2003-01-22-No More Delays

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Topic: No More Delays

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: One Without Name and Number

TR: George Barnard



A Friend: "As you are aware, more than a few Paradise Beings have "made the descent" to your troubled world, and at this juncture of a potentially major conflagration. And with these arrivals, of course, the spiritual economy is experiencing these soon-to-be-more-widely-notable changes.

"This is your friend Without Name, Without Number, and it is to my delight that you so readily sensed my presence, my "earthy" brother, from among the entourage of creative Created Beings that accompany personalities such as myself, and who have long witnessed the steadfast approaches in the work you and others do, whilst requiring to perceive, or merely imagine, an inkling of the positive repercussions of such self-appointed tasks.


We, in our usual abode afar, marvel at your human observational capacities for your even noting the existence of an all-pervading spiritual realm. We, in our more regular state of being, and with our to-you-inconceivable level of intelligence, marvel at, wonder about, and even question how it could possibly be that you should all have such a convincing and tenacious grip on the concept that there is much more beyond physical expiration, even that life truly begins as you are translated to indwell a new body at your second port of call.

"With some envy in our hearts and minds, we view your human status of children of remarkable faith that allows you such greatly accelerated spiritual potentials from your standing starts at the gates of a most profitable journey of achievements, where everyone who so chooses can be 'the winning champion' in these universes' main events - to reach the Father 's embrace.

"Let me reiterate, my beloved children, that from our perspective only, the grass is not greener on our side, for we are ever instilled with a great wanderlust to personally experience those time/space events that can be your hurdles to overcome, your happy and exhilarating events to enjoy, the baffling problems you solve, and the exciting lives you live. "Be at ready to note my prompts, for your overworked 'Spirit Guardians' will always find the time, and they have not deserted you, my dearest brother.

"That Michael will keep you safe. That Nebadonia will keep you in Her embrace. That your Spirit Pals will always stay close at hand."


George: "And the question about the sleeping survivors?"

A Friend: "There are indeed no more delays. Those who live a commendable life are 'lifted away' and greeted no more or less kindly than those who squander their earthly lives, and therewith take away the lives of others, in their desperate and misguided search for peace by means of violence.


"I leave you now. You did well in receiving this, and I thank you for your time. I am your friend."

George: "Thank you. Please visit when you can, Friend."


Our question was about suicide bombers, and sleeping survivors. That question was earlier posed because of criticism of John Edward's work with the relatives and friends of the 'recently translated'.

It was made clear that Paradise Personalities like Those Without Name or Number need others of their kind to be around - must seemingly arrive here in groups in order to function well.