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Topic: Reincarnation

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



This is serious error in thinking.

When we lament a glorious past like the supposed golden age of Adam and Eve - with the subsequent fall from grace and causing the misery of men, it is looking at life as a lost potential. This is error.

When we believe that past lives were lived and in better circumstances than present, this is akin to it, an error was made and reincarnation was imposed, you see that “fall from a better state” again.

We should rather look at our present world as a springboard of boundless opportunity for future greatness. Potentials within are waiting to be unlocked and lived. They are not “locked up and you live again.”

These potentials of personality power are waiting expression now. We are beginning the great adventure, not reliving the dust of the past. The images may be a forward looking potential expression from the Indwelling Spirit -illuminating character possibilities and potential, not memory.