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The human mind consists of three parts: that which is responsive to the signals of the body, the awareness of the senses, and this mind is directly connected to the next level of mind which is morontial or a blending of the material senses and the higher level of meaning. It is the mind which makes sense of all the information coming in, it is the mind which assigns meaning to perception. Above this mind is still another level of mind which is spiritual or quasi-spiritual. It is that level which perceives God at all times. When the senses perceive beauty, all three of those levels are functioning. When you perceive goodness, all three levels are functioning. When you respond to truth, in other words when facts that are perceived by the senses are organized with value and then enhanced with truth, all three levels are functioning.

The main job of human living is to not only open those mindal gates, but it is more. It is to live your life in direct response to that highest spiritual level which enhances all meaning and gives purpose and direction to all values.[1]

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The conscious level is like your home base. You can move above it into the superconscious realm of pure spiritual communion or below it into the realm of animal fear. This home base continues gradually to rise throughout your lifetime search for God. Increasingly does the mind grow through spirit identification so that this base expands as it rises into each new level.

The fruits of the spirit emerge from this process, and all of these are reflections of a balanced mind. Wisdom grows in this environment as a balanced mind is immune to the extremes which plague the immature levels of mind. So it is, maturity, wisdom, and a balanced mind are spiritual developments that are always attended by increasing joy. - Ham

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