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Rob wrote Warren: Wed. May 14, 2014 at 9:35amCT

Hello Warren-

It was good talking with you yesterday, and I appreciate your desire to make a distinction between the Teaching Mission group begun in Salt Lake City and those operating under the acronym TeaM. Toward that end, I have emended the record by replacing the name Salt Lake City TeaM with the name Salt Lake City Group in these pertinent lessons.

2005-02-21-Personal Meeting
2005-05-19-Emil, Mortal on Urantia 600 Yrs.
2005-08-21-Advent Of Circuitry Bonding
2005-08-28-Slipping Into Depression
2005-09-02-Depression Not On Mansion Worlds
2005-09-03-Why Are There Veils In Life
2005-09-10-We Begin A New Age
2005-10-09-Preparing For Service w/Planetary Prince & Magisterial Son
2005-12-08-Preparation For The Future
2005-12-11-Training For Times To Be
2005-12-20-The New Awareness
2006-01-01-Personal Changes Require Caution Not To Overdo
2006-01-04-Learning Energy Techniques
2006-12-03-Empowerment To You

While the name of the group is now Salt Lake City Group, I have retained the collection of these lessons under the category name Salt Lake City TeaM (appearing at bottom of the page) to preserve the intention I sense you have of seeing your lessons found as part of those gathered under the name Teaching Mission Dialogues while dissenting from use of the acronym TeaM for the Salt Lake City group.

Would you write a short essay that I could include in the group discussion page explaining to prospective readers of your sensitivities and thereby more fully represent the cultural diversity of participants in the Teaching Mission?



Warren wrote: May 14, 2014 at 12:50pmET

Hello, Rob.

I fully appreciate all you have done to honor my request.... as discussed between the two of us yesterday.

Your request for me to write this 'essay' is rather confusing to me and after spending significant time with Ham this morning.... I desire that you take this into your hands and act in my behalf.

As I spent the better part of an hour with my TC hour this morning, considering what I should do.... Ham came in and assured me that you were better equipped to take care of this.

He let me know that he will assist you here, if you desire.... and assured me that you and he had a most solid connection.

Rest assured that Ham has any and al information that you may require regarding this matter and any and all related issues.... as he and I worked together very closely during this time of breaking away from the Wood's Cross TeaM Group and forming this new group.

He reminded me of a communication that he imparted to me back in 2003, as we were in the process of breaking off from the Wood's Cross (Abraham) TeaM Group.

I had not read this transmission in well over 10 years and had consciously forgotten that such a communication even existed.

Feel free to post this entire transmission upon your website.... or glean those excerpts you choose to utilize, if any.

Also feel free to do any edits that you desire.

Until later, my friend and able co-worker.......


enc: Personal transmission

Marshall, my friend, this is Ham, your friend and guide along your spiritual path of progression. I am so pleased, even thrilled, my brother, to see that plans are in motion to begin a new Teaching Mission family group in your area. The individuals that have expressed a desire to reach into new areas of truth indeed have great talents and abilities to offer all involved. I am very excited about the great potential involved here, my friend. Know that this new group, breaking off from the core Wood's Cross TeaM Group, the first of such in this country, even on your planet, is a subject very close to my heart. As you know, I was their first teacher and although there were four individuals in New Zealand that began our conscious fraternization with the mortals of your planet, your Woods Cross group was the pioneer group of Urantia Book readers to embrace us.

My dear brother, the time is right for this branching out as you and others have perceived.

You did well to offer to keep this desired expansion within your core group of Abraham's students. You now know that most of those older core group members are not at this time prepared for such an abrupt expansion and reception of higher truth. Some of you within this group are growing more rapidly than others and your growing light of truth requires an enhanced format with greater opportunity to accept higher teachings and experiment with evolving intellectual and morontial/spiritual techniques and acquirements. You were correct and altogether perceptive in seeing this need and initiating the confrontation that has allowed all to proceed.

For some time now it has been evident that this break-off was inevitable as some have become quite capable T/Rs as well as learning healing techniques and other skills. The Saturday morning meetings have been a good training ground for such development and the time is ripe for this new formation as a number of you are clearly realizing. There are many possibilities here, Marshall, and your collective thoughts and ideas will need to be discussed and decisions made as to your individual and collective needs and desires. The idea of a get-together dinner and conference between those present will be all that is necessary to begin the process. All individuals involved are advanced enough to deal effectively with a compromise agreed upon by all.

Know that many unseen personalities, including myself and those teachers all mortals present have worked with, will be anxiously anticipating this get-together. At this time you can be assured that all present will have constructive input and be eager to arrive at an initial format that will provide a flexible foundation on which to construct higher truth and evolving realities.

Be considering what you truly desire, my friend, as you encourage all others to do the same. Your Thought Adjusters will let each know what it is that they need and desire. This will lead to very interesting times ahead, Marshall. Again, well done in instigating what you are each beginning to visualize. Carry on and call on me when you choose.

Until later.

Rob wrote: May 14, 2014 at 1:01pmCT

Hello Warren-

The suggestion to write a brief essay was just that as it isn't necessary. If you are satisfied with the changes implemented, we will let it stand as is. If further changes are needed in the future, we can always adjust accordingly.



Warren wrote: May 14, 2014 at 1:22pmET

I agree, Rob.

Well done.... and I am relieved to know that this was not a greatly time-consuming 'ordeal' for you.

I'd be more interested in knowing about this retreat center where you are evidently now residing.... if I correctly understood you yesterday.

I presume that the grounds and surrounding area are most beautiful and peaceful.

Thanks, again, Rob.......