2016-09-21-Truly the Most Confused

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Topic: Truly the Most Confused in the Local Universe

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22)

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “We are Urantia Midwayers, known for our patience, ever-lasting friendships and our willingness to travel halfway across the planet to greet old friends and ‘touch’ them when they need us. It is not so that you can ask us for information, randomly, whenever it suits you or when there is no need to know . . . and still get and answer. In this instance I asked what I should do and I was told it was up to me, that I knew the rules and that I was entrusted to live by them.

“So here now I ask you to put your mind back in time and recall having been written by many of those who had been contacted by us with the 11:11 wake-up call sign, or some such numbers and who henceforth believed themselves to be reincarnated. I dare not forget that Urantia Homo Sapiens is truly the most confused biped in the local universe.

“Aha! Our human brother is not so old and forgetful that he forgot how he denied being the reincarnation of ‘a certain Teacher Samuel.’ What a shock it was for him to hear himself say, ‘I am Samuel of Panoptia.’ What an eye-opener when he learned there were many mostly invisible Teachers beyond his horde of Midwayer friends. You, incidentally and through your antics, brought much laughter to our existence. Much fun was had during those long years of our regular association.

“Think back now over all those years — from 1972 until today — and how many recipients of time prompts believed themselves to be Apostles, Melchizedeks or even Christ Michaels reincarnated or reborn. We are so glad you put them wise. Unaccustomed to the workings of transmitted messages, they took the voices of their potential Teachers as their own.

“Here I digress, my friend, to note that the sudden ability to give rise to the presence of a Teacher, to utter the voice of a Teacher, does not necessarily mean for that person to become a receiver of celestial messages. It may or more likely may not be. Sometimes it is just a stage in life, important in a subconscious way, but not at all meant to be a regular occurrence. Take this to heart. I am ABC-22. Goodnight. We love you both.”

Receiver’s note

Shortly after I found the Urantia Book in the 1990s I requested to learn about its production. I was shown a group of three people. Most of the light was on a woman dressed in white, likely Christy, seated and doing her shorthand task. Behind her and in the dark, presumably stood Dr. Sadler and on a massage table was the sleeping subject I presumed to be Edgar Cayce.