2013-10-12-Interspecies Cooperation

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Topic: Interspecies Cooperation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22)

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “At some future period in the lives of Urantians the present era of the Correcting Time will be in the past and the days of Light and Life will commence. We, the Midwayers, will see those days, because we are permanent citizens on this world. Not until all is fine and dandy on our world will we be be joining our human cousins on their trek towards Paradise. Much is still to be done, but this short lesson has everything to do with how you can make this happen.

“Much still needs to change on this world, and this can be achieved by you personally becoming like us. So who are we? We look like you. We vary in size like you do. We have emotions similar to yours. We are of your races. It is in our work and in our attitudes that we vary greatly. Our work for our Creator Father, Michael, takes up almost 24 hours each day. Our aim is to bring you closer to the purpose of your being here … one person at a time.

“Our purpose of prompting you with our 11:11 time prompts, and the many other numerical prompts, is to enlist you into an interspecies alliance of humans and Midwayers to one-person-at-a-time change this world into a better place. What is it that you need to bring to this interspecies workforce? You need to bring us intent and meditation. Your intent must be to do good to others, forget about the self, and learn to meditate, so we can communicate on a soul level.

Midwayers do not waste time. We are not here to say hello ad infinitum. When you simply want to use your meditation to hear from us, or to see us appear before you, we will set such opportunities aside for another time when you may wish to do something really positive in perhaps helping another person, or healing some ills. Indeed, should you be really interested in becoming a healer, there is nothing stopping anyone on this earth from becoming just that.

“Mindsets have to change. Admittedly, you have your own and most diverse personalities, you have your own life paths, laid out, at times hewn out, by your independent minds, but you are part of an organism that is collectively responsible for the whole of humanity. When the time comes for the individual, late in the day or early in life, to grasp the importance of forgetting about the self, and focusing on others, you will find us by your side.

“There are so many instances of your siblings needing healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you would discover a new target on which to use your energy every single hour of the day. And in doing so, you will have become very much like us. I am ABC-22, a Chief of my kind, a Urantian, and a Teacher to 11:11 Progress. May God be with you all, each moment of the day.”