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Topic: Tolerance

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Sometimes it is difficult to understand your brothers. They are all so very different, different thinking, different feeling, different emotional balance, different insights, different mental capacities, different upbringings, different world views. It is sometimes very hard to reach beyond this wall of difference that separates two individuals. I tell you now that it is true, love will always banish all barriers between men.

Love is like a magic wand which may be used to make obstacles disappear. It is a hard tool to master. Much is dependent on surrendering to God, which is not controlling - feeling emotion, but surrendering instead to love impulses which, when directed toward another, elicit this same love impulses in return. It is unfailing except in certain severe situations. If your love is strong enough, if your heart is willing enough, if your mind is tolerant enough, then love will surely overcome differences, barriers, and obstacles between you and any other person.

Yes, this is hard, at times requiring a humility and meekness that is surrendering to the Father's will to a great degree. Some of you may feel it for a day or two and then lapse back into defending your hearts with worries, cares and concerns about others. I tell you this is not the way of God.

The way of God is complete and total love. The way of God is learning to find this love within us and letting this love flow outward to bless and give light to those who may sit in darkness. This also requires a tolerant mind, a mind which is willing to allow love to come first and understanding later, a mind to allow a greater mind to be its over-control, and this greater mind is dominated by love.