2005-01-29-A Lesson on Linking Up

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Topic: A Lesson on Linking Up

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Perhaps it would do us a great deal of good to discuss the term linking up.


This linking up can be done on different levels, for example, materially by telephone, fax, or computer, by the written word, or meeting someone in person. It can be done by joining a group, or by going to meet someone. The possibilities are endless. Another way would be to link up mentally. This is at times easier than you think, especially when meeting an old friend you have not seen for a long time. You will find the years just falling away, and you can pick up were you left off as if it were yesterday, because a bonding once happened which remains solid. This is the linking up on which true friendships are based. You may have a wonderful get-together, and catch up on the times in between. Then, sooner or later, the discovery may happen that one has grown more than the other, and a sort of cooling off occurs. Perhaps the opposite effect is true, because you have come even closer than before. Also, mind-links can be established if one develops a psychic openness therefore.

“There exists a natural propensity for certain groups to come together because of their belonging to a specific fraternity. A common interest or a vision can be brought into manifestation, for example peace, or the grounding of movements for democracy and true justice. A common goal helps people to bond, and when such a movement grows, it links up with other groups, and so the ideal of it becoming a reality comes closer to manifestation. By working together, different bonding and link-ups occur, and life-long friendships may be formed. The associations of such bonding are often carried on in the hereafter, as teamwork is the watchword of the universe. It is in learning to cooperate that results improve to become exponential, and to far outweigh the few successes of the lone contributor. Sooner or later a networking is established, and the group expands to take on greater and more varied experiential tasks.

“Let us now speak about another level of bonding. The previous one has already the component of heart-to-heart bonding, because of the love for a common goal for always the best and the highest way in any circumstance to bring an ideal into reality, so that all of humanity can benefit. This is truly the purpose of such groups -- to work for the upliftment of the planet. The other bonding I would speak about is that of soul bonding, where religious differences fall away and everyone accepts the other as a beloved child from the one Creator you all share. This is a bonding for all eternity, for as you go on, having opened your minds to that possibility here on earth, you will find innumerable other souls from other planets in other solar systems to bond with when you meet up in the common gathering field on the sea of glass. It is wonderful when you, by your free will, expand your mind and allow yourselves to be opened up to greater and greater possibilities of discovery and bonding. Sooner or later you will find that the universe is a truly friendly place, where there is nothing to fear, or hide from.

“Lastly, we come to the most important bonding of all, your free-will linking up to the All That Is. For the eternal architect and upholder of all creation is everywhere present, so you only have to go inside yourselves into the Stillness of your heart, and once you discover this omnipresence, you will want to develop this bonding from your side, so you can establish this linking up at any time and commune with that Spark of God within. You can ask It questions, and answers may come almost instantly, like an insight through which things become much clearer. You will discover many of those so-called ‘aha moments’ the more you start co-operating in developing your listening skills. And so you learn to co-operate with your God-self. Life will become more harmonious, because you will have become more harmonious, and in this manner, it becomes easier to make true soul-contact with others, which is the most precious bonding of all.”