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Topic: Compulsion

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



Hello! How are you? This is a new pleasure to be speaking to you, Tom, in a rather private setting. What is on your mind?

Tom: Compulsion. How do I deal with the situation with Ralph? How do I overcome my conflict and deal with my compulsions?

JACK: You have had good advice to date. Your problems with alcohol and drugs go far beyond any problems you may be having with a personality. However, (l) place him in proper perspective; (2) find other ways to think about — new and other people to concern yourself with (3) new life. (4) You can deal with compulsive thinking and emotions through the love of Michael and striving for his mind to replace the old mind of

Tom. (5) Sometimes you mortals get so "hung up" on a person you forget to follow the quest of the ages.

There is not too much more to say except "keep the faith" and I can help you to go down new highways, greater than any of the old you've experienced to date with anyone!

Tom: How does Jack work in my life, or how is he involved in it? What can he do for me?

JACK: A very good question. I would start by saying that I cannot be with you three all the times when not contacting. Here is how it works: Most of your feelings of the presence of something (us) is that of your seraphim; primarily a "feminine presence." When you need me and my help you ask and I will come as soon as possible. If I cannot, I am authorized to send another midwayer. There are those times however when I am with you "unasked." You will simply get to know my personality and feel me with you more.

Now, you ask, "What can I do?" Well, more than you can imagine. Ask. I'll answer.

Tom: Can Jack make me a contact personality?

JACK: No, not I. Only you and your Thought Adjuster. Why do you want to do this?

Tom: I just want to do it.

JACK: Ask God.

Tom: Will Alan pass his contacting gift over to me when he kicks the bucket?

JACK: I will have to get permission to answer that one.

Tom: I'd like to know which psychic circle I'm on.

JACK: Four.

Tom: Does my stubbornness and my character defects interfere with the work of Jack? Or interfere with your work? And the other celestial hosts' work?

JACK: Alan's "things" interfere with this. Your "things" interfere with your Thought adjuster and next in order of importance, your seraphim.

Tom: When will I get to the third level?

JACK: You get more of your "issues" such as we talked about a few moments ago taken care of , and you'll blast right through. Why else do you think we work so hard for all of this to happen while you are still in Alan's life?

Tom: Do you think I am a potato farmer? Or a defect?

JACK: Rescued. It is highly unusual for one as young as you to be at these gates, hence, we take advantage. But there are issues between you and your Thought Adjuster which dictate this happening. You made a decision. Alan is a contact personality. You two are in the same environment. What would you do under the circumstances?

I have been given permission to answer your question if you still wish.

Tom: I still wish to know if Alan's gift will be transferred over to me when he kicks off.

JACK: A qualified "yes."

Tom: What is the qualifier?

JACK: You, by continuing your decisions in favor of truth, beauty and goodness. Remember we live in a very material environment. The spirit is the way through.

Tom: Do I ask too many questions?

JACK: No, not too many questions.

Tom: Are my motives pure?

JACK: Your motives don't concern me one iota.

Tom: What is Jack going to be using me for or the other beings out there?

JACK: Bridging the material and spiritual gulfs on Urantia.

Tom: How do I bridge the gaps?

JACK: This is an avenue. Follow our way and you walk easy, but we midwayers have other duties to perform also. We are historical recorders.

Tom: Do you record us?

JACK: Yes. It goes into the archives as part of the spiritual economy of the universe. Many, many students from other worlds, universes, etc., visit and observe these happenings. We, I, help make that possible as well as their speaking with you and others, too.

Tom: Am I in the right field? Am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing? Am I supposed to be an electronic whiz kid?

JACK: Oh, boy. A very good start, I'd say. Yes. Don't go flying into unchartered waters for awhile yet, okay?

Tom: Okay. Was my past intended to be like it was with my parents and my brothers and sisters? Was it all supposed to be all screwed up like it was?

JACK: No. Please never overlook free will, ignorance, selfishness, greed, lust, etc. Look to the above for the rest of your answers.

Now, Alan, while Tom is away don't get overtired but I have someone here who wants to speak with you both in a moment. Take a very short break and come right back.

Jack here. Relax a moment.

ONE IN AUTHORITY: Yes, I'm here. You can call me by name but that is not important. My message is the important thing at this time.

I am one in authority. I give Jack his permission to deal with you and code his messages. There are some matters which perforce require telling the future when we are involved in such as this. Please treat these issues when they come up with care. Also, do not become disgruntled when future information is denied.

Your task with all of this is simple, not simplistic. You, as Jack does, and others of his kind, will help to bridge the gaps from time to eternity. Sometimes you will be challenged to go out onto the firing line as it were, but we will be with you at all times of possible danger.

Midwayers, with the help of power directors, can avert physical catastrophes. Your contact personality will not be called to Mansonia for several years yet so you can see a lot can yet be said and done.

Thank you. I will talk from time to time with you. Now I return you to "Jack."

Tom: Is your real name Jack?

JACK: No, of course not, dummy.

Tom: What do I call you?

JACK: Call me Jack.

Tom: Probably because we won't be able to pronounce your real name anyway.

JACK: Right. We are going to close out now unless there is a good one.

Tom: One more question. Do you feel the same things that we feel when we have our spiritual highs or our good feelings inside?

JACK: Yes. It is love. I am very close in progression with you mortals. "Born" one small step above. Had Lucifer not rebelled and Adam defaulted you would see me. I am right here. You may yet see me before you die.