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The Teaching Mission

While each participant will have a different description of this world-wide Teaching Mission, essentially, it is an avenue of personal spiritual experience. Individuals, in their private devotions may experience contact with supermortal guides, or "teachers” who are advanced enough in their own spiritual growth and cosmic evolution to be a lofty inspiration to us, and yet, they remain greatly empathetic and supportive of our personal struggles with soul growth.

We believe that there are a host of intelligent, loving, celestial agencies ministering to our world. One such group of celestial beings who work together for humanity's spiritual progress call themselves teachers of the Teaching Mission or the Correcting Time. The Correcting Time is said to encompass roughly the next millennium of human history, a time for correcting the consequences of calamities and deprivations of the past, and preparation for an era of heightened spiritual progress in the future--the era of Light and Life on Earth.

Historical Background

In 1984, formal contact with a group of persons began in New Zealand where the biblical personality known as Abraham began acting as a group teacher. By the late 1980’s, additional celestial teachers were found contacting groups in the United States who, unlike the New Zealand group, were all Urantia Book readers.

The record suggests that the contact with a group in Utah by the teacher Ham was among the first, and afterwards grew into a network of small groups in the United States and eventually throughout the world. Typically, these were characterized by the study of The Urantia Book as a basic text.

In early 1992, the teacher Ham made an announcement to the General Council of the Urantia Brotherhood, then the only organization sponsoring study of the Urantia text. In this meeting on February 1, 1992 in Los Angeles, California in advance of a general conference of the Urantia Brotherhood, Ham described the Teaching Mission as follows:

1) The initiation and expansion of the Teacher Corps to as many would desire to receive personal instruction. The mortals brought under their teaching and guidance will become teachers themselves, as themselves, not in an intermediary position as is the ‘transmitter’ tonight. Spiritual enlightenment on individual, group, national, and planetary scale is anticipated.

2) Along with the spiritual uplifting, we anticipate and desire cooperation in other areas of human life endeavor as well, chiefly economic, political, social, environmental, and technical changes.

3) The third aspect of our Teaching Mission is preparation for an even greater Teacher. Michael has prepared the way. We are expanding the way. A Teacher Son will complete the way toward Light and Life on Urantia.

While this announcement was met with skepticism it was described by Teaching Mission participants who were present as a “great success”. Nearly another decade of lessons were received before further announcements of the inauguration of what the Urantia text describes as a Magisterial Mission was to occur that may correspond to the second phase cited in Ham’s announcement and alluded to in one of his early lessons.

The following collection is offered to the public simply as evidence, that at best, points to a greater body of teaching yet to be received, but available to any who would make the time required to learn to recognize the still, small voice within.

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