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As you grow proficient in practicing the presence of God, you will be able to bring his greater consciousness into all areas of you life in every moment. Here, what you find is simply joy. More and more, your mind is unburdened by the pressures, the worries, and small regrets of living. You experience peace that passes understanding as you infuse superconscious levels into your life. Furthermore, through this training be able to elevate your consciousness level at will. This, children, is the experience of actually living in higher planes of existence.

You realize that doing God's will is not so much a matter of his saying "you shall do this, go and do that", but that his will only exists in the now, and he will say "look at this beautiful opportunity", or "experience this beautiful person", or "experience this beauty and truth of my existence and of my manifestation". - Ham

For lessons on the topic of (the present) Moment, follow this link.

Patience is exercised by those mortals whose time units are short; true maturity transcends patience by a forbearance born of real understanding. To become mature is to live more intensely in the present, at the same time escaping from the limitations of the present. The plans of maturity, founded on past experience, are coming into being in the present in such manner as to enhance the values of the future.- A Mighty Messenger (118:1.6, 7)

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