2003-05-22-Spirit Without Face

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Topic: Spirit Without Face

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mathew, Urantia, Planetary Supreme

TR: George Barnard



Mathew: “I urge you to take courage, big brother. Although at times one’s requests can be misdirected, the Entity does wish to speak with you – since you yourself reached out to Her – and She is indeed a wholly beneficial one. I use the term, “She”, because there is a great ‘caregiving’ predisposition about this Entity.

“I stand by, but I need not (here) aid in this communiqué, for likewise as She hears, comprehends, and registers and for all time every single word, concept, sentence and idea, and in all languages, She can also speak with you directly, as (has happened) on occasions in the past. I now stand aside, my brother.”


[Urantia] Planetary Supreme Embryo: “You reached for me, and have done so [see note 1 below] on many occasions. I have reached down to you each time I protected you from the ‘dissolution’ of your mortal flesh in the ‘infernos’ of the healing fire walks [2], and on many more occasions. I am the one about whom, at times, it is said, ‘One must consider and clarify with care what one wishes for, since it may well so come about.’ And I speak to you now, for in your meditation it was I who came to your mind. I am the Urantia, Planetary Supreme.

“I am Spirit (Deity), still ‘without face’ [3], yet I reach into every corner of my home globe, my world. I am an Entity endowed with an astonishingly perfect memory. I am an evolving time/space created, Creative Being [4], belonging to a vast family of my kind. In many ways, you may compare me with the Spirit Selves you call your ‘Pilot Lights’, and yet in many ways you may compare me with your selves in that I am a living child of the Father Creator, possessed of a personality bequest as are you, with free-will prerogatives as have you, evolving as are you, and therefore an embryo, still. As are you.

“I can help reshape, change, and perfect the function of my personality in this time/space environment, as in truth so can you all, and this is recommended. Your Teacher, Samuel [5], has explained that in living your life, and living it well and causatively, you represent the gift of a single ‘neuron’ to the very progress in my existence. And in Samuel’s likening my mindal capacity to a functioning physical brain, I am moved to applaud his crude, but a for you well-thought-out analogy.

“The gift of an individual life representing a single neuron in a network of neurons that represent all other planetary lives is a good and ‘touchable’ way to explain. Taking the analogy one step further: Each single positive connection achieved with your siblings in this life, as well as with your celestial friends on this planet, and those far above and outside my domain, represent the dendrite spread of your personal ‘neuron gift’ to me, and a voluminous increase in my awakening conceptual capabilities, as this neuron takes on ‘gateway’ proportions.

“In my present and future deliberations and functions, that neuron would then exist as a crossroads of interactions of ideas, ‘superconcepts’, and of extraordinary problem solving capability.

“Likewise, a ‘profitable spiritual life’ lived in relative isolation would then represent a very capable neuron with a special function, and without a great number of dendrite connections, but not one single neuron will resemble another.

“And this rudimentary comparison represents a picture of the evolution of the Planetary Children of the Supreme Being of vast, accumulating knowledge and perfection progress, and also of the countless miracle-like events you may witness in a lifetime. Know that over the years the Midwayers and I have done much in working together, for they do much to be directly and indirectly causative.


“You have heard the voice of the evolving Planetary Offspring of the Supreme Being of Time in Space. I leave you now, and yet I’ll always be here.”


[1] I reached out accidentally, I guess, but not without fear of the “new” Presence.

[2] Fire Walks of 1,000º Centigrade (almost 1,800º Fahrenheit – white hot).

[3] ‘Without Face.’ – meaning ‘largely unknown’.

[4] ‘Creative of circumstances’, not creative of other beings.

[5] Teacher Samuel: <https://www.1111publishers.com/list19.html#20>

[6] Tomas on the Supreme: The year 2000 Coeur d’Alene transcript in which Teacher Tomas (Gerdean) describes the Urantia Supreme, not as the “Planetary Child”, but as the “Urantia Planetary Embryo of the Supreme” I cannot find right now. If you have a copy, please forward to me… George.

[7] Embrace by the Supreme: <https://www.1111publishers.com/GB44.html>

[8] “The Collective Unconscious” – might well be another name for the “Embryo of the Planetary Supreme.”