1992-08-10-Don't Worry Of Tomorrow

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Topic: Don't Worry Of Tomorrow

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



WELMEK: Greetings. I wish to send my love to all of you. I would like to talk briefly about tomorrow. Our Master said, fear not for tomorrow for there is enough in today to concern yourself with. It is important to think deeply on these words.



Many of you constantly think of what you can do tomorrow when time passes you by now. The longer you postpone your practices, your sincere practices, the longer you postpone what it is you seek. When the time comes during the day where you have decided to meditate, to worship, do your best not to let anything interfere with this. Do not think I can do this tomorrow for I am too tired now. For surely tomorrow will come, but no one knows exactly what it will bring. Start now, start today, to bring the spiritual light into focus. The Spirit Fragment longingly awaits your participation in the unfoldment of His grand plan.

Why do you postpone that which is inevitable? On the one hand you say you want happiness, you want to do the Father's will, you want to help in this mission, yet on the other hand you refuse to give the supreme dedication that you must in order to achieve these things. I am your teacher.


I have volunteered to serve on this planet in this time in this fashion. I know of your natures more now than when I first came. I understand the difficulty you have at times in fulfilling your commitment, but you must know that the most important thing in this life is for you to discover our Father. To feel Him in your being, to know Him in your mind and to love Him in your heart. All else will come to pass. By knowing the Father you will know yourself. You will know your brothers and sisters. You will have unraveled the greatest experience of material living.


Do not worry about tomorrow for our Master told you that His Father knows you have need of many things. The Father loves you and will provide for you. Make your decision, stand firm in your resolution and go forth now- today. Make this commitment. Burn it in your mind. Whatever you must do, do it. I am here to help. You only have to ask. It is my wish that you practice these things on a daily basis for if we are to grow as a group, there must be a cohesiveness that borders on the sublime. Your dedication must be parallel, your intellectual understanding will vary, you will not always agree on issues, but you must always agree on intent, on love, on dedication on seeking and doing His will. Michael has promised many things for those who wish to become involved in this mission, but in order to reap these benefits, you must first sow the seeds. You must cultivate them, you must water them, you must nurture them. The plant will surely grow, but only inch by inch. Be not impatient. Be not fretful about what tomorrow brings. Tend to your plant today and let tomorrow brings.


Go in peace. I love you all very much. Goodnight.