1991-11-11-Spiritual Healing

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Topic: Spiritual Healing

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Unknown



The method by which these healings are taking place is not miraculous. No. It is a method used often in many diverse situations in this System of our Universe. The healers - healing agents, who perform these healings are Life Carriers. They are well in understanding of physical - material bodily structures, and effect healing through energies transfer and rearrangement of stimulus patterns within the body. There are within living cells - “energy,” which can be stimulated for growth, secretion of chemicals, cell death and movement.

Each living cell within the body carries these attributes within itself. Specialized cells in organ structures are utilized in varying degrees depending upon the problem. Often when change in cell stimulation or death has occurred, then this change is permanent - lasting. So that after healing is completed permanent change has been effected and the bodies natural harmonious balance is restored.

These healings, as I said, are not miraculous and instantaneous. It is our hope and desire for all who seek this healing to understand its mechanical effects. Yes, it is at once dependent on faith, also. Often the spiritual, mental poisons of mind fears, can chemically imbalance the body, which greatly retards this healing effort.

Simple faith is very necessary. Not only for energy channels to open within and allow healing to take place, but for mental soundness in healing acceptance. Halfhearted wavering between doubt and believing is detrimental mentally - spiritually, and can set back healing efforts.

Faith is miraculous in itself. Faith is extra material, yet not fully spiritual. It is mental, physical and spiritual. It is personality coordinated, unified and directed. Faith is the most wonderful gift there is to will creatures and the most wonderful gift will creatures may give the Father. Yes, even so, even in your darkest hours, your faith is your saving grace, gift and bestowal.