2009-06-13-Blissfully Unaware of an Eternal Command

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Topic: Blissfully Unaware of an Eternal Command

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard

Session 1

June 13, 2009



Samuel: “Human viewpoints, compared to those of your Celestial Teachers, do vary a great deal. You may see an individual as greatly more, or sadly less, capable at his or her trade, art, or profession. He may be more eloquent in speech. She may be a better mother, cook or carer. As human beings, intimately informed about your immediate environment, you may well observe incredible differences between one member of your family and another.

“This is Samuel the Panoptian. Celestial viewpoints do not vary all that much. In the eyes of those who have already existed in time-space for thousands upon thousands of years, you are much the same – the babes of the universe – spiritual potentials – newbies only just lining up at the starting gate to spirituality. Credit is given where credit is due on all scores, sure enough, but spiritual leanings and soul-progress are seen as most important.

“Spiritual progress is what the universes are all about, and to what degree you see yourself as part of the whole, thus part of God, yes, the Creator Him/Herself, may well be your point of reference, as being indicative of your personal progress. Generally, only in retrospect and as you mature, will you discern a move, a progression, towards spirituality, and it involves an awakening of a kind.

“Let us consider one of the important rules you have been given, and may not sin against, whatever accepted mores,’ common sense, or religious dogma was your original starting point: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Let us be generous here, and call it: ‘Thou shalt not harm thy brother, or sister, in any way.’ Chances are you live in a democracy of some kind, and to a degree you control, by whom you are voting for, whom you will be governed by. Is your leader, he or she, of a warfaring nature?”

“Together with the credit you may take for your earnest vote, accept also the responsibility in the instance killing is done on your behalf. You may have been blissfully unaware of this resposibility in the past, but are you so now? In your spiritual progress towards total perfection, even the thought of harm done to another, any other, will be a challenge to the broader meaning of ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Clearly, even a wishing for the urgent demise of those who are producing the present worldwide unrest, does dispute this eternal command.

“Consider. I say au revoir for now.”

Session 2

June 14, 2009



Samuel: “Your analytical minds are so used to breaking down concepts into logical fragments that you will miss the overall point here, it may well go right over your head. You will then remain blissfully unaware of the fact that you were meant to deduct from just a single command all aspects of ethical behaviour you are expected to be living by. I cflarify that you were charged to be perfect, even as your Creator Parent is perfect in all ways, unchanging. You were charged to become perfect -- at some point be perfect – because it cannot happen overnight.

“The Creator loves all offspring equally and unconditionally, and you are to become, and will be, like the Creator, perhaps around the time when you are allowed to leave time-space to henceforth dwell in eternity, perhaps before, and yet for now you – imperfect creatures in an imperfect world – must contend with what ‘catch 22 time-space’ occurrences bring you. They bring you personal experiences, which those beyond time-space must do without. They bring you regular situations in which you must choose, as you so often call it, ‘the lesser of two evils,’ and being forced to make ‘the least doubtful of two decisions.’

“In order to grow you must interact, not live in isolation, and when interacting you must come to decisions, constantly. In making decisions you cannot always be perfect by acting in favor of all concerned, and hurting no one. That is the message I bring to you; that you cannot always be perfect, but that you will become perfect in time, merely because of your experiences and thereby having learned, and knowing the difference.

“In your time-space striving for perfection – indeed by seeing all others as a part of the Creator – as indwelt by Fragments of the Creator – you will reach a point where you will be able to love all others as you love the Creator, and hurt no one, not even in the least. Few would disagree with you, and certainly not I, that your wonderous earth is the toughest of testing grounds in which to uphold His one, single, basic command. Weary not, and accumulate your valiantly earned soul credits.

“Consider finally, my friends and students: You need not ten commandments to live by, nor five, but just the one. I say au revoir for now.”

Session 3

June 26, 2009


Peace, Progress

Samuel: “We trust it to be not entirely unexpected that we, both Teacher Aaron and I, decided to carry on with those meanings of your eternal commands about which you are so confused, yes, blissfully unaware in most circumstances. It is in your nature to complicate simple matters, and to simplify matters that are truly complex in nature. The less subject to this innate human tendency, the more real you are in the eyes of your celestial siblings, for it is the function of evolutionary life that you become more real – quite an achievement on this irregular, troubled world, we will agree.

“The basic commandment from which all others stem is ‘that you be perfect as your Creator is all perfect, in times past, present, and all future, never changing, never wavering.’ The Creator does not kill, but instead enlarges the universes for more of his subjects to exist in, so why should you be fighting wars, supporting warfaring governments, even ignoring the behavior of your militaristic leaders as if your ‘voice of peace’ in the democracy of which you are a part is not heard?

“The very first and only rule your Creator God gave you was for you to improve your evolutionary self over a period of time, no deadline given, so you would become God-like in your ways. The Creator of us all is not an envious or jealous God, and so whilst emulating the One who provides the needs for all should you be starving more than a billion of His children on this globe? Why should your ‘voice of generosity’ not be heard in your democracy as you bemoan your nation’s selfishness, yes, even the sanctions it places, or supports in being placed, on entire nations?

“This is your Teacher Samuel. Neither I, nor Teacher Aaron, will hesitate in touching on matters political in this way. We are committed to serve ‘the drive to necessary progress’ – the Correcting Time -- on this planet, and it is in your comprehension of the unethical, at times evil, behavior of your governments that you exhibit your acceptance of the real meanings of the Creator’s rulings, as well as celebrate your awakening to your becoming more real in the Creator’s eyes.

“We send our love to all.”

Session 4

July 2, 2009



Samuel: “This is the fourth part, or if you prefer, the fourth lesson regarding the command of ‘ye being perfect as the Creator of all is perfect.’ Perfection is ‘a big ask’ from mere mortals, especially as life is lived on a formerly rebellious planet such as yours. It is possible to reach perfection in the way you act in this life, indeed, not easy, but achievable. It would be considered to be the closest thing to a miracle for you to reach perfection in the way you think in this life.

“Perfection is a state of being, and therefore a manner of acting as well as a way of thinking. And it is with the latter that you need to be in absolute awareness of the present moment. Truly, such an achievement is not frequently attained on this earth, and perhaps it is not expected of you, and as well . . . it will now give you a better idea of what further lessons will await you on the Mansion Worlds. There will not be an instant ‘abracadabra’ so you would immediately become perfect the very moment you arrive on Mansonia One.

“Consider the past, your parents, your sibling. Were you given a disproportionate share of the chores? Badly treated? Not appreciated? Ignored by your elders? Were you perhaps favored over your siblings?

“Think of your years in the education system. Were your teachers always willing to devote equal time to you as they were to other, perhaps more favored, students? Or were you the privileged student?

“Will you reflect on your time at your trade, profession or occupation. Did you leave it to others to take on the most difficult or dirty work? How did you treat your colleagues, and how did your colleagues treat you? Consider.

“If anything in your home life, your time as a student, or as a worker still grates in your mind, brings on feelings of guilt, hatred, or upsets you in any way, you are still ‘on your way’ of becoming perfect on a long, long road into the future when all memories of negative events will have gone from your mind, and all thoughts will be positive, pure and progressive. You will then, at last, have taken the first steps towards such perfection as He is absolutely perfect.

“I send my love to you all, knowing you are no longer blissfully unaware, but hopefully delighted, about how much time you are given to become perfect as He is perfect.”