2002-08-27-Ask For Us


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Topic: Ask For Us

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



Dr. Mendoza: "This is Dr. Mendoza. George, I do not have all night, or all morning, which is what it now is. I do believe you can trust the prompts you’re getting, so, go ahead and let it roll… smoothly.


"On occasions it is true that even though when one specifically asks for me, one of my brothers or sisters will attend instead, and will go about applying himself or herself to the physical or mental healing work that has been requested to be performed. And I emphatically state that it needs to be requested by someone – some person, somewhere, sometime – and preferably by another human.

"There are many Morontia Cherubim and others, who have studied the human physiology, as well as the functioning of the human mind, and who can make satisfactory diagnoses – of your not so serious diseases and ‘unassuming’ neuroses, fatal illnesses and ‘more pretentious’ mental problems of both genetic or acquired origin, and not forgetting accidents – so I can go in and repair what can be healed. And in many instances, when my personal attention is being requested, it is I who dutifully, and at short notice, front up to dispense with the chore at hand.

"It is also true that amongst the new members who have swelled our line-up (ranks), there are those who have likewise already accumulated much information about human physical and mental well-being locally, and they presently also go about their tasks of healing, as do I.

"As with us, every fiber of their scintillating being contains an abundance of experience, knowledge and wisdom, truth and love, and they will take with them much in extra-welcome know-how when they resume their delayed journey to Headquarters.


"I thank you for your recent requests and recommendations, and advise you that these, coming from you or from anyone else, are ever welcome with me. And although I cannot always guarantee success, I do want to hear of all opportunities for my potentially being of service, and when you want something done quickly, efficiently, painlessly and professionally."

George: "We routinely come looking for the medico who’s hardest at work, sure. I hear you, Doc."

Dr. Mendoza: "That is excellent advice. In these Correcting Times we can truly do so much more than ever before. Goodbye for today, brother. This is Dr. Mendoza."