2002-11-14-Forgive Yourself


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Topic: Forgive Yourself

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Unknown



Michael: “Why do you struggle to believe my words, that ‘You are Love’? You struggle against this belief because you have not forgiven yourself for your many supposed errors. Yes, you did make many unwise decisions in your lifetime whenever you acted without an appreciation of the consequences of your actions, yet you are now still retaining the guilt, for you continue to hold yourself accountable for a past inability to understand. That past is all behind us now.

“Long ago you placed a chain across the doorway to your happiness, and peace of mind remained exiled on the other side of that entryway. Loosen that chain, and know that you are not held accountable, as our Father keeps no records, for He always understood fully your inability to comprehend.

“As the one who appeared among you (Jesus), I brought you a valid truth, and the records still contain the evidence of the words I spoke; ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’. In truth, His mortal children rarely understand the errors in judgment they make. Today I ask you to leave behind all the slip-ups of your yesterdays, to begin this day anew by accepting that Love understands, for the Father understands.

Forgive yourself on this morning. Wash away all of the past with the simple thought that Father has completely forgiven you for all of your rash judgments. A new day is here, and the slate is clean.”