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January 2, 2017

Rob wrote: Jan 2, 2017 at 11:06pm

Dear Friends,

Many of you know of the recent document "Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation” attributed to an anonymous source and distributed by Nick Scalzo of Clinton, CT. I am in the process of formatting it in the wiki, and you can view its present form at this link. I would request your own comments in writing to be included in the discussion page. Likewise,would you be willing to invite a larger number of individuals whose comments might be solicited as well by the Editorial Advisory Board itself?

Looking forward,

Rob--rdavis 07:04, 3 January 2017 (UTC)

Rob wrote: Jan 2, 2017 at 11:48pm

Hello Nick -

As I have uploaded the document re: Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation… in a publicly accessible online reference work, I wanted to verify that indeed, the last few lines in which your contact information is found is what you want to be affixed to the document as it is featured here.

I am soliciting comments from individuals I know who are serious students of The Urantia Book even if a majority are not affiliated with the organizations referenced. Their comments will be included in the document’s discussion page Naturally, if you wish for your comments to be added, let me know.


Rob Davis--rdavis 07:17, 3 January 2017 (UTC)

Nick Scalzo wrote: Jan 2, 2017, at 11:31 PM

Rob, Please leave my contact information affixed to the treatise on "Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation." It is there as it should be for those of spiritual insight who have finished reading it should they have question that I can answer.

Please distribute it to all who would benefit from it by any and all means that you can.

Please ask them to contact each one of the three organizations with their cry for unity as the treatise suggests even though they may not be members or supporters.

Let the UF, TUBF and UAI know that if they should ever become one in unity that will attract the non-affiliates to their doors.

May God bless you in your efforts in seeking truth, unity and the Revelator's mandates.

I am with you in Service to Michael in accordance with the Father's Will.

Warmest regards,

Nicholas Scalzo (860) 669-4900

January 3, 2017

Marty wrote: Jan 3, 2017, at 9:55 AM Marty resent my letter to tml, ctc, and his harpofgod bulletins He added a note saying:

NOTE: Comments can be by reply to this post or directly to Rob Davis <> We are already late since New Years Day in getting started with this job. Let us get busy. Marty.

Rob wrote: Jan 3, 2017, at 11:48 AM

Hello Nick -

Thank you for confirming the inclusion of your contact information at the end of the document. We’ll see what thoughts emerge, and I will include as many as I can to demonstrate the range of thinking in readers of The Urantia Book at this time. No doubt, for those who can see, the hand of our Father is shaping a new world in and through his children. How wonderful to be alive in Him!


Rob--rdavis 20:03, 3 January 2017 (UTC)

Gerald Farley wrote at 20:15 UTC

Thank You Rob and Marty. The openness, transparency and humanness approach is refreshing. Can anything on this material plane really be personal? I liked the way Jesus dealt with it all. He was only interested and focused on Our Father's Truth and allowed the human propensity for right and wrong to disappear as the illusion it was.

Gerald Farley

January 4, 2017

Marty wrote at 10:03am

We are hereby informed of the errors of our Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood and their failure to engage the mandates given to them upon the publication of the Urantia Book in 1955. The joy that we all have in the light of this Epochal Revelation is now shadowed by the default of our mission to prepare the infrastructure for worldwide readiness for the transformation of the religious life on this world.

The scheduled time is now arriving wherein our world's spiritual development is in need of the corrections that are presented by the Urantia Revelation. It is time to bring Light and Life to this world of rebellion and confusion. It is time for the epochal transformation of the spiritual life of our world; The very purpose of the FER. It is also given that an Avonal Son is due to arrive here at such a time as this, but we have not made the preparations.

Now we are given a chance to correct our mistaken efforts. It is the job of our Foundation, Fellowship, and UAI to follow the instructions given in the treatise below.

Although this is not our personal responsibility as readers, It is our responsibility as members and as recipients of their ministry to provide them with support and to assist them in the needed correction.

Our Sonship that comes with our indwelling Father Fragments, with The Spirit of Truth and the ministry of our Divine Mother, give us great spiritual capabilities which we can manifest collectively by the unification of our intentions and the union of our TAs.

Let us come together in support of the officers of the Urantia Foundation and of the Fellowship to assist them in the correction of this default. We are told that the solution to this problem is simple. However it will require a full-hearted decision by each and all of us to abandon our characteristic political viewpoints, argumentative or competitive tendencies, and fears, so that we can come together in unity of intention in the love of God to fulfill the mandates given by the revelators. This will require a very great personal effort by one and all of us who have been raised and trained in competitive self-service.

In prayer and supplication let us conjoin, sharing our intention to correct the default of our movement. Let us ask the chief of Thought Adjusters who served Michael of Nebadon as Jesus and who also served Machiventa Melchizedek, to help in our collective effort to bring our officers and trustees together in unity. Let it be so.

Rob wrote at 1:53pm

Thank you for sharing Marty!

After spending some time reading this document, it is apparent to me that the thought expressed is one wholly occupied with visible and material means rather than the one invisible and spiritual end that is the essence of life. I am reminded that any visible organization cannot handicap the progress of the invisible and spiritual brotherhood that is the kingdom of heaven. It is this spiritual reality that is becoming a living organism in contrast to any institutionalized social organization, and while it may be well to utilize such social organizations, the spiritual cannot be supplanted by them.

January 5, 2017

Marty wrote at 11:05am


I am addressing the failure of the contact commission/Urantia Foundation, Urantia Brotherhood Corporation, and we, the first generation of readers to carry out the mandates given to us in 1955. People are questioning the source and validity of this notice of default but I do not doubt its true meaning for us as workers for the FER who should be carrying out the mandated establishment of this infrastructure for the transformation of the Urantian spiritual experience, initiated by this epochal revelation.

I do not believe that there is anything in existence in the entire master universe that does not have spiritual meaning. Social institutions, every one of them, are spiritual organisms that have a life of mortal souls in collective endeavor. Indeed, that is the the very substance of the living spiritual brotherhood of the Sonship.

My question is, "What are we to do about the accomplishment of these designated mandates"? Unlike the default of Adam and Eve, we still can correct the errors of our default. There is still a little time left for us to work on this problem. I have already recommended that we join our TAs in cooperative conjoint consultation with their chief to help us stir up our administrators in the Foundation and the Fellowship. It would probably be a good idea for us all personally to make contact with these officers to ask that they make the effort to accomplish the required task.

With the help of our Planetary Prince, the ministry of the Angels, the hierarchy of Heaven, and the United Midwayers of Urantia, we readers of the Book can still get this job done in preparation for the coming of our Avonal Son.

In the joy of Sonship,


Rob wrote at 9:39pm

Thanks again for sharing Marty!

I appreciate your efforts, and while I concur with the document as it pertains to the material endeavor of book publishing, I cannot but observe the thrust of the document focused upon the construction of ‘a’ religion with details as to how it should be made. Here I remain as an observer of the chameleon like changes in the material forms attempting expression of a spiritual content that is eternal. While it may be that the religion about the Urantia Book is an evolutionary step forward, it remains a second hand religion. Alas, religions are not made. The religions of human construction grow up over long periods of time while the revelations of God flash upon earth in the lives of those who reveal God to their fellows. And just as those who heard these words uttered by Jesus did not comprehend them then, neither it seems do those who read these words today.

Looking forward,


January 6, 2017

Marty wrote at 7:12am


I have not seen any "detailed instructions" about establishing a new religion, only the mandate of fostering of religion, (as organized by the readers meeting in their study groups with intention to update worship in the light of the new revelation.)

4. Foster a religion: This mandate has never happened at all, nor has it ever been discussed or taken seriously. This is one method by which Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood were to carry out their goals. These words were given respectively by the Revelators to both organizations and carried on by the three organizations today. Also look at the objects and purposes stated in their respective Declaration of Trust of Urantia Foundation, the Constitution of the Fellowship, and the Charter of the UAI. They all share the same mandate, except for the amendments made in default or unauthorized actions. In addition to not carrying out this mandate from the Revelators, UAI actually changed their version of it by adding the word, ―Personal,‖ and the Fellowship amended their wording, confusing the meaning.

We have begun to celebrate Suppers of Remembrance and gatherings on the Birthday of Jesus, But we have not really focused on the organization of a church where we can gather regularly to share worship in the light of our new revelation. Religions are evolutionary, fostered by revelation, not evolutionary without the help of revelation.

Thanks for your thinking Rob. I highly value your thoughts. Marty

Byron wrote at 10:21am

Rob, as you know, I generally agree with the position of Marty on this. Over the years you have argued fervently against the “exoteric” aspect (organizational, institutional manifestations) and you make good points. But formal religious expression is natural and evolutionary and inevitable, and especially important for children’s socialization and also the formation of communities of worship and support that all adults need unless they are very advanced and able to dwell entirely in an esoteric relationship with the unseen brotherhood. The idea here is that we should have used the UB to seed our ideas in a vast formal Christian institutional structure. We’ve had near-zero impact in that domain such that millions (actually billions) of Christians have no idea of the FER. That shows a vast incompetence in our outreach, obvious to all objective observers, which is addressed in the document. That said, I am not personally very impressed with the authenticity of Scalzo’s document, especially since it makes no mention of the Correcting Time, Teaching Mission, etc. and for other reasons.

Happy new year to all,


Mer wrote at 11:31am

This has been an interesting conversation to listen in on!

Marty, I very much enjoyed, and frequently agreed with, your perspectives while seeing value in Rob's as well. I took the time to read the Disunity document over and contemplate it, and although I find it believable that much of it may be divinely inspired, I do not think it will be adopted by the major organizations due to it's failure to deal authentically with its' authorship. The author, who ever he or she may be, implies repetitively that they have a hotline to God and inside information about who's in default, why, and what must be done. This is just unacceptable and repeats an error the Teaching Mission made over and over. There is NO hotline to God. I've never met anyone who had one. That's not meant to imply that communication with the divine does not occur. We all know with a great inner knowing, that it does. The problem is, one can never be sure which messages you've heard correctly and which have become garbled in translation. The Urantia Book warns us many times about the difficulty of accurate communication with the divine and the dangers of assuming that what you've heard is the definitive word of God.

I do not mind the author choosing to remain anonymous, and I find many of the ideas to be positive actions that could promote unity. In my opinion, however, if the author had given a disclaimer, honestly stating that the ideas presented were his/her best understanding of the divine will, instead of suggesting he/she had certain knowledge of the divine plan, the odds of success would have been higher. Since many of the movement's leaders lived through the whole Family of God/end of the world scenario, they are never going to accept (perhaps wisely) unsubstantiated claims of definitive precognition of the divine will. We all need to grow up and accept the difficult realities of trying to communicate with God from planet earth. A healthy balance is possible, and I pray that we may find it! I want to see the movement reach a state of spiritual maturity which constantly seeks answers from on high, yet never attempts to mislead others about infallibility, and maintains an honest and rational skepticism about what is heard.

with love for my brothers, Mer

Well said, Byron!

Rob wrote at 12:42pm

Thank you Marty!

I have always maintained that there exists one letter in the Declaration of Trust that is problematic, namely the letter ‘a’ in the clause cited below to “foster a religion”. The letter ‘a’ signifies one among many e.g. one of many competing religions currently operating in this world, some as evolutionary repercussions of ‘revelation’. However, the document becomes explicit in the section entitled “Current Status of the Revelator’s Mandates” where it is observed that as "there are none ordained”, a failing grade of F is given.

Nevermind the overall tone of the document reading like a new age version of the infamous sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by the colonial theologian Jonathan Edwards, or perhaps more accurately, a contemporary Sales Director of the media monster owned by Rupert Murdoch whose lust for profit has wreaked ruin upon some of the best book publishing in the field of religion.

The ritual celebrations you cite are healthy unconscious developments that are emblematic of any effective cult. These are natural evolutionary repercussions of sharing the experience of ‘revelation’, at least in this case, such as is confined with the covers of The Urantia Book. Of course, we have observed in the course of our lifetimes how hostile an attitude can be fostered toward 'continuing revelation' in any thinking they are in possession of an 'epochal revelation’ underscoring the irony of this document’s (audience) and attribution.



Rob wrote at 12:51pm

Hello Byron -

Yes, we are (in) familiar territory here ;-)

It is a misperception that I have argued against formal (exoteric) expressions of an unspeakable inner (esoteric) experience. It would be more accurate to say that I but maintain the primacy of the inner life as the creative source of (all) that which is visibly manifest around us. When persons value sharing that inner life over and above any material artifacts emerging from it, we will be well on our way into the settled culture of “light and life”. Until then, the material inertia of attachment to these ‘artifacts’ offers a necessary evolutionary brake upon progress that is however being lifted much in this time of correction.



Rob wrote at 2:50pm

Hello Mer -

Good to ‘see’ you in the conversation!

The error in the proverbial ‘hotline’ to God is manifest in every ‘communication’ given the inherent limitations in the use of symbols. This will persist as long as methods of indirection are relied upon so heavily, especially in worlds lingering in the after effects of isolation. Otherwise, I sense as you do, the unlikelihood of existing Urantia Book organizations taking seriously any semblance of ‘continuing revelation’ since the organizations’ existence relies upon an exclusive focus on a single episode of ‘revelation’.



Marty wrote at 4:25pm

Indeed Rob, "a" religion refers to one of those that have churches, mosques, synagogues with priests, clerics, rabbis and imams. I believe that this is needed because of the traditions of Urantia's religionists to attend such as these. If the FER inspires group worship, which is being "mandated" here, a Urantia Church would be a very much needed. It reminds me of the "Temple of the Father" in Dalamatia, or was it in the Garden of Eden.


Rob wrote at 6:24pm

I am reminded of Nalda’s question of whether true worship is ‘here’ or ‘there’ meeting the Master’s reply that in the kingdom worship is "neither on this mountain nor in you worship that which you know not, a mixture of the religion of many pagan gods and gentile philosophies…the hour…now is when all sincere worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.” Quite a difference between the kingdom of heaven and second hand (at best) religions about books.

January 7, 2017

Marty wrote at 6:33am

Good one Rob!

I'm going to leave off with my inclination to take all TRd transcripts with skepticism of my discernment of truth and skepticism of the transcript's validity. Though giving them all a chance to go either way.

In the case of this message, it came from Nick Scalzo whom I know since 1975 with whom I had an extensive exchange when the Foundation disfellowshipped the Urantia Brotherhood. Nick said that the Foundation was demanding its authority and that we of the Brotherhood should accommodate their decisions. I was infuriated and I remember shouting at him at the top of my lungs. We are still friends and I give Nick credit for introducing me to handwritten T/Rd transcripts from Canada which he dared not show to others at the meeting at the home of Dave and Marta Elders. These transcripts described the setting and activities of the Adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. I generally trust Nick as a deeply sincere truth-seeker.

In regard to your teachings about worship, I totally agree with you. I live in worship and need not a church to worship my Father. However I have greatly enjoyed group worship in the Synagogues, churches and Urantia gatherings. Sometimes I take out my old Hebrew liturgies and read some of the prayers in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. The prayer that Jesus gave his family and apostles (and the rest of us), "Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed by thy name...." I recited in synagogues in Aramaic three times daily. It is called "The Kadish" which starts out, "Hallowed and Sanctified be your awesome name, May your name be blessed in all eternity." and it goes on expressing hope that The kingdom on Earth become like unto the Kingdom in Heaven ...

Woke up this morning to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 4 inches of snow here in Marshall. Still snowing. Brrr...Have to milk and feed the goats.

Love to all of you out there. Marty

Mer wrote at 7:08am

Well, Marty;

It's only 16 degrees here....glad I don't have any goats to feed! It's such a joy to read what you write; like breathing in the rarified air of Havona! You mention in your last letter that communication with a TA might be a 'hotline to God'. I began on my spiritual journey after receiving a message from my TA when I was 36. I tried and tried every day to hear more for years. It wasn't until 15 years later that I began relationships with Michael, Mother, Machiventa, and Monjoronson. This morning I talked with was a lovely conversation that felt REAL. I put my life on the line, and act on those messages I deem to be genuine. But unfortunately, I do not find my communication with my TA any more inerrant than my communication with the rest of my celestial family. Yes, I get perfect messages that are right on, but I also get imperfect messages. The trick is knowing which is which and being able to move in faith on your best understanding, while accepting that you may have it wrong at least in part and probably do!

I am fully willing to concede that there are others more spiritually advanced than I on the planet. Perhaps there exists a clear channel that only gets right answers...I just have not met them yet. Some of the most spiritually august individuals I know are in this group, yet there's not one of us that is capable of inerrant communication, to my knowledge. Anybody here feel that 100% of the time they've got it right? Personally, I'd rate Rob Crickett with his Adjuster Fusion Institute as one of the most spiritually advanced people I've met, but even he gets it wrong at I'll continue to believe it's best to acknowledge the possibility of error.

What a blessing to know you all, Mer

ps. Got our first donation of $10,000. yesterday!

Marty wrote at 10:14am

Wow! $10,000.00! Looks like the Midwayers are at work, Mer. Let's thank Father for the help.

I have had two instances of celestial communication in words. The first was in 1974 when I was in my last of a five year intensive study of the UB in the Jesus papers and I stopped to pray to Christ Michael to prevent a nuclear war. It may have been in Nixon's presidency. I just remember the war threats and my heart and soul asking for peace on earth. Michael clearly answered my prayer saying, "I will not permit a nuclear war."

The second time that I heard a clearly worded transmission from Michael was when Rob Davis announced his plans for archiving and publishing the Teaching Mission transcripts which Gerdean and I were already doing full time and we wondered if we should quit this work or carry it on. We decided to have a telephone meeting with Michael in which Gerdean wanted to T/R Michael's answer for us. While I awaited the clock to tick into the time of Gerdean's call, Christ Michael started telling me His answer to our question which he simply continued to do as Gerdean started T/Ring His message. We were told to carry on with our work and were very pleased to see the new perspectives that Rob's work presented.

I am certain of the Father's will in my life especially as I look back at the wonders that occurred as I rejected main stream life and became a radical activist finding and teaching new perspectives of righteous living.

Gloria and I went to work for Jesus, full time ("Is not the laborer worthy of his hire?") That was in 1969 before the UB hit us. If I need to know an answer from God as to what to do I leave it for Father to answer overnight and in the morning I know what to do. Father is in contact with many of us this way...not in words but in living relationship. You are a very good example of such as that Mer as is this entire group.

It is an unspeakable pleasure to have such an informal conclave with y'all.


Rob wrote at 12:41pm

Marty -

It appears we are of one mind on worship - in spirit and truth!

Perfect communication does not entail use of word symbols but operates as a “direct flash” of intelligence “straight to the intellect” of any recipient. Words are twice removed from their source, but they are nevertheless helpful to those who cannot ‘hear' in silence. Of course perfect communication occurs where the mind is “consciously quite unconcerned” with its phenomena, focused instead upon the priority of communion where "there exists no need for communication” as we typically understand it.

I would remind you of the purpose of Daynal Institute serving those students who have savored many revelatory texts given to our world during this time of accelerated change to explore their source within e.g. a deeper probe of the inner life. The purpose is to surmount the great challenge of our time by fostering a culture of communion such that personal communication with God may be characterized less with the methods of indirection than direct flashes of intelligence to the intellects of his human partners!



Marty wrote at 5:29pm


Rob, I do not trust the intellect at all. The flashes you speak of are to the mind of the heart imo, where Father's fragment abides. That is where true communication can take place on a soul level. The intellect is simply a mechanism of mortal mind like a rudder on a ship which keeps the fore facing the waves to avoid capsizing in a storm.

Rob wrote at 7:23pm

Yes, “true communication” i.e. direct flashes are on the soul level (superconscious), but bear in ‘mind’:

The conscious level is like your home base. You can move above it into the super-conscious realm of pure spiritual communion or below it into the realm of animal fear. This home base continues gradually to rise throughout your lifetime search for God.

Increasingly does the mind grow through spirit identification so that this base expands as it rises into each new level. The fruits of the spirit emerge from this process, and all of these are reflections of a balanced mind.

Wisdom grows in this environment as a balanced mind is immune to the extremes which plague the immature levels of mind. So it is, maturity, wisdom, and a balanced mind are spiritual developments that are always attended by increasing joy. (1)

January 8, 2017

Marty wrote at 7:24am


Yes, our home base is our consciousness at whatever level we have attained. And grows through the nourishment of living truth. That is the experience of Father.

Just words which bring meanings to each of us at our own home base. :>)

Byron wrote at 10:10pm

Bravo, Mer on the funding! If you don’t mind, can you share what Gabriel had to say to you? Rare to hear from him compared to the others …

Significant, I think, that Machiventa affirmed the Scalzo document through Daniel Raphael. Makes me what to study it now.

BTW, it was Timothy Wyllie who first published the story of the Toronto transmissions on the adjudication, in his very first book.

Love B

PS Hey everyone, I just extracted the full outline of my book, which is nearing completion. Elianne has started the edit on the opening chapters.

enc: Your Evolving Soul The Cosmic Spirituality of the Urantia Revelation

Preface Introduction


Chapter 1. Soul Glimpses: Poetic and Paranormal John Keats and the “Vale of Soul-Making” Paranormal Revelations of the Soul NDE Life Reviews: Nonjudgmental and Multiperspectival

INTERLUDE: AN APOLOGIA The Co-creation of a Revelation An Outline of the Origin Story

Chapter 2. The Grand Cosmos: A Universal Theater for Soul Evolution A Unified Stream of Guidance and Ministry The Personal Heart of Cosmic Reality The Eternal Trinity and the Origin of Evolution The Trinity in Time and Space An Anatomy of the “Universe of Universes” Heading Toward the Final Act


Chapter 3: The Synthesis Hypothesis The Gift of Evolutionary Holism A Proper Design for Soul-Synthesis Toward a Reinvention of Evolutionary Theism Exploring the God of Experience The Drama of the Evolving Soul The Ultimate Destiny of the Soul

Chapter 4: Cosmic Individuation: The “Circles” of Self-Perfecting The Seven Circles of Cosmic Individuation Jesus and the Two “Axes” of Self-Perfecting The “Vertical” Growth of Value-Consciousness Quantitative Growth through Seasoned Experience [incomplete] A Bigger Picture of Our Destiny The Goal of Perfection in the Afterlife


Chapter 5: Early Beliefs About Self and Soul The Invention of the Soul in Primitive Religion Self and Soul in the Ancient Near East Soul and Spirit in the Classic Western Religions Aristotle’s Monistic Concept of the Soul The Question of the Indestructibility of the Soul Aquinas on the “Aristotelian” Self Saint Augustine and the Human Soul

Chapter 6: Gnosticism, Eastern Christianity, and the The Urantia Book Gnosticism and Christian Heterodoxy Gnostic Myth and The Urantia Book’s Alternative History Conflicting Gospels: Orthodox John Versus Gnostic Thomas Eastern Christianity and Divinization Postscript: Asian Ideas of Self and Soul

Chapter 7: Self and Soul in Modernity and Beyond

Modernism and Its Discontents The Coming of the Integral Age The Core Contributions of Ken Wilber


Ch 7: The Nature of Personality Reality The Ancient and Modern Critique of Personhood Unique Self and the Riddle of Personhood A Closer Look at Unique Self and Personality Revisioning Personhood with the Urantia Revelation

Ch 8: The Gift of the Divine Indwelling A Grand Meeting of Opposites Naming the Inner Divinity The Inner Betrothal Day Divine Will Is Yoked to Human Will Following the Divine Ideal Opening to Inner Light

Ch 9 [Conclusions]

January 9, 2017

Mer wrote at 11:04am

Thought you might all be interested in the perspectives shared below by the Christ Experiment...I thought it well written.


Forwarded Message -----

From: "" <> To: Sent: Monday, January 9, 2017 2:05 AM Subject: Email Alert

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

Today we posted the following items. You can find a link to each item on the Update Page.

1 new Question and Response: What Should We Be Doing In Response To The Unity Document?

And as always, we welcome your comments and questions.

Your Brothers in Faith,

February 3, 2017

Carolyn Hidalgo wrote February 3, 2017 at 2:43pm Hi Rob,

My friend Vicki forwarded this document. I am not connected to any of these organizations, but apparently there’s been a lot of ‘disunity’ over the years?

It’s disheartening to put it mildly that with such an incredible source of Revelation that people cannot find a way to come together for discussion when the principles in the text are about UNITY!

It’s hard to imagine a ‘spiritual source’ that would threaten, or give deadlines…and remain anonymous, but I suppose in this antagonistic environment it isn't safe to publish your name.

Would you be willing to share your thoughts on why there’s such disunity (& to me what seems like dysfunction) among those who’ve been drawn to read the Urantia Book? Do you believe its even possible to unite these 3 groups? I would think the group that is the most trustworthy would attract the most followers, but perhaps no organization can effectively ‘rule’ over a document that belongs to everyone’s interpretation, and there should be no group assuming control over it. No one group controls the Bible, why this one?

So much divide now with Trump that this situation just seems to mirror what goes on within the UB community too. How can we move forward with this level of disconnection among the "spiritually conscious"? I’ve been told it’s the ‘perfect storm’.

I was a bit ’taken aback’ that this was sent out on my birthday — Sept 28th...


Carolyn Hidalgo, CPCC

February 4, 2017

Rob wrote February 4, 2017 at 7:05pm

Hello Carolyn -

Thank you for writing!

Yes, first and before the Urantia Book was published, there was the “Sherman Rebellion”, then after publication there was the contest over copyright, and more recently the attempt to exclude persons on the basis of their spiritual experience. Needless to say, it has been a "hard row to hoe”.

One must recall that in the early phase of planetary evolution (post Planetary Prince) “the different tribes tend to develop specialized systems of religious and philosophic thought” that feature both “the early fears of primitive men and the later revelations” and “Urantians do not seem to have wholly emerged from this stage”. Is it possible to grow beyond these early phases characterized by antagonistic competition? Of course, but due to the deprivations suffered already, it will require much more effort on everyone’s part, human and divine, to surmount these normal evolutionary hurdles.

The divide seen as a “perfect storm” could also be viewed as a perfect polarity affording sharply defined options to simplify choices necessary to proceed. How to move forward? Each has their own context of choosing in which to work, and as each does the will of God e.g. sharing the inner life with Him in the face of decision making, the way becomes clear. Indeed, “as moves the part, so moves the whole.”

Press on,


February 5, 2017

Carolyn Hildalgo wrote February 5, 2017 at 7:33pm

Thank you Rob for providing your thoughts - always insightful : )

I asked Chris if he would ask his teachers Ophelius & the circle of 7, and they responded in today’s message: (also here)


Carolyn Hidalgo, CPCC

February 13, 2017

George Barnard sent on February 13 at 7:14AM

This letter dated January 5, 2017:

Some few months ago a 25 page paper was brought to my attention. It read: Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation and Reuniting Factions by a Method Adjudged by the Conciliating Commission Sojourning on Urantia.

The writing was signed by Mr. Nicholas W. Scalzo, 51 Ironworks Road, Clinton, CT USA . . . and wait for it . . . there are other contributors who must remain anonymous.

These anonymous contributors cannot possibly be the Conciliating Commision of divine persons, Melchizedeks or Celestial Teachers of any kind, for Mr. Scalzo is hardly known to be a receiver of celestial messages. Moreover, had the writing been a message from On High, it would have been short, to the point and not have included the distinct unholy threat noted here directly below:

Caution: If you are a reader of The Urantia Book and believe that the mandates and instructions of the Revelatory Commission that were given to us many years ago do not apply in the present day to you or to your organization, and that these mandates are ‘old news’ and for ‘others long ago.’ STOP! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Lest you must need answer for your decisions.

Expressed and implied those words constitute a vaguely worded, although absolute threat. The Father does not threaten, Michael does not threaten and other Celestials do not threaten . . . never ever! So, by what ‘authority’ does Mr. Scalzo and his band of well-meaning contributors threaten the many thousands of recipients of the daily 11:11 Progress Group Lists messages and our thousands of regular readers of the Urantia Papers ?

Additionally to the earlier threat, should only two of the three ‘main’ Urantia Organizations be prepared to merge, all three will be ‘taken to task.’ (freely worded)

Oops, additionally to yet another threat, there too goes down the gurgler our sacred human free will !

However, in this total forget-all-other-organizations of Mr. Scalzo’s suggestions, both the Teaching Mission and the 11:11 Progress Group – being decidedly a part of the Urantia Global Awakening, and most certainly of great importance regarding additional new and still future revelatory information – have been brushed aside as having their origin on some alien planet, whilst they are today’s organizations that have ongoing contact with their Thought Adjusters, Christ Michael, Mother Spirit, The Damascus Scribe, Machiventa Melchizedek, Midwayers and former human Teachers.

Strangely, in absolute contrast to the present suggestions of Mr. Scalzo, the 11:11 Progress Group was given Machiventa’s direct order in 2003 to break with the Teaching Mission, to go it alone, and to see both organizations grow at a rate that would make them both proud.

Our Urantia Book readers need to know why our Celestial Brothers must first of all threaten our UB readers and secondly rob us of our God-given free will, for we have 11:11 Progress Group members in two of the three Urantia Revelationary Organizations you named.

God bless you for trying . . .

George Barnard – 11.11 Publishers Pty Limited, Australia.