1983-06-30-Number 1,2,3

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Topic: Number 1,2,3

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



Tom, this is a message for you. You are doing very well under some seemingly strange and unexplainable circumstances. Why do you worry about those? All will unfold for you if you will continue to pray and seek God's will for you.

You are not in a vice between two opposing opinions or people (here and in Phoenix). You are following your inner leadings correctly by "disowning the past." Your problems with doing it are the results of your fears. Now simply disconnect the line, if you will. Whether you are comfortable with it or not, you are right where we put you when you made your important decisions to (1) become sane; and (2) seek Alan's help. It worked -- didn't it?

If you will but learn to share more with these people who love you and who are helping to fulfil your destiny for you, you will become much happier and wiser regarding life, God's plans, the workings of Michael's creations and your personal role in all this.

Karen and Alan are "veterans" of this type of communication and have experience in how to use it and live with it. Allow them to share.

Tom! It has been decreed that you are, indeed, candidate material! You have the right to reject our plans.

More later


Session 2


Hello, Karen. A long time no see. We are fine and happy to see the progress you are making.

Thank you for allowing us to get through and use you to bring this little meeting together. We must do our work, perforce, when the time is right for all parties.

We have utilized the auspices of (1) the social architects; (2) your (all three) T.A.'s; (3) your (all three) seraphim; (4) the power directors, and (5) other helpers.

Allow me to offer the following:

Alan is a sensitive receiver and somewhat reticent to allow himself to be used for fear of being hurt and bring about pain in others. We, naturally, will do all we can to circumvent a lot of that.

1. Discretion must be used. No public announcements of any kind! Okay? We will guide you, if you are but willing followers where and how we do have work ahead of us.

2. Due to the nature of the relationship between Alan and Tom, you will be required, from time to time, to act as interpreter and mentor. Accept the role selflessly. We desire not to complicate this "touchy" threesome.

3. You don't all have to be present for us to communicate, but be sure that the messages are disseminated.

Nice to have you back, Karen. We have missed talking with you. Perhaps, as you do God's will, we will talk a great deal more from now on. Everyone pray and accept.

More later


Session 3


Hello. How are you three tonight? It is a pleasure to be with you. We have a lot to discuss with each other. When the channel settles down, all will be well.

The affairs of man can be complicated. Boy, what it took to get you three together! We won't worry about any of that now.

Do you have questions? One at a time, please, and ladies first.

Karen: I had no questions, just --

Jack: Comments?

Karen: -- glad to be with Jack again. We've all done quite well, don't you think?

Jack: Yes, a decent start. Tom?

Tom: Tom has reservations and concerns about his reservations, his fears.

Jack: Get into the streams of life. Outside of yourself is a world of mysteries to be discovered and solved. Go for them now.

Please keep the channel open for awhile, okay?

Tom: In the individual communication, you said I was a candidate. A candidate for what? Governor?

Jack: Yes. "Candidate." Candidate for receivership and carrying the message and for our use!

Karen: What about that recent "communication" - four pages or so using the same format as when we talk with "Jack." Were you involved or was that mere creative writing?

Jack: Yes. I have no objection to your using it out of context. From time to time we are enabled to make contact with your Thought Adjusters who approve of certain messages when it is beneficial to your spiritual insight and growth. You should always be alert to such promptings -- both of you -- and utilize those moments to the utmost. If you don't understand, please stop me!

Tom: Why was I allowed to survive all those close calls? In cars, motorcycles? How is it that I wasn't killed or that I didn't kill somebody else?

Jack: Yes, Tom. Your Thought Adjuster, first and foremost. Not I! But, your Thought Adjuster and seraphim make the determination first. We are utilized only with consent of your Thought Adjuster, seraphim and our supervisor stationed on the planet. When you were recipient of your Thought Adjuster, your "destiny" was ordained. All-- Many efforts were made on your behalf and still are [being made]. Your willingness to survive had a lot to do with it, too. Reluctantly.

Supreme Thought Adjusters make a tremendous matter. Virgin Thought Adjusters not to such an extent. There is a formula I wish to share with you … mathematical, of course!

  • X = willingness )
  • Y = type of Thought Adjuster/seraphim ) = P
  • Z = evolving supreme )

  • XYZ = P1 P2 P3 P4 !

  • P1 = potential
  • P2 = potential supreme
  • P3 = potential fusion
  • P4 = all usages we can put you to on your way from here to Paradise. We cannot overlook anyone (entity) who has any combination of this formula and you fit most of it.

Tom: Sorry!

Karen: I must ask, what do you think of the premise of my potboiler?

Jack: Yes, Karen. Make some bucks and feed the poor. Any seed planted for God is a seed for progress. Keep with it. Don't become discouraged. It's important you guys learn to finish what you start.

[No more questions]

Yes. We will talk later. You all have a lot to digest. More later.