2001-02-09-Making Choices

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Topic: Making Choices

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Unknown



Question: Would it be in Gary's highest and best good to write a God Letter at the center?

Answer: The answer to this question is no.

Question: Will I just KNOW what to do?

Answer: The answer to this question is yes.

Question: Were yesterday's cryptic messages for just one person?

Answer: There will always be those of my children who yearn for what they want believing, as children will, that what they want is synonymous with what they need. As you know this is most often not true when dealing with children. You beloved, are no more, no less, for you are my beloved child. I will not give you the vision to see those things you are not ready to see. For in doing so I would take away the greatest gift ever given you - that being your own free will choice. Remember always there is no right. There is no wrong. There is no good. There is no bad. The entire playing field offers opportunity and the means and ways the individual will grow and learn the most.

Question: May I ask you to send in my life partner, requesting that he identify himself to me… Will you do that Father so that I may focus on other things?

Answer: The answer to this question is yes.

Question: Father, I state my free will choice to know and recognize this person and not choose in haste. Will You, Father, assist me in this free will choice?

Answer: The answer to this question is not available at this time for reasons of my own. Trust and faith are to the individual child as fuel is to the automobile only it is more in line of power to that of a rocket ship. Often times, human free will intervention causes the fabric of harmony, justice, and need, to become distorted. That is all.

Question: Father I know you wish me to learn discernment. Have I learned what I need to understand regarding my life partner?

Answer: The answer to this question is no.

Question: Father, Have I discerned and understood the following correctly: I stand in the crossroad or cross current because of free-will choices made by others. My partner in this time on Urantia will identify himself to me and I will know.

Answer: Maybe. There is much on either side of the playing field with the power to either augment or diminish, take away from, and once again the vital fabric will be tempered or torn dependent upon the choices made. Always remember as I have spoken before of the power that resides within all of my children as it flows from faith and intention. That is all.

Question: Father I feel as if I were the understudy, is this accurate?

Question: The answer to this question is yes. Always are the answers of yes or no to be accepted with the caveat that human free will choice may turn either answer upside down. If you visualize a coin with yes on one side and no on the other side that is the analogy I would have you understand. There are no absolutes on the game board you stand upon.

Question: Father, is there something which You desire I know further at this time?

Answer: I would have you understand further that when asking or seeking yes/no answers in the fashion you often use, you truly would be as correct, as often as what comes through merely by flipping a coin. For on your world, as I have stated, there are no absolutes. Anything can be changed through the will or even whim of another. Do you understand? Have you understood the power of human free will choice on your world?

Michael and I conversed and I stopped typing. Essentially he asked again if I understood. I started crying. I said some things but primarily thought them - I said it is as if asking a child which outfit they want to wear… I thought - the child is suddenly paralyzed with indecision and asks what you want them to wear. It matters not because either choice is fine, but the child doesn't realize that. I finally said I was only beginning to understand free will - and then said, Father, we on this planet don't know HOW to choose. Then I conveyed some other thoughts and Father said I was like the very young child being taught to make choices.