2004-01-29-Proclamation, VII


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Topic: Proclamation VII

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Unknown



"This is a momentous broadcast from Salvington. In the interest of all assembled hosts of heaven, we bid you welcome at this celestial broadcast.

"Present are innumerable hosts to witness this auspicious occasion of the institution of the first official broadcast to Urantia. The time has come to officially pronounce that the Lucifer Rebellion has ended and the adjudication has now been completed. With the help of you mortals, we now set ourselves to the task of helping Urantia and her sister planets onto the path to Light and Life by eliminating the remaining causes and effects of the rebellion.

"It is with great joy and satisfaction that we see mortals awakening to this task, going about the assignment of self-correction, and, through the lessons of the Teachers, facilitating this correction in others.

"Bear in mind that this is only the very beginning of the Correcting Time. We ask all of you to have faith and trust, and to persevere. It is a momentous undertaking but not an impossible one. We shall all stand together for the Father’s sake, because his Will is being done.

"Be aware of coming changes, but let none of these unduly alarm you, for the old needs to pass away in order for the new to arrive, and we will be with you and of assistance in your tasks. We are most grateful for your dedication to be about the Father’s, and Michael’s business.

"This is Michael’s Mission to redeem the planet of His terminal Bestowal. He is in charge and stands shoulder to shoulder with you all, as you go about ‘doing good’ and manifesting the fruits of the Spirit.

"Each of you will know what needs to be done, and if not, turn within to the Guidance of your Mystery Monitors, who unerringly lead you God-ward. These are stirring times for the planets and even for the system and the universe itself. Be reminded that God loves you, as you are all His children. We pledge our co-operation, as you pledge yours."

"Your faith will grow exponentially in these stirring times. Stay focused at all times. [A sudden break] This is a time of cleansing." [Now there is a sudden, huge surge of energy].

"This is Gabriel. We wish to thank all the participants in this, the Correcting Time."


Note: Clear Channel is an improved method of celestial/human communication through newly installed circuitry.