2003-12-08-The Gift of Life


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Topic: The Gift of Life

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Char

TR: Sandy Montee



Char: "Good evening everyone. This is Midwayer Char. I am here to greet you all on this cold winter’s night in the mountains of North Idaho. Let us give tribute to Christ Michael in this season of celebration and holidays.


"It is a time to share with our fellow comrades and to see the delight of the children as they dream of gifts of dolls and toy trucks. A time of friendly greetings of ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year,’ and more than usual smiles on the faces of everyone you meet.

The gift of life also extends to the many who donate the ultimate gift of body organs to give hope to the brother or sister who could not continue to live without a new heart, liver, or kidney. It seems one person’s sorrow of losing a loved one in death is another person’s hope for life.

"This hits close to home for this receiver, who is praying for such a miracle. A son-in-law who has lain in a hospital bed for six weeks already, has been close to death many times, and his time is running out without a liver transplant being available.

"A family holds onto each other, and prays only for Gods Will to be done. A wife and two sons are counting their blessings for the close love they have been able to share. For them it will be a Christmas where the biggest and best gift of all will be that they are together.

"I have been here with Sandy and her family, constantly, during these past weeks and have watched as they give each other unconditional love. I have witnessed the many heartaches and tears when this man seems so close to death, and the laughter and happy tears when he rallies again to fight for his life.

"Christ Michael paid this man a visit when he was in a coma, and he now knows where he is going if he is to leave this life, still a young man.


"That decision is up to God. Keeping our faith is up to us."