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Among the many objections to Daniel Raphael's work are:

  • 1. He cites academic authority using a bogus Ph.D.
  • 2. His work parrots Neo Conservative US foreign policy. NEC 7NEC 8
  • 3. He cites the Rothschild family as a model of social sustainability. NEC 9
  • 4. He has spiritual beings citing the amorality of their protocols.NEC 20

Rob wrote at 9:03 4/6/17

As there is virtually no discussion of Daniel's work outside his own intimate circle of 'believers', it is recorded here the following issues found in this record.

3.3 - Why would one so familiar with the human condition "chide the 95% of mortals who fear change"? Rather than being unfortunate, it is the Creators' design of providing the resistance of material inertia to be overcome by advancing spiritualization that is fostered by inspiring faith not heaping more fear or shame upon any who carry this burden.

3.4 - Machiventa's "second point" paraphrased by the transcriber praises those presenting transcripts "as is" rather than adding personal interpretations". This suggests that the use of language symbols entails anything other than 'interpretation'. Of course, this is but an example of biblical inerrancy operating in a post-modern era.

3.5 - Liz Cratty asks why there are so few TR's and what will they do when Daniel retires. The record indicates that persons in the Teaching Mission were dismissed after receiving the intended instruction so they might function as teachers in their own right just as Ham announced in his 1992 address to the Urantia Brotherhood.

3.6 - "The last Melchizedek School was in 2011". Of course, what is referred to here is Daniel Raphael's proprietary 'interpretation' of Melchizedek Schools that are always functioning wherever they are needed.

Then in the section on the possibility of Civil War occurring in the United States, he uses an analogy of how democracy is destroyed by revolution "much as virginity is ruined through the ecstasy of coupling". Seems an analogy that suggests the dark age of puritanical fear.