as Urantia’s Planetary Prince. This grid (See Document -D-) contains codes designed to thwart thinking in terms of cooperation with Nebadon authorities and even the system government or the planetary rulers if Lucifer were deposed. It is at this juncture in 2010-11 that the Paradise Father sought to intervene and requested that Master Spirit Number One speak to Urantia’s spiritual authorities and also make public (through the teaching mission and

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 9

� others), that the Universal Father was now taking charge and all plans previously announced were to be placed on hold until further notice.

The Establishment of A Board of Review For Urantia & 36 Other Apostate Planets

Siraya continues to monitor progress on Urantia, and will become an active member on the Board of Review which testifies to the extent that Master Spirit Number Seven, AYA, has become sufficiently aware of the problems associated with the Lucifer rebellion to institute changes in Orvonton and the rest of the systems associated with Norlatiadek to prevent further deterioration of the rebellion into minor skirmishes even on planets not associated with the thirty-seven apostate spheres that went into rebellion earlier.

The Board of Review was established in 1989 to oversee adjudicatory situations arising from the Ancients of Days decision to call forth all suspect personalities for review. Here it was given to understand that all who applied themselves to Lucifer’s folly would be reviewed with the idea that all could be adjudicated if they showed remorse and compassion for the situation, (i.e., capable of self-forgiveness), while submitting themselves to correction in the Nebadon schools of thinking and doing. The Board of Review is dominated by celestial personalities who underwent the corrections in Nebadon that allowed them to be restored to some sort of service, including this Board which shall remain in effect until Urantia enters into its first era of Light and Life. Among members of the Board of Review is the Midwayer ABC21 and the one known to Urantia Book readers as Beelzebub.

This Board of Review is established as a functioning part of the Council of Twenty-Four, or rather a special use under the auspices of the Council of Twenty-Four, and was not originally intended to be set up on Urantia or in the Council. While there is a Supreme Court established on Urantia (circa 1950) to try adherents of the Lucifer Rebellion, and among other things, to attempt to clear other rebellions before they begin, this Board of Review was not to be attached to the judicial reviews of the Urantia Supreme Court. Rather it holds reviews of minor wrong doing while the Supreme Court charges person with high crimes if necessary for adjudication by the Ancient of Days. Its function is to clear lower level personnel on Urantia of less-serious wrong doing and pass them on to the higher worlds of ascension or administrative status.

Siraya is in charge of most of its activities through a Paradise review of its work.

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011


� Superuniverse Number Two

ORVANDO: The Universe Representing the Eternal Son

“Master Spirit Number Two. This Spirit adequatelyportrays the matchless nature and charming character of the Eternal Son, the first-born of all creation. He is always in close association with all orders of the Sons of God whenever they may happen to be in the residential universe as individuals or in joyous conclave. In all the assemblies of the Seven Master Spirits he always speaks for, and in behalf of, the Eternal Son.

“This Spirit directs the destinies of superuniverse number two and rules this vast

domain much as would the Eternal Son. He is always in liaison with the seven

Reflective Spirits situated at the capital of the second superuniverse.” [Page 187]

KUWAYA is Master Spirit Number Two, and is the Voice of the Eternal Son, the Mother Son of all Sons in the Universe of origin in Paradise. He oversees the planning and execution of all matters with regard to the office of the Son of Paradise as it affects those who incarnate. Such matters in detail are found on the sphere of oversight of incarnation called Sonarington in the Urantia Book.

Kuwaya has taken a personal and direct interest in the Urantia Magisterial Mission. He has entered his plea on behalf of he Eternal Son that nothing be done to half cure the Lucifer rebellion. In this way he wishes to convey to Urantians that He personally guarantees that Lucifer shall have no flight or place to remove himself further, whether that is in the scope of narratives we provide or in the energy system Lucifer provided to detect persons who disobeyed his charge that all answer to him and not the Universal Father or the world of Spirit which I, Kuwaya, have charge of.

Kuwaya has been placed in authority to determine the fitness of Urantia human personalities to serve in the Magisterial Mission with Monjoronson as staff or adjutant staff members. Not all brought before him qualify, but those who sincerely wish to serve are removed to an inner place of spiritual contemplation with their own Thought Adjusters to explain to them that it is not the lack of faith, but the lack of training in the discipline of correcting time adjustments being made to everyone today on Urantia.

These adjustments, spiritual in nature, continue to cause discord among members of the human familyon Urantia, and are causing disciplinaryproblems among midwayers and others who are being freed to continue with their ascension careers. Because these problems are happening along side the problems of adjustment of the Urantia energy grid so badly subverted by Lucifer, few are being upgraded immediately for the use of reflectivity at this time. WE have about 100 available on Urantia using the reflectivating system allowed on Urantia by fiat of the Eternal Son and Father as the Father-Son Unity, and it is with the grace of God that all who use it may be found working with the Magisterial Son to right the wrongs done to this beautiful planet.

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 11

� Superuniverse Number Three

MANVANDO: The Universe Representing the Conjoint Actor & the Infinite Spirit 

“Master Spirit Number Three. This Spirit personality especially resembles the Infinite Spirit, and he directs the movements and work of many of the high personalities of the Infinite Spirit. He presides over their assemblies and is closely associated with all personalities who take exclusive origin in the Third Source and Center. When the Seven Master Spirits are in council, it is Master Spirit Number Three who always speaks for the Infinite Spirit.

“This Spirit is in charge of superuniverse number three, and he administers the affairs of this segment much as would the Infinite Spirit. He is always in liaison with the Reflective Spirits at the headquarters of the third superuniverse.” [Page 187]

MOIRAYA is the chief of all Superangels and other high spirit born entities originating from the Infinite Spirit. More is to be revealed of MOIRAYA, as Master Spirit Number Three, Voice of the Infinite Spirit and Conjoint Actor, as He is involved with spiritual adjudications still pending in Nebadon.

Superuniverse Number Four

LANTERTON: The Superuniverse Which Represents The Father-Son Union

“Master Spirit Number Four. Partaking of the combined natures of the Father and the Son, this Master Spirit is the determining influence regarding Father-Son policies and procedures in the councils of the Seven Master Spirits. This Spirit is the chief director and adviser of those ascendant beings who have attained the Infinite Spirit and thus have become candidates for seeing the Son and the Father. He fosters that enormous group of personalities taking origin in the Father and the Son. When it becomes necessary to represent the Father and the Son in the association of the Seven Master Spirits, it is always Master Spirit Number Four who speaks.

“This Spirit fosters the fourth segment of the grand universe in accordance with his peculiar association of the attributes of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. He is always in personal liaison with the Reflective Spirits of the headquarters of the fourth superuniverse. [Page 187}

Master Spirit Number is called OCILIAYA. The names of Superuniverses Five and Six are to be revealed at another time in conjunction with the appearance of Monjoronson in the flesh. These unrevealed names and places have a particular presence and are to be referred to the Magisterial Son for further explanation.

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 12

� Superuniverse Number Seven

ORVONTON: The Meaning of the Whole

Master Spirit Number Seven. The presiding Spirit of the seventh superuniverse is a uniquely equal portrayal of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The Seventh Spirit, the fostering adviser of all triune-origin beings, is also the adviser and director of all the ascending pilgrims of Havona, those lowly beings who have attained the courts of glory through the combined ministry of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

The Seventh Master Spirit is not organically representative of the Paradise Trinity; but it is a known fact that his personal and spiritual nature is the Conjoint Actor’s portraiture in equal proportions of the three infinite persons whose Deity union is the Paradise Trinity, and whose function as such is the source of the personal and spiritual nature of God the Supreme. Hence the Seventh Master Spirit discloses a personal and organic relationship to the spirit person of the evolving Supreme. Therefore in the Master Spirit councils on high, when it becomes necessary to cast the ballot for the combined personal attitude of the Father, Son, and Spirit or to depict the spiritual attitude of the Supreme Being, it is Master Spirit Number Seven who functions. He thus inherentlybecomes the presiding head of the Paradise council of the Seven Master Spirits.

No one of the Seven Spirits is organically representative of the Paradise Trinity, but when they unite as sevenfold Deity, this union in a deity sense—not in a personal sense—equivalates to a functional level associable with Trinity functions. In this sense the “Sevenfold Spirit” is functionally associable with the Paradise Trinity. It is also in this sense that Master Spirit Number Seven sometimes speaks in confirmation of Trinity attitudes or, rather, acts as spokesman for the attitude of the Sevenfold-Spirit-union regarding the attitude of the Threefold-Deity-union, the attitude of the Paradise Trinity.

The multiple functions of the Seventh Master Spirit thus range from a combined portraiture of the personal natures of the Father, Son, and Spirit, through a representation of the personal attitude of God the Supreme, to a disclosure of the deity attitude of the Paradise Trinity. And in certain respects this presiding Spirit is similarly expressive of the attitudes of the Ultimate and of the Supreme-Ultimate.

It is Master Spirit Number Seven who, in his multiple capacities, personally sponsors the progress of the ascension candidates from the worlds of time in their attempts to achieve comprehension of the undivided Deity of Supremacy. Such comprehension involves a grasp of the existential sovereignty of the Trinity of Supremacy so co-ordinated with a concept of the growing experiential sovereignty of the Supreme

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 13

� Being as to constitute the creature grasp of the unity of Supremacy. Creature realization of these three factors equals Havona comprehension of Trinity reality and endows the pilgrims of time with the ability eventually to penetrate the Trinity, to discover the three infinite persons of Deity.

The inability of the Havona pilgrims fully to find God the Supreme is compensated by the Seventh Master Spirit, whose triune nature in such a peculiar manner is revelatory of the spirit person of the Supreme. During the present universe age of the noncontactability of the person of the Supreme, Master Spirit Number Seven functions in the place of the God of ascendant creatures in the matter of personal relationships. He is the one high spirit being that all ascenders are certain to recognize and somewhat comprehend when they reach the centers of glory.

This Master Spirit is always in liaison with the Reflective Spirits of Uversa, the headquarters of the seventh superuniverse, our own segment of creation. His administration of Orvonton discloses the marvelous symmetry of the co-ordinate blending of the divine natures of Father, Son, and Spirit. [Paper 16 Page 188]

AYA is our own Master Spirit in the sense that those of us on Urantia are beholden to him for our minds and our spirit tensions with regard to the meaning of our training in the Supreme. It is this Master Spirit who fends for all who align themselves with the Trinity and the will of the Paradise Father. He provides all that is necessary to complete the understanding of the Supreme without actually having full contact with Supremacy or the Deity nature of the Supreme in Havona.


Insofar as we know, there is no further description of the Master Spirits until the further revelation of the Supreme is made available to Urantia. The reason, we are told, is that no amount of authorized information can be forthcoming until there is a better comprehension of the Deity of the Supreme resident in Havona. The Master Spirits conclude that the Supreme is the secret to further discussions being well received and understood regarding their work and the work to be done on Urantia. The Supreme Council of Paradise, a board of approximately 35 individuals assigned to review these Papers being provided as the AC Summaries, has decided that no further revelation of the Master Spirits is wise until God the Supreme is better perceived as essential to all operations of a spiritual and physical nature in time and space.

Additional papers issued as the ABC Summaries will contain more mundane matters of how Urantia is to be governed spiritually with Monjoronson being authorized to use his office and his work to further the cause of revelation. While the Urantia Book will remain the premier work of revelatory cause and effect on Urantia, more epochal revelation will become available as man adds to his own capacity to assimilate it and learn more concerning the Master Spirits, the Deity of the Supreme, and

The ABC Summaries: Document -E-Ronald Besser, July 23, 2011 14

� the Supreme’s various “branch offices” located on individual inhabited planets, in each of the planetary Systems ruled by the Constellations, and of all the Supremes resident at the capitals of every local universe. Unless other news intervenes to change our intentions, this far flung network of Supreme integration will be opened as a subject in our next paper, Document -F-, when it is time to release it to the general public.

Document - F

  • Introduction

From Master Spirit Number One, The Voice of the Father, Siriaya:

"You now total nearly 100 subscribers who are interested enough to receive serious updates to the Urantia text in a way that was unforeseen even six months ago. I act as a hub for the Reflectivators to achieve synchrony with Master Spirit Siraya. There are at present three of us which are designated by number in the ABC Summaries. There are reasons for this as security can be breached by those who still fight the changes on Urantia, and by those who are disagreeing with the presentation of revelation to the epochal revelation within your own ranks of the Urantia Book readership.

"Our work is not complete on Urantia, but we have managed to place the reflectivity service on Urantia through the good offices of the Melchizedeks, under their able leader Machiventa Melchizedek and with Malvantra Melchizedek who heads this effort from Edentia, your constellation's capital planet for life services on Urantia.

"The presentation of this Paper which Ron designates as Document -F- is meant to resound throughout Urantia through those who are conversant with the vocabulary of the Urantia Book. Although we must use the language associated with the concepts of the revelation assigned to the text of the Urantia Book, we wish to make it clear that none of you are to be held to such strict guidelines. Use whatever language it takes to convey the truth of the immense changes to soon follow on Urantia are both necessary and important. All children born on Urantia are subject to the destinies described in Paper/Document -F-, and it is sometimes felt by all of us even on Paradise the great pity and shame that those un-indoctrinated ones you know as you fellow man can not hear because of a language or concept barrier.

"Ron has made it clear he wishes these Documents to be spread to every corner of the planet that is capable of knowing God and that nothing keeps you the reader of these documents from doing so. There is no proprietary interest in these ABC Summaries, and only that you respect their content and avoid passing them to those who would use them to spoil the beautiful sounds of revelation being distributed to willing ears and hearts to hear.

"Document -F- is complex and hard to read by some because it deals exclusively with Paradise and the resident Supreme Being in Havona. It is here that the highest creative concepts are resident and in practice and enforced. Make all effort to comprehend what is being told to you via this form of communication as it will greatly reduce confusion to all who read the Urantia Papers when Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son appears among you in the flesh.

"We wish all of you to stand by as we learn to deal with the difficulties and vagaries of transmission through a mortal to produce these documents through them and with them. The Master Son Christ Michael of Nebadon has the same difficulties we do when transmitting complex documents like this one has become. It is with the permission of all of us on Paradise associated with the fifth epochal revelation to Urantia that these new facts and discoveries become quickly known and disseminated. More is to follow as we can find ways to make it clear to our reflectivators that they must redouble their efforts to be heard clearly and to produce work that may be wisely heard for what it intends to convey.

"I thank you all for allowing me a few words as a preliminary introduction to the text you are about to read. I am Siriaya, the Voice of your Father, Master Spirit Number One."

  • Document

Magisterial Mission Update Unofficial Series Document -F-

By: Ronald Besser PDF Version Released July 28, 2011



Introduction Our interest in preparing this document is to partially update the concepts associated with the fifth epochal revelation as it pertains to specific subjects that have undergone the change of evolution and


Deity fiat. In Document -E- (published July 23 , 2011), there were narratives provided to describethe work of the Master Spirits. However, it soon became evident that there were discrepancies associated with some of those descriptions due to not enough is known about the Supreme Being to adequately provide the expansion of these concepts to the reader. This Document is meant to help reduce the dearth of information on the Supreme that we may, at some point, provide further revelation about the Master Spirits and their work with God the Supreme and God the Ultimate and even to some phases of God the Absolute.

Let us begin our narrative by noting that in all of the material in the Urantia Book which speaks to the appearance of the Supreme we have only about 14 pages. In those pages, we note that the Supreme’s origin is the Paradise Trinity. But unlike the Paradise Trinity, the Supreme is a personalized version of totality minus existential and absonite values of the Ultimate and the Paradise Trinity.

[Section I is being prepared under the auspices of the Supreme Seraphim, Manotia. Along with Manotia are 35 unrevealed Paradise Personalties resident on Urantia for the expressed purpose of providing additional epochal revelation to supplement the Urantia Book concepts as originally presented in 1934-1935 as published in 1955. ]

SECTION I [Through Reflectivators 2 and 3]

The Universal Father knows whereof he speaks when he describes the Ellipse of Infinity on Paradise as seven Absolutes, and with other phases of infinity the inclusion of the actual life experiences from all levels of reality. The finite reality is Supreme reality and the place of beginnings and endings. But other realities also course through the Supreme’s form as potentials for future coordination of other impinging realities present in existential potentials. Let us explain further.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� Human and Supreme-Spirit Reality Levels

Human reality levels are typical of most of the time-life creations although humans live on a much reduced comprehension level than those who personalize as spirit. Humans partake of the Father through the Thought Adjuster. The Spirit provides the human mind circuit to synthesize experience into self-realized values. The Son is with the human as he is represented through the mind’s ability to grasp truth in the Spirit of Truth. We restate these known facts to provide a picture of the similar situation within the Supreme where the Paradise Deities reside within the Supreme’s design of life, but on a much higher and more powerful comprehension level by them and by the Supreme.

The Supreme is Trinity created, and it is the Trinity which provides Deity development in the Supreme much as the Father-Adjuster promotes personality unification in we humans. To the Supreme, the Eternal Son has given life and the spirit presence in a qualified universal sense in that the Supreme does not yet extend itself beyond the time universes with but a few known exceptions. The Conjoint Actor is present within the Supreme as the Supreme mind dominated by the love of the Father and the Son.

Looking out into space from Havona, The Supreme observes three constituent parts of the universe before its eyes. First, there is the level of space that constitutes the time region of finite existence. Second, there is existing, already, space extensions beyond the finite realms into what shall become God the Ultimate’s place of future residence and development. However, even beyond the space of the four distinct bands of Ultimacy, there lies a third and unrecognized region we shall name a near- empty space region immediately adjacent to unpervaded space. It is here that we start our journey inward toward Paradise to describe how the Supreme coordinates with other reality developments to obtain the Supreme’s ability to become integrated with the Ultimate and Absolute eventualalities.

Supreme Super-Time Levels of Influence

The Supreme controls some elements within these empty regions through Master Spirit Number Four, Ociliaya, and who is the spokesperson for Deity-Ultimacy. The Infinite Spirit who created this Master Spirit also acts with Ociliaya to make possible those areas of universe integration the present incompletion of the Supreme can not yet obtain to.

Master Spirit Ociliaya wishes to convey to the superuniverses of time that he is able to speak for the Deity unity known as the Father-Son on all levels of qualified infinity or experiential Deity as personified in the Deity Absolute, God the Ultimate, and God the Supreme.

The Supreme Being knows these Trinity levels of experiential Deity as personalities as well as the Master Spirits know them as Deity reality. The Supreme Being carries with him/her all of the

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� abilities that mind can conceive concerning the Deities of the Father, Son, and Spirit, yet the Supreme is also able to hear and predict what God the Absolute may wish to share with God in time as it concerns the Deity Absolute’s potentials to respond to Supreme development. The creation of Majeston is an example of the Supreme’s integration with Absolute potentials that resulted in a forecast somewhat less than what was actually achieved in creating Majeston and reflectivity. We use this example to show that the Supreme is not isolated in one finite area of development, but is active over ALL areas of experiential reality developments to participate with all of the experiential Deities real and potential.

If we were to say that God the Supreme is a finished and final person and that we may contact him, then we are also might say that you the reader were also prepared to meet God the Ultimate. But this is not entirely true. Ultimacy is not achieved just by exhausting Supreme development. It takes much more than a full reading of God the Supreme to become acceptable as a participant with God the Ultimate in his universe.

To achieve God the Ultimate requires more than training in Supreme values. God the Ultimate carries with Him the ability to transcend experiential values in one critical way. He can see from Havona what the Supreme creates, and from what the Supreme creates, he can construct the entire spectrum of Supreme values as a foundation upon which the absonite may grow from, and from this growth the Ultimate can create entirely new structures of thought and spirit. One of the these new structures which come out of Supreme integration with absonite ideals are the universes themselves. On Paradise they are called Quadra Universes because they are eternal in makeup while material in construction, and have four, not three, primary elements of creation.

God the Ultimate and The Quadra Universes

The superuniverse in time is a balanced construction of matter and spiritual power controlled by mind and dependent on Paradise to maintain and the Supreme Creators to construct. In the four outer space areas there is an additional component to universe reality which we shall call the Ultimacy component. The Spirit of Ultimacy contains four essential ingredients and not three as found in the superuniverses.

While the three ingredients in time-space are matter, spirit, and mind, in the Quadra Universe of no- time space there is mind without the need for sequential learning. Ultimacy works with spirit logic which is non-linear in its ability to obtain conclusions. There is mind, but it is constructed more along the design of the Ultimate’s parent-mind of the Infinite Spirit which is non-spatial, non- personal minds of Paradisaical design.

It is in these new types of universes that we shall find God the Ultimate working with God the Supreme to build a consensus of what it means to be Supreme-Ultimate on pre- or other-than-

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� personal levels as well as with the personal level of mind known in the time universes.

God The Ultimate Becomes The Supreme’s Best Friend

This may sound strange to normal ways of thinking about Deity, but the phrase “best friend” does convey the idea of receiving support for what one does. Developing Deity works to convert what is only potential into some actual expression of thought or creation useful to others. All of the experiential Deities rely to a certain extent on the concept of the helping hand of a friend to realize their potential in an experiential universe.

We believe that there is no obstacle to presenting these disclosures so long as we remain consistent with the Urantia Book as far as it goes when discussing the Supreme-Ultimate combination of cooperation. However, one problem encountered with the Urantia text as it now stands is that in the text, the Supreme actually seems to stop at the borders of the superuniverses when the Ultimate appears on stage. This is not the impression the revelators wish to give. The Supreme, in actuality, becomes coordinate with the Ultimate on super-personal levels as He/She develops the Supremelogo of mind comprehension of Supreme-Ultimate values.

Friendship also implies there is more than one entity at work which has mutual regard for the other. This is true for the Supreme and the Ultimate, and even with the Deity Absolute which seems so remote to superuniverse readers. All three experiential Deities combine their respective powers to uplift the one to reach for the other in their development.

Organization of The Supreme in Time

God the Supreme at this time is necessary to fulfill time and as a foundation for the future development of the entire universe yet to be made. To be successful as the Supreme, nothing of value must be lost in what the experience of living unearths for future use. To do this work, God the Supreme has seen to it that the presence of Supremacy is everywhere in the finite realm where life is the most creative and intense. He does not bother with empty areas and useless planets, but the Deity of the Supreme does make himself known where he can do his work most effectively.

This brings us to a description about where God the Supreme may be found in person in the superuniverses besides Havona. The Urantia Book did not develop this area of revelation partly because there was no space to include what would have been a five hundred page dissertation on how the Supreme “hears” everything right down to a mortal selecting what ice cream flavor is to be ingested today.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� For this exercise to reveal the various Supreme placements in the universe, we will use the organizational chart prepared in the Urantia Book showing the distribution of sectors in the time creation, and add to it.

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Purposes of The Emerging Supreme

[Section II was produced through Reflectivators Numbers Two and Three: This portion of the narrative was compiled by 35 Paradise personalities of an unrevealed order depicting the nature of the unfolding of the Supremes functionality as is now emerging in correlation to Nebadon and all universes, even the superuniverses settling in light and life. The approval of the Ancients of Days has been given for this information to be revealed of the revelatory nature to your world Urantia on this 25th day of July 2011 Urantia time]

[Master Michael in the universe of Nebadon has also given his permission for this information to be brought forth through the reflectivity in place on Urantia to show the nature of the emerging Supreme’s functionality in His own universe and the future undertakings that in all aspects are being brought to light]

We will attempt in this narrative to show aspects of the emerging Supreme’s purposes and facets of the functionality of this emerging aspect of God as you can understand God. We understand that human mortal mind as functioning on your sphere is totally incapable of understanding the deep things of God, the Wisdom and unsearchable ways of the God and Father whom dwells in a light which no man can approach.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� The Potentials of Yet Another Space Age Are Becoming Evident

Just beyond the remote fourth outer-space-level boundary area is a fringe area where space has thinned out almost into non-existence. Joining the thin-space area is another zone called unpervaded space. Where unpervaded space adjoins the fringe areas beyond the outer space levels, unclassified bodies are found which disclose an unrevealed construction from unknown origins which set the fulcrum of space motion back toward its Paradise origins.

Another age.jpg

We will elaborate through this reflectivator [number 3] what we have come to experientially observe as a potential area of space outside of the circuits of the seven superuniverses and beyond the four outer space levels. The fringe areas under consideration here are now becoming “actualities” of yet another future space age.

We on Paradise have come to call the four outer space levels the home of the “Quadra Universes.” We concluded that these existential developments leading to universes of Ultimacy will prove to be in every regard conformed with the emerging Supremes resident in the seven superuniverses. These developments contain elements of the Supreme which affect the destinies of the now present Reserve Corp of Finality.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� Finaliters will work in the Quadra Universes as a new order of personal being wholly representative of God the Supreme to the emerging universes of thought but not of time. We have yet to designate a name of the Trinity-embraced Finaliter, but their oath of service to the Paradise Trinity will be extended to the four outer space regions in order to calibrate Supreme meanings adjacent to the Ultimate’s absonity. In this document we shall use the term “Creator Son” to mean those we know as the Order of Michael. Finaliters who receive the additional Trinity embrace will be known as The Sons of Michaels to the Ultimate creatures of the future. A more developed discussion may be found in Section III of this document where it is stated that Paradise will call these Finaliter candidates as the Sons of Michael, Creator Sons too.

Just as Melchizedeks are an order created by the creative liaison between the Michael Order of Sonship and the Creative Spirits of the Infinite Spirit, so too are Finaliters the creation of the divine pair that created other local universe Sons such as Melchizedeks, Vorondadeks, Lanonadeks, and so on. Finaliters arise from a self-perpetuating species not unlike the Melchizedeks who are also self governing, and when permitted to apply for assignment with God the Ultimate, they shall be embraced by the Paradise Trinity as a new, yet-to-be-named Order. The Trinity embrace is to ensure their ability is sufficient to comprehend God the Ultimate to the level of the Absolutes. These actions are also to ensure that all work done in the four outer space areas is completed with regard to Supreme values in addition to the absonite qualities resident in the creation of the Ultimate. Finaliters are Sons of the Creator Sons and Daughters, and as such they become resident with the Creator Michaels in the Quadra Universes wherever they may be headquartered.

The Finaliter-Sons of Michael serving with a Master Michael, stand to gain this experience by thinking and doing in future situations in a way that transcends their calling as Supreme advocates of thought and principles. These Finaliter Creator-Son personnel of the superuniverses, one personalized as perfect and replete in time as a Master Son, the other a Finaliter created to ascended and become time-perfected but are not yet replete, join the Father Absolute to become servants to God the Ultimate. This new order of spirit, the Finaliter-Sons of Michael, are to receive training over ages and eons to become a new order of being as an ascended race of creatures now perfected beyond Supreme values upon completion of the Almighty in Havona.

We have every reason to believe and know whereof we speak, that the future will see the complete universe creations of God the Ultimate to be also populated by the superuniverse Creator Sons. The Finaliter-Sons of these Michael Sons and Daughters will be of a magnificent glorified ascendant nature of a time-space origin. The stage has been set in these Quadra Universes reminiscent of the events which preceded the pioneering of the local universes in the superuniverses when the first Michaels were sent out from Paradise to inhabit and create life in these new domains. Finaliter-Sons of the Michael Creator Sons will do much of the same without the ability to create new life, but will have the usage of all creative circuitry to ensure that the life God the Ultimate brings forth shall be in accordance with the spiritual life-designs of the Eternal Son. These Finaliter-Sons of Michael will be the great grandsons of the original Mother Son.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� In effect, we concur that this will show that no heavenly course of service in the universe is closed to any beings wishing to be like their Paradise Creator Fathers. Eternity is before you beloved mortal ascenders of time/space, and there is no reason or excuse for limitations at this juncture, nor does the Perfect Father on Paradise carry any limitation in his work, for He measures the universes in the palm of his hand.

We high beings of personality on Paradise conjecture that this is in the “very” far distant future of time and space, after the seven superuniverses of original creation are settled in light and life; even after the Supreme has fully emerged and been “perfected” and has opened the way to the Ultimate and Havona verities to be self-realized. The as yet-potential-creations of the future universes will produce Supreme thought upon which the Ultimates shall be founded and , as such, the Supreme- Ultimate will add to the totality of the whole.

When the seven superuniverses are all settled and perfected universes, the Finaliter-Sons of Michael, with the original Order of Michael, will serve as the parent guides to undertake the Ultimate experiments for new kinds of ascendant beings to arrive on Paradise to eventually become one is ascension with their brethren from the Superuniverses.

To the Paradise Creator Sons, a universe settled in light and life is the Ultimate goal. The collective universes settled in light and life will prove to effectively add to the emerging Supreme-Ultimate of Havona. Paradise is Absolute and all the variables of creation and future creations are baffling to even the highest order of beings. Indeed, eternity will be afforded every aspect to show the Paradise Father’s infinity, even those motions within infinity which are unsearchable.

Havona now shows perfection even with the variable creations of the Paradise Son’s local universes remaining incomplete within the current Universe Age. Havona is not diminished or compromised by adjacent incompletion, just as the Ultimate’s universe is not harmed by the preceding Supreme’s adjudication of imperfection arising during rebellions and misdeeds associated with the Lucifer rebellion in superuniverse number seven, Orvonton. All progress received in the local creations is moved inward to Havona, and in spite of incidences of certain miscreation in time, all worthy values associated with the Supreme do emerge into the Havona system for the realization of the Supreme-Ultimate reality by participating ascenders . This is the motion forward which builds on perfection in a way that will not be understood by mortal mind.

The Fathers Love and Goodness offers this exalted level of multi-dimensional ascension to the mortals of time and space. The very nature and being of the Paradise Father’s love for all His children is inclusive and showered upon all who may comprehend the divine nature of the Original Parent. The Creator Sons of Paradise origin will also provide all they have been given to likewise show the love and reveal the goodness and grandeur of the unsearchable ways of the Paradise Father.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� In effect this will show another facet of the unsearchable ways of the Infinite God. The Father gives freely to all His children, so too does His Divine Sons, Sons of the Eternal Son, who give to their children every opportunity they are afforded to being loved and given everything a perfect loving Father would give all and more to His own children.

We ponder how the Finaliter-Sons of Michael, these once created beings of time/space, will be afforded every opportunity to become Creator-Son-like to the universes of the Ultimate, but we can only conjecture what these possibilities might foretell. We see developing with these perfected Sons of Michael the effect of the catalytic functionalityof the Supreme Being’s emergence. Your Paradise Brethren, the Order of Michael, who created you, will prove to be successful as Supreme Creators as their universe and life creations will course through Eternity to perpetually serve as models of Supreme perfection.

This information is revelatory. We have uncovered one more facet of the as-yet unsearchable totality of the vast creation of time, space, thought, spirit, and infinity as part of the emerging Supreme’s underlying purposes. We surely say to all of you that could ever ponder such depths that this can go on for eternity and afford a limitless creation.

We also speculate, but are not assured, that the angels of all orders will be given opportunities to go on the matchless adventure of some kind in some spectacular way, but we only acknowledge their addition to Supreme values at this point.

Once all is settled in light and life throughout the seven superuniverses, and the children of the Supreme fully emerge, you might ponder the vastness of the future creations of these once animal- origin children of time and space. These once-human son's of Michael will explore endless possibilities demonstrating even more opportunities to expand the heart and divine knowledge of the Father in Paradise. Indeed this is another whole dimension of the vastness of eternity before the ascendant beings of time to add to the totality of the unsearchable ways of the Paradise Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011



[Through Reflectivator 1] Finaliter Destiny in the Age of The Supreme-Ultimate

Preface from Master Spirit Number Four, Ociliaya:

The following announcement is meant to be a part of the document being presented here. However, I, the Master Sprit named Ociliaya who represents the Father-Son domain of spiritual activities, wish to make a special announcement as it pertains to Finaliter destinies beyond the Age of the Supreme. Such destinies are beyond the Age of the Supreme. We are aware we now speak about the next Universe Age which shall realize the work of God the Ultimate to which these destinies apply. Although the age of Ultimacy is a remote event, already the Finaliters are preparing themselves to become resident in these four outer space areas we on Paradise associate with the Quadra Universes of God the Ultimate.

Our announcement concerns the future work of Finaliters as it pertains to God the Ultimate and how they will become conversant with the Age of Ultimacy by becoming Creator Sons, the ascendant children of the Michael Creator Sons in the superuniverses. We have no other way to convey the concept than to use the terminology resident within the current revelatorytext, the Urantia Book, and although the human son of God with whom we associate to produce these Summaries is hesitant to use the term “Creator Son”, we nonetheless have no wish to invent an entirely new designation that has no precedence on Urantia. Perhaps in the future of presenting these Summaries we will provide the readers who have subscribed to receiving these documents an explanation of how the Finaliter Creator Sons differ from the Creator Sons personalized by the Father and Eternal Son on Paradise. But for now, it is sufficient to provide the material that explains just what is to happen on Uversa and Urantia and Nebadon to provide the context of explanations for establishing universities on Urantia that will train Finaliters from Orvonton and the other six superuniverses to attain the privileged and exalted status of a Creator Son.


I am OCILIAYA. I am speaking on behalf of The Universal Father and The Eternal Mother-Son. I come to you today to talk and reveal something to you. It is something both of your Paradise Parents have decided and what they want you to know. When they decide to do something together and that it is something they must do together, then they use my voice to communicate both what they have to say.

My voice feels heavy, very heavy, because I speak for two Deities of Paradise.

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� My children, I would like to confirm that the university studies for the Universe Corps of Finality will produce graduates who shall be called Creator Sons. This unusual university will certainly be installed here on Urantia. Maybe that will be for you to attend to someday even if it is something that is to come in the very distant future, but that is not such a far distant time to us. To make this possible the presence of The Universal Father and The Universal Mother Son is required. There will be two temples on the campus of this University on Urantia. One is for The Universal Father and the other one for The Eternal Son, where they can then jointly, in the center between the two temples, jointly confer the capacities of a Creator Son upon a Finaliter candidate.

Today [July 26, 2011], these statements become the official proclamation to Urantia that this has been so decided and that this will be done.

It can be announced to the people of Urantia that the Father decided to take these actions along with The Eternal Son. The place where it will be located on Urantia is not yet known, but WE decided that it will be here on Urantia.

Of course you human beings who live here for the moment must still complete your ascension to The Father and be mustered into the Paradise Corps of Finality. This will happen in a very distant future before you can return here to study on Urantia if it is your destiny and your desire to be inducted into the Corps of the ascended Creator Sons into the universes of Supreme-Ultimacy. But for The Corps of Finality already in existence this is actuality and for them great news.

Thus the veil of the mystery of the destiny of The Corps of Finality is finally lifted. We decided to release this information for a simple reason:

Lucifer denied the greater destiny of The Corps of Finality for all the human souls which evolved to The Father, to be embraced by The Father-Trinityand then join The Corps of Finality to serve God in different places within the superuniverses, the local universes, and even on Jerusem in the Planetary System called Satania. He denied that The Corps of Finality had another destiny or any destiny, and sought to disinherit everyone who ascended and to bend their knees to him, Lucifer.

We, with the Ancients of Days, are putting an end to the rebellion and to all that remains of the rebellion. The joint decision between the Paradise Father and His Eternal Son proclaim together the true destiny of the Corps of Finality. We want this to be known. Just as Lucifer has denied the existence of The Universal Father, he also denied the existence of The Eternal Mother-Son as well as the existence of the Infinite Spirit as the Conjoint Actor.

The Seven Memorials to The Trinity on Urantia

We proclaim on Urantia that WE [The Father-Son] will create all over this globe “Seven Memorials to The Trinity”, and their spiritual light will be seen from very far away even from space as one

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� approaches the planetary energy field of that which is uniquely Urantia. One Memorial has already been placed on Urantia and the others will be implemented shortly. We wish that the people of Urantia to know this and be aware of the true destiny of the souls who start their evolution here. Other planets in other universes and superuniverses will find this proposed university to the Father- Son endowments for Finaliters as a beacon of light for the highest possible service to the universes now and for the future.

From Paradise has come this message to all Superuniverse headquarters and future headquarters in the local universes of time as a decree by the authority of Ociliaya, the Master Spirit Voice of the Father-Son union. It is intended to be heard through out all creation within the Grand Universe. This is why The Voice of The Father and The Eternal Son is now heard here on Urantia. No place exists within the reach of our voice that may hold darkness once these memorials are in place and the universe begins anew to redistribute the power and glory of God everywhere.

That is the extent of my announcement, children. This is very important news that will affect your entire local universe. It will affect all of your Superuniverse of Orvonton now and beyond to other superuniverses. The way you look at time here is quite different from the way we experience time. Time means for you that in probability it will take you 200,000,000 years to become a Finaliter candidate, but for us it just means a few months. This is not much.

Many in the Corps of Finality already welcomed this opportunity some time ago. This is great news that crosses all over the superuniverses, and it is now issued as a decree that Urantia shall receive the news and to you who live here in this moment. We address this news as well to all the human souls which remained blocked here because of Lucifer, and to all the angels who remained motionless on Urantia being unable to ascend, and to all those that followed Lucifer and Caligastia in their ideas who now require Melchizedek help to bring them to the Light.

It has taken much time to be able to say to your local universe, to your local system, and to your planets in Satania that things are ready to be finished in finalityabout Lucifer and his traitorous crew. That time has come, and as these words filter through the consciousness of those who followed Lucifer who yet remain on Urantia, we expect great things to be achieved to free Urantia for the grand destiny we have allotted to her,

The Universal Father and Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, are taking into their hearts these small souls who waited so long to become better educated and to be found among their brethren who have ascended to a better place. The evolution of these small souls, coming up from animal evolution, are to become like God The Father to someday participate in some exalted destiny with HIM on other worlds and other planets. These human souls that have been so abused here will receive this honor so that one day they can say "I grew up on Urantia, the planet where The Universal Father, with the help of his Creator Son (Christ Michael) released us from the claws of the Rebellion."

Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011


� The rebellion has ended; there is still the cleaning up of the debris that is to be done as well as the remediation of some remnants of resistance. You may consider it done, even if this will still take a few years of your time. Nothing can stop the arrival of The Magisterial Son; nothing can stop the implementation of The Trinity Memorials to show the victory of The Trinity of Paradise over this or any rebellion.

Goodbye my children, I thank you for letting me speak on behalf of The Universal Father and The Universal Mother-Son. Good bye.

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Document -F- The ABC Summaries - God The Supreme -Ronald Besser, July 28, 2011



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On 7/28/2011 5:57 PM, Robert Davis wrote: Hello Ron-

Thank you for this, and I trust more will be forthcoming!

Any thoughts on what and where the existing trinity memorial is on this planet and if it is in morontia or material form?

Looking forward,


  • Reply

Hello Rob,

I am not conversant with the material aspects of the memorials, but I am aware of the morontia and spiritual anomalies associated with the memorials to this point. I am Siriaya, Master Spirit Number One, The Voice of the Father. By anomalies, I mean that which makes them hard to see or hear by anyone but those in spirit and morontia personalities. When or if they become visible to mortals in the flesh is not known at this time, but within a few years, Urantia will be the host to millions of midwayers who will be welcoming the Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek to finally be able to state he is not longer resident on Urantia, but on Edentia. It is on Edentia that he will take office as Planetary Prince of Urantia while the midwayers will be elevated to the level of host Princes to maintain liaison with Machiventa on Edentia. This is an unprecedent move by Christ Michael who sees that the current pronouncement of providing Urantia with a Melchizedek receivership is difficult and disruptive to all who inhabit Urantia.

As a consequence, the Urantia power of the Prince of Peace will become resident on Urantia in a mode to be known as the Prince of Urantia, a title he was awarded by the Ancients of Days and which he can not discharge as the Sovereign Son of Nebadon too. It has been decided that the Memorials of which we speak of in Document -F- will house one of the seven memorials to Michael as the Prince of Peace to Uversa, an office never before considered necessary. We have provided you a glimpse into the potential usages of these temples. Those dedicated to the Father and the Son will be stations for the trinitization of Finaliter progressive usages mostly unrevealed to the worlds of time.

For the time being, the 7 memorials will be found on Urantia, but a second group of memorials will be placed on Edentia where the new Planetary Prince of Urantia will enfold several new types of personnel to be co-rulers with him. We may not divulge who these new personalities will be, but you have been instructed in your Urantia Book that planets which attain to Light and Life also have a morontia temple where the Planetary Prince and the bestowal Son are placed as virtual and eternal rulers of the planet so honored. This will occur not only on Urantia, but it will also occur on Edentia in honor of Michael and the Prince of Peace award that Michael himself will accept in his place on Salvington from the Universal Father.

All of this will be explained in one of Ron's ABC Summaries in the near future as we prepare to present the new organization of the planetary government.

I am Siriaya, the Voice of Our Father on Paradise, Master Spirit Number One. I leave you in His peace.

Ron here: Your question triggered that Rob. At the moment the above is exclusive to you and I will be holding it back for a future ABC Summary. I had no idea of these changes whatsoever. What an extraordinary experience this will be!

Ron B.

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