2014-04-13-Energies of Mercy


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Topic: Receiving & Focusing Energies of Mercy

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Serena

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we gather today to support our Magisterial Son and His mission of mercy to our world. We thank you for connecting heart to heart to heart, soul to soul to soul, bringing us closer in unity with our indwelling Father Fragments. We thank you for expanding in this circuit of love and mercy, that our efforts may be put to good use for what is necessary to further the materialization of the mission. Only you know when that time is right. We trust you and we gladly offer our human energies to build what you wish see unfold here on this world. Thank you for protecting this energy field and circuit from any outside interference that is it only your WILL that is done. Thank you.


SERENA: Good day, my beloved brothers and sisters. This is Serena. I will be conducting the energies of today’s call as we gather as one in this intention to build the momentum for the materialization of Monjoronson’s mission here on Urantia. As you well may be aware, many people are responding to the spiritual pressure that is being focused here. Many new circuits of higher frequencies stream into this planet in an ever-expanding flow of LOVE and MERCY. Truly there is no sphere in all of Nebadon so fortunate as Urantia. And we would encourage you to view your world in this way, and to recognize that the outpouring of MERCY continues to grow and expand and will one day soon reach new heights to help all hearts awaken and turn to the Father.

What a glorious time that will be, and yet there is still a ways to go, and that is why you are here. We appreciate your efforts. As well, understand you do not yet always “see” the good that you do in coming together in prayerful construction of the Father’s WILL to bathe this world.

So let us settle in now to these energies that we help you receive and perceive during your times of stillness. It is not so important you understand what is occurring, but rather that you wish to receive what we impart to you, and that the presence of Father Within you would use these circuits of LOVE and LIGHT to help you grow in demonstrating a greater degree of love each and every day. Your capacities for love are growing, and your ability to demonstrate love is also expanding. So relax into the intention to augment the mission’s energies here on the earth plane and in your own life. We will minister to you now. Focus in your hearts. Relax and breathe deeply and mindfully with the intention for more MERCY in the circuitry of the Magisterial Mission to grow in human consciousness. (Pause)

You are never far away the MERCY of the Son. As we help you in strengthening these spiritual currents around you and through you, will you begin to perceive a deeper revelation of the MERCY ministry of the Son through the action of the Infinite Spirit. It may be challenging for you as humans to truly appreciate the expansiveness of MERCY—how far encompassing it is, to create a new environment within human consciousness. So we invite you to allow these energies of MERCY to penetrate deeper depths within your being, and to help you be larger containers of this MERCY to demonstrate this to your brothers and sisters. You expand your capacity for Michael that He may stream His MERCY to His children, those who are before you and those whom you serve. Allow these energies to go deep. Continue to let us move within you for the next few moments. (Pause)

If you wish, I invite you to focus on the spiritual language and circuitry of the MERCY OF THE SON. The personality of the Magisterial Son takes origin in the second and third persons of the Paradise Trinity. This component of MERCY is a part of His nature as it streams through the action of the Infinite Spirit.

As you focus on these words, I encourage you to seek to receive this as deeply as you can—to feel your deep need for this MERCY to embrace you as fully as you are able. There is a call for a circuit to be more deeply anchored into you to help you receive an outpouring of this level of MERCY. As it combines with Michael’s MERCY, it becomes bigger, stronger, and more directed in this field of transformation. (Pause)

There is a large change coming. It is fueled by MERCY. While none of you may know what this precisely means, it is as you know not as important to intellectually understand—comprehend the ramifications of this—as it is for your desire for this to embrace the world.

Let us shift focus then, and invite these words MERCY OF THE SON to be woven into the planet’s fabric of consciousness. As you have done so many times before, take these words as a ribbon of LOVE and LIGHT and circle it around the globe in a counter-clockwise manner, north pole to south with great love, great appreciation and faith. (Pause)

As it to soak to into the planet’s fabric of consciousness, going deep, expanding broadly as well. If you would like, envision the presence of Monjoronson filling this field of energy we are co-creating as Michael’s hands hold the planet firmly in His loving grasp. Ask for these circuits to combine and blend, forming a tighter bond of personality essences of Michael and Monjoronson to be as ONE to fill the earth, to bathe all living things in the LIGHT of MERCY. (Pause)

There are many circuits being opened now in various arenas of planetary life. In which areas do you wish to see more MERCY applied? Is it in certain social institutions? Is it in certain geographic regions? Is it in personal circumstances and relationships? As you have done in the past, take your time as you place your gaze upon these areas. We will follow you there and add what we can into what you focus upon. (Pause)

What this world needs now is a change of heart. You are assisting us in this change by supplying the necessary desire for this to unfold. We invite you to keep your desires strong and focused. Your own hearts will expand in your own ability to be greater conduits of MERCY and LOVE to your brothers and sisters. This is especially significant during this time of year when more attention is being paid to Jesus. He can minister more easily in these circuits when more hearts and minds are open to Him. So we invite you to spend time in the coming weeks to focus these energies of MERCY into the planet and we will meet you there and add what we can into what you generate from your sincere desires for more MERCY to heal this world. (Pause)

So let us now lift our gaze to our Paradise Creators. Let your hearts be full of love and appreciation for the ways of MERCY being applied upon this little world. The LOVE of the Father, the MERCY of the Son through the ACTION of the Infinite Spirit. It touches this world tenderly but powerfully, and helps more hearts to open, to turn to the Father and His GLORY. Let us spend these moments together in thanksgiving and praise.

Father, thank you for receiving our appreciation for what you stream to this world’s consciousness. We pledge our support to these brave men and women of Urantia who have dared to cast off the ways of the rebellion and seek your will earnestly, faithfully, and patiently each day. And we join with them in praising you for your MERCY changing all hearts who are ready to receive you. Thank you. (Pause)

Join us as we descend to Urantia. Let your hearts be full of MERCY, taking it as a large seed of light, planting it into the earth; then carefully with your loving hands watering it with energies of your hearts, asking it to go deep into the fabric of consciousness. Let all of the energies of MERCY come from each individual to combine as ONE to pulse into the center of the earth.

Join me in focusing on this phrase coming from MERCY moving up from the core into the earth and emanating from the earth: IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S MERCY ON URANTIA. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S MERCY UPON URANTIA. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S MERCY UPON URANTIA. Feel your desire for it to expand to grace the world. (Pause)

Conditions are ripening for planetary transformation, my brethren. So do your part each day to remember where to focus your thoughts, your intentions, and your desires, and we will meet you there and add what we can to support your desires for the Father’s MERCY to transform this world—to heal it, to uplift it, and to inspire humanity, grow Godwardly. It is indeed time! Good day, my beloved friends and fellow truthseekers.