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Jesus or Joshua ben Joseph, the prophet of Nazareth known also as Michael, the Creator Son of Nebadon.

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Ham: We have among us one who has walked this earth, who has lived and suffered in life as you have, who has borne trials and ease, disappointments and pleasure, songs, tears, laughter, melody, ugliness, beauty, despair and relief. He has personally sent His spirit presence to be with each person, for him to have complete understanding, and for each person to have complete comfort in that understanding. There is nothing you have suffered, experienced, borne, or forgiven which he has not done also with you. Although we worship our Father, we must not forget to revere our Brother/Father, for He is understandingly close to each of us as a brother by your side in times of trouble, in times of happiness, in grief and in love, His spirit presence is always near. We should not forget to acknowledge Him in grateful humility for this gift. At this time may we each offer Him a silent prayer. ................Amen. Nashville TeaM 6.17.1991

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