1991-07-22-Lucifer Adjudication Fall 1985

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Topic: Lucifer Adjudication-Fall 1985

Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM


Teacher: Bertrand

TR: Unknown


[Lesson on The Paradise Trinity ]7/22/92


I am Bertrand. I am your teacher. I welcome you again to our class and wish to express my joy at being here once again with my friends. . . . . The lesson this evening involves the Paradise Trinity.



Back in eternity, the Paradise Trinity came into being as the will of the Father. It is comprised of the Universal Father, the Paradise Son and the Infinite Spirit. But while it includes these individuals, it is something different. On a mortal level it is akin to the unification of three individuals for some stated purpose. The unity of those three individuals acting as one, is something more than and something different than the summation of the parts.

So it is with the Paradise Trinity. As you proceed toward the Father, your knowledge of the Paradise Trinity will expand. As a mortal of the realm, it is very difficult to see any particular outworking of this Trinity. So, at least for the time being, it must remain more or less an intellectual concept. The analogy that is put forth in The Urantia Book adequately describes how the three persons of Deity function both individually and as a unit when it talks about the reference to being a corporation. The Paradise Trinity functions on the absolute levels of reality. They function as the first Trinity.

It is projected that eventually there will be Experiential Trinity comprised of the Supreme, the Creator Sons and the Master Universe Controllers. A third Trinity will be a Trinity comprised of the Ultimates and it is conjectured that even these three Trinities may at some time in the far distant future, beyond the Grand Universe age, that they themselves will form a Trinity of undisclosed duty. This concept of trinitization of God the Father,the Son and the Spirit, while functioning individually in the universe, coming together to occupy a single entity is even difficult for my understanding. It is difficult to understand the ultimate goal of the functioning. So if your understanding level is not to your need, be patient. In time, and in this case I'm speaking of aeons, it will become clear to both you and I. I thank you for your patience with me and my presentation.

It is a difficult concept. I will now take questions.


[Your Interactions With Reality Become Supreme Revelations]7/2292

STUDENT: Good evening and welcome to you tonight. I think we're all aware, that as finite our minds are very circumspect and extremely limited. You mentioned that as we progress in our journey Paradiseward, that our knowledge would be expanded in terms of the trinity. I was reading in The Urantia Book that as one ascends Paradiseward, he will many times experience astonishment at successive revelations and unexpected discoveries of trinity, supremacy, and ultimacy, if not of the absoluteness. My question would be, how would this trinity of supremacy and ultimacy and absoluteness manifest itself to us as our minds expand cosmically? Would there be some type of revelation?

BERTRAND My friend, words to not exist for which I can express how these revelations of God the Supreme is made manifest to your ascendant mind. I can say that they will be associated with your interaction, they will be revealed through your interaction with other personalities. In your ascension career, most of your experience, experience that is necessary to proceed, is gained from your inter-association, working with and working for other ascendant mortal beings. And it is through this intimate association that certain aspects of the Paradise Trinity will be revealed. That's the best I can do.

STUDENT: Thank you. . . . .

STUDENT: Our study group, recently, in the last three months studied the trinity paper. And what I got out of it was that...let's see if I've got it....the Father and Son and the Spirit when they function as the trinity it's like they're a corporation; but, there are times when they don't function as that corporation even though they're all three together, figuratively of course.


STUDENT: And they can function independently and individually also, theoretically. Like for instance, the Thought Adjuster is a function solely given of the Father, the First Source and Center.

BERTRAND: Correct.

STUDENT: We were laughing about it because we said that the trinity could go play golf as a corporation and they could be like three different cards, three different players. But, in that capacity they'd be individuals.

BERTRAND: Yes, they would be. But, if the three of them made a decree or mandate, or decided the direction for the corporation, in that case they would be acting as the trinity. If each one were making decisions about his particular department, they would be acting individually.

STUDENT: So, if they talked about the Trinity, they'd get a "write-off", right?

STUDENT: Veronica....that's a bad attempt at finite humor, Bertrand!!

BERTRAND: I think I understand what you mean. . . . .

STUDENT: I'm trying to come to the most simple terms in understanding this. If there was a simple way to explain the function of the Father, the Son and the Spirit, I believe I recall that the Son's function is the expression of the Father's personality?

BERTRAND: The Son is the perfect personality pattern.

STUDENT: The Spirit is the acting out of the Son and the Father's will?

BERTRAND: The God of action, yes.

STUDENT: Okay. How about the Father, then?

BERTRAND: The Father is active throughout the universe in many ways. Separately, and in conjunction with either, or all of his associates of Deity. Can you be more specific?

STUDENT: No. I can't. I guess I'm just trying to put a simple word on something that is not simple to explain.

BERTRAND: God functions within the universe individually, for instance, through the Thought Adjuster. That is a singular, one only function. The Paradise Son and the Infinite Spirit, neither are participants in that function of the Universal Father. The Son, in his functioning in the universe, is both in conjunction with the Father and individually. The Paradise Infinite Spirit functions individually and in association with both the Father and the Son. And they function as a unified entity in the form of the Paradise Trinity. Perhaps the analogy of a town mayor, or a city mayor, a city council, Chief of Police. They function individually, but occasionally, they form a unit and function as a whole. Sometimes with some level of . ....one moment......I'm sorry for the delay....proceed.

STUDENT: I have one more clarifying question about that, the concept of the town, using that as our analogy. When they are representational of the town or the city, then that is analogous to them being the Trinity. The combination of the three.


STUDENT: But, when they're in their individual roles, they're not. That's not a trinity function. That's just them.

BERTRAND: They're just functioning in their office.

STUDENT: Yeah, in their office. . . . .


[Why The Transmission of Lessons Sometimes Need Correction]7/22/92

. . . because of the imperfectness of the transmitter-receiver human mortal, that not only I, but other teachers must use in order for this teaching mission to exist in the realms of men, errors can do occur in the information that is imparted. If the error is significant, it is corrected. If it is only a minor point, you may bring it up. Or if it is a major point, that you have on your own discovered, please inform me and we will correct. Sometimes, at the time of the imparting of the message, if there is a inconsistency or an error I will correct it. If all transmissions were absolutely perfect, you would cease to be agondonters.

Faith, as you know, is one of the master keys to the kingdom. Having faith is essential to our mission. Some who hear these words, will not believe, but we have no power over free will choice, and it is up to them to make up their own mind, their own heart with respect to this mission. Yes, it would be possible to share my messages, but understand that because they are transmitted through a mortal of the realm, there is room for error. Is that understood? . . . .

[How Teacher’s Perceive Us]7/22/92

STUDENT : . . . I have one other question. Is a person's Thought Adjuster able to communicate with you and, if yes, is that a practice? Will you get to know me through what I say or what you observe here tonight, or is my Thought Adjuster giving you some of my thoughts?

BERTRAND: I perceive you by your words, by your spirit luminosity, and by the actions of your Thought Adjuster...all three. As far as communicating with your Thought Adjuster, sometimes, that occurs. Yes.

Urantia Book

[Teacher Lessons Illuminate The Urantia Book]7/22/92

It is not my intent to check up on my students to see that they prepare for a lesson. It is helpful for you to investigate our topic ahead of time, in so much as it helps you to prepare questions. My lessons, I should rephrase that. My translation of lessons prepared by Machiventa Melchizedek are designed to illuminate to your minds more fully the information that is contained in The Urantia Book. Do not ever feel pressured to "study ahead", if you will. Your participation in the class is all that is required.

Lucifer Rebellion, Judgment

[Bertrand: Lucifer Adjudication Took Place Fall of 1985]7/22/92

STUDENT: Could you tell us what the actual date of the adjudication was?

BERTRAND: I can tell you it was in the fall of 1985, generally. Because of the universe time differences, it is difficult to establish a specific date.

[We Had To Wait For A T/R and Support Group To Announce Adjudication]7/22/92

STUDENT: Was there a reason then that the announcement was held off for a few years?

BERTRAND: Yes. We were awaiting an appropriate transmitter-receiver to come on line with an appropriate support group to be able to impart that information. It was not done for any other reason.


[Celestial Artisan Assignment]7/22/92

STUDENT : I was listening to Ham's lesson on creativity, on the Infinite Spirit and creativity, and being a person that enjoys creating, I was really excited to hear that there is the possibility on the mansion worlds of being creative there also. But, in the lesson it said to really "get on the ball" here and use your creative things. I'm curious. On the mansion worlds, are there actual morontial materials to work with like paint brushes and canvases, material for quilting, instruments for making music? Is that the kind of creativity that will take place on the mansion worlds also?

BERTRAND: You will be afforded opportunity to be assigned to numerous different creative groups of your own choosing. The celestial artisans have many, many different facets, only a few of which you are able to participate in here on Urantia. There are many creative avenues available to you on the morontia worlds that are wholly beyond your ability to conceive. But, yet, will be incredibly exciting, full of adventure, joy and personal achievement. Music, yes. Art, yes. Of all kinds. Many that you have no concept for here. And art will extend, not only within the level of pure art, but into functional areas as well, which you perhaps call kinetic art. Into areas of design. Perhaps you would enjoy an assignment with the Life Carriers, involving design and adornment of planetary creatures. So you see there many levels of expression that you have available to you.

Mansion Worlds

[Exchange About Bertrand’s Morontia Appearance]7/22/92

STUDENT: Bertrand, could you physically describe yourself?

BERTRAND: My body is of morontia material. It is somewhat larger than David's. The exact material is impossible for me to portray. I'm sorry James does not have words to describe my form, other than to say, it is similar to yours in shape.

STUDENT: Do you have hair?

BERTRAND: Yes and no.

STUDENT: . . . Do you occupy space or do you displace space?

BERTRAND: I occupy space, I do not displace it. Your body displaces.

STUDENT: Do you wear clothes?

BERTRAND: Morontia clothes, yes. I have what you would call a robe on at this time. Tied around the middle.

STUDENT: What color is it?

BERTRAND: It is light.

STUDENT: Does that mean light, light?

BERTRAND Light as in light. Shining light.

STUDENT: Is that for embellishment or does that have to do with the temperature? Do you wear clothes for warmth at all?

BERTRAND It is custom.

STUDENT When you travel here from the Mariposa Grove, how do you get here?

BERTRAND: I am there and then I am here. The traversal of space is not quite instantaneous, but close.

STUDENT: Do you have any need for hands and feet? Especially hands? Do you do things with your hands?

BERTRAND: I have appendages, yes. I use them, yes.

STUDENT: Do you use them to eat?


STUDENT: You told us that you have been married and had children. Do you actually remember your wife and your children? Do you remember performing your work as a civil engineer, or was this something that you looked up about yourself afterwards?

BERTRAND: Yes, I remember. It is part of my permanent knowledge. I remember, know, continue to know my children, my wife and I know of my earthy career in so much as it had universe value. Some of it I do not remember, but a great deal of it I do. Yes.

STUDENT: Was your planet farther advanced, spiritually, than ours?

BERTRAND Only slightly ahead.

STUDENT: It had not attained light and life as yet?

BERTRAND: No. But it had not gone through a default. . . . .

STUDENT: How old were you when you died?

BERTRAND: Approximately 312 of your years. Our year was slightly longer. Therefore, in our years it was slightly less.

STUDENT: Do you know what you died of?

BERTRAND: In your terminology, it would be natural causes.

STUDENT: Bertrand, I hope you don't find these questions too mundane. We sure find them very interesting and we certainly appreciate you answering these questions for us.

BERTRAND: I enjoy speaking of small issues and large.


[Bertrand: I Trained 1,000 Years For This Mission]7/22/92

STUDENT: How long did you train for this mission?

BERTRAND: Approximately 1,000 years.

STUDENT: Bertrand, did you arrive on the mansion worlds on Mansion World #1?

BERTRAND: Yes, one.

STUDENT: Were Andon and Fonta there to greet you or is that only people from Urantia?

BERTRAND: I know of them. I have not personally met them. They are your greeters when you arrive on the Mansion Worlds.


[Are Teaching Groups Trained Differently? Answer: Yes]7/22/92

STUDENT: Bertrand, is there a set lesson plan for all of the teaching groups or are the lessons individualized for specific groups? In other words, will we be getting a lot of the lessons that the Ham group has gotten, or are there going to be other different lessons for us?

BERTRAND: They are definitely individualized for each group, yes.

Session 2

[How Do We Recognize Brotherhood?]7/28/92



Our lesson this evening concerns Brotherhood. How do we recognize Brotherhood? In your daily life as you meet, work, play and enjoy the companionship of others, you are experiencing the first levels of brotherhood. As you continue your relationships over time, you begin to experience a love for your brothers and your sisters that is deeper and broader and higher than mere association. As your relationship progresses further, you begin to realize with each other that you have a common parent--that parent being the Universal Father of all. It is this realization that will begin to bring lasting peace to this strife-torn planet.

When our Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus of Nazareth lived on your planet, he, through his teaching to man concerning God as being our Heavenly Father and that we are all indeed his sons and daughters, inaugurated a new concept of brotherhood. That concept being brotherhood predicated on a common parent. Think back to your own childhood; think back to your experience with your own brothers and sisters; think of the different relationship that you experienced with them as opposed to with your friends. You can feel it. You can feel the difference. And the difference, at that level was because of your common parent.

As you now have children of your own, each of you, your children are experiencing that same concept. The job we all have with our children is to shift ourselves aside and have our children learn that they also have a common parent with us. Our Father looks upon us as his children and if that is so, then we are indeed brothers and sisters. Think also back to your childhood; some of you may have had a brother or sister who tormented you or who you didn't get along well with. The same thing occurs in adult life, but it in no way lessens the fact that they are our brother or sister. This understanding of the power of this concept of brotherhood has almost magical, unifying power. When you feel that feeling of brotherhood, you understand individually how difficult it would be to experience any sort of transgression with that person. The same thing will be true of races, nations, the whole planet. You have had unfortunate mishaps placed upon you on Urantia. They can all be reversed, in the twinkling of an eye, if universal brotherhood and sisterhood was realized.

Love your brother as yourself. Practice the golden rule. Look upon your neighbor as your true sibling with the common parent, the Eternal Father. This coming week, you would do well to try an experience this feeling of brotherhood with those you meet. Try it. You will be surprised at the outcome. Michael of Nebadon is also our brother. And you, on this lowly sphere of Urantia, have that special experience of being able to call Him your brother in the flesh. Do you realize the power of that; do you realize the significance of His presence here? That is my lesson for this evening. Thank you. Are there any questions?


STUDENT: Bertrand, last week we asked you how many years it took you to prepare for this teaching, and you said "1000 years". Was that your time, or was that earth time.

BERTRAND: Your time, yes.

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