2007-05-14-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Baton of Spirit Energy

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham & Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am so touched by your friendship. The love here is visible. You each put so much into your day and even though you may be weary, you honor your commitment to this group. I am uplifted to see your group and others, striving to move forward with the Teaching Mission and the Master’s plan and purpose. You know not where this is going. You have not seen the many wonderful results that have taken place because of your interaction in the world. You have put these lessons to good use. There is a real light about you. You don’t need to take my word for it. You don’t need to see it with your eyes. You know well that you simply need to remember who we serve, remember His love for us and how He longs for our wellness.


I am MARY. I agree with all of Abraham’s wonderful words. I am encouraged to strive for new and better ways to serve. Over the years in my days serving the Master, I found myself experiencing a great deal of interaction with individuals I did not even know or care to know. It was like I was a chess piece that was moved about. I would meet and speak with a great deal of individuals. Sometimes I would only speak with them for a minute and then they were gone. I was placed in different classes of individuals where we would speak and find a common thread. I was interacting with children and apparently in the midst of simple play, I was a channel for inspiration. This was the ministry and I had not really figured it out until years later. It was as if the Father filled me with a spiritual energy that could pour upon those who were around me, in that Father was creating awareness. He was planting ideas and attempting to become closer to His children.

I am reminded of an elderly man who was like a father to me. He would come by and talk to me every day. We would laugh and tell stories and I believed he was a light to me. I found energy to go about my day when we had our encounters. I wondered why he came to see me every day. Later on I found that he also found spiritual refreshment from our conversations. I had not known an earthly father until this man had entered my life. What a joy. I am still in contact with him to this day. He was an individual who touched many lives with his lightheartedness. Even though he was infirmed, he found strength in making people laugh. I simply adored him.

There was also a time where a woman was leaving a fruit stand and the cloth she carried her goods in had opened and fruit had spilled out everywhere. I stepped over to help pick them up and we got to talking about preoccupation and our desire to do too much. It was only five minutes, but I believe it assisted us both in creating an energy to go out and serve. We know not why we’re placed in certain areas and people come into our lives and go. It may seem strange, but believe me, it is a baton of energy being passed. The cosmic mind has increased dramatically in just the last ten years, simply from individuals having spiritual awareness. As you know, we need not stand on the corner to preach our gospel, no. We are everyday people who serve as we pass by.

I had known another man who was a business owner and the father of six. His mind was so deep in his responsibilities that he had not known where his priorities had gone. He had forgotten how to love. His children were quite grown when he had realized he had not really known them. We met when I had clumsily slipped in a mud puddle. He was walking by and helped me to my feet. I was indeed embarrassed and he was nice enough to tell me his own stories of clumsiness. We laughed and walked on. A few days later we had bumped into each other again and our conversation turned toward real life circumstances and how in our busyness, we can forget why we live. After a period of time I had not seen him and I always wondered how he was doing. I did find out that the man had decreased his business so that he may get to know his family. They lived not a life of luxury, but they had something much more valuable.

How joyful were his children to feel his presence in the family. How happy was his wife to see this change in him. There were always some concerns over finances and yet their unity and desire to honor Father quelled their anxiety. They were able to live life learning all the usual things families learn. How blessed was the man to have learned this early on instead of being old and regretful. Was this change because of my interaction with him or was it the spirit of Father flowing through me to speak to his spirit? I was just having a pleasant time. I knew not that was even ministry. I was so honored to be a part of the Master’s plan.

In this life you will meet a great deal of individuals. Remember that you are a vessel for light. It is not really an obvious circumstance, no. It is you simply allowing the spirit to be what it is and work to reach souls. There are always opportunities missed because you may be in a hurry, you may be shy, you may feel unworthy and without confidence. I am saying this is not so much a matter of concentrating, rather it is about allowing. It is about being joyful and who you are. The spirit is there. We are led to certain places to have interaction with individuals. We do not know the outcome. We’re helping the light to grow. We are helping the cosmic mind. We are helping create circuits that have not been before.


I believe next week if you have need, we will take questions. As for this evening we will send you with our love and know that we are ever so grateful to be a part of your family. From Abraham and myself, until next time we bid you shalom.