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  • 1. Pathology. a. The height or acme of a disease: cf. STATE n. 7 and STATION n. 6. Now rare or Obs.
b. Used (with the sense ‘state or condition) in many mod.L. combinations with adj., as status arthriticus, epilepticus, lymphaticus, nervosus: see Dorland's Illustr. Med. Dict. 1913. status asthmaticus, the condition of a patient during a prolonged severe asthmatic attack; also ellipt., = status epilepticus.
  • 2. a. Law. The legal standing or position of a person as determined by his membership of some class of persons legally enjoying certain rights or subject to certain limitations; condition in respect, e.g., of liberty or servitude, marriage or celibacy, infancy or majority.
b. In application to things.
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b. transf. of a thing.
b. Finance. A particular grouping of the conditions bearing on the continuance of an annuity.
c. Sc. Comm. Position (of a trader) in respect of solvency and credit. In quot. attrib.
  • 5. a. attrib. or as adj. That confers prestige on its possessor; having a high social status; superior.

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