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Topic: On Naperville

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean

Session 1

April 23, 1993


TOMAS: This is Tomas. Yes, Gerdean, I have time to speak with you. I am assigned here to your area and I enjoy our contact. I can appreciate your concern, that everyone might be occupied this evening in preparation for tomorrow's anticipated materialization of Machiventa. However, that will not preclude our being able to visit as usual. Machiventa himself is available should you so desire; however, I honor your graciousness to allow him to compose himself for his re-entry into your material plane. As far as our awareness goes, it is in preparation and as you anticipate his appearance, we also anticipate his further ability to contact those mortals who are anxiously, willingly, joyously awaiting his imminent arrival. We are all in anticipation and will discover tomorrow what transpires.

We have utilized your energies and we appreciate your willingness to lend your energies to this enterprise. Many, many spiritual energies are being focused on that event and you will not he disappointed, nor will those in attendance. I am in that Corps of Teachers who are supportive of this manifestation, as we are under the jurisdiction of "Big Mac" and we joyously anticipate the further growth that will transpire once this materialization is accomplished. Much of our ability to accomplish this feat is due to the responsiveness of you in Correcting Time Mission who are willing to contribute your energy to this process and to this era.

We further request your contribution tomorrow toward enlightened invitation for such manifestation as is hoped to transpire. You are realizing, through these past few days, where your ultimate reality lies. And your tests have been met and passed, and you are again comfortable with me and with your role as transmitter/receiver of our words and accept your role as assigned. We are working in this together and we appreciate your cooperation and your willingness and your faith. Go rest and prepare for tomorrow as an eventful day in the unfolding of light and life on your world. Much good will come from tomorrow.

Session 2

April 25, 1993


TOMAS: This is Tomas, your Teacher. I am commissioned by Machiventa Melchizedek, as acting Planetary Prince, through the banner of Christ Michael, to impart to you certain lessons as we would have you absorb and convey to your fellows, inasmuch as you are committed to His will and to fostering the brotherhood of man on Urantia.

You already have learned to persevere in the face of isolation as an Agondonter and with faith that, in spite of your inability to see, you are aware of and believe in our presence, our supernal overcare, and our undying love for you as it is Michael's desire that we impart to you your isolation has ended and we are, in fact and indeed, ready for communication with you mortals as you mortals are ready to communicate with us.

We have not altered our course and we are attempting to proceed in the face of many people's doubts that we exist, and that this method of communication has reality, as many people are disillusioned with such phenomenon and pseudo-phenomenon. However, as we teach and as you learn, you will bear the fruits of our labors and the love of Christ Michael and you will be your own example of God doing through your life what could not be accomplished were it not for spirit connection, cooperation and liaison.

Even blind faith requires a belief in something other than reality as it is perceived by mortal eyes. It is literally true, you are called to be born again, born of the spirit and, once an entity is realized in the spirit, only opportunity presents itself for further growth and further reality. There are no backward steps written into your destiny path.

You will, Gerdean, indeed, receive information regarding the attempted materialization of Machiventa yesterday on your planet as you were advised by L. in Naperville. You assuredly will appreciate the response. And I must say, were you slightly less toxic and slightly more in tune, you might be able to receive more factual details of yesterday's events. You are not, however, given that information. And you should not feel "lesser" because you do not immediately understand the nature of the events that did transpire.

There are many things in Our Father's universe which are not understood by many of us and this is not disturbing to us as we have long since come to trust Our Father in all things, as Christ Michael trusted His Father in all matters, not excluding the matters of the Melchizedeks and the teachers and the supernals who attend you. Nor, as you know, should you debilitate yourself by trying to understand your fellow human beings overmuch, as many of the experiences that are experienced in this lifetime are for the individual's long-term growth, and short-term observation will reveal only superficial answers to why such an experience occurred.

The whys and wherefores of spiritual growth are neither here nor there. Spiritual growth is unconscious. It is by your conscious decisions and more decisions, and by your sincerity and further sincerity, that you ascend the ladder of spiritual consciousness, and spiritual devotion increases as you climb this ladder. As you ascend in The Father's Kingdom, you are given opportunity to serve your fellows in wider and vaster arenas and you ultimately are brought to a point of reaching the multitudes and this is, shall we say "generic"; this is morontial. This is spiritual. And by no means is this according to your understanding or your intellectualization of what you are contributing.

As you well know, the less aware you are of your input into another's growth, the more growth that can occur, as free will on your world is supreme and for this reason you are encouraged to whet the appetites of your associates for truth. And how does one do this? It is not by acting intellectually superior or philosophically replete, but in living the life and in answering the questions you have presented by living out the answers for their observation and then they may incorporate their own experience into their own evolving spiritual ladder.

This is why any experience is good if it contributes to the understanding of the mortal's relationship with God, as they understand Him, of the Higher Power of our Father in Heaven, of Allah, of Buddha, of the Great Spirit, of the Most Highs. If it contributes to their recognition and understanding of this omniscient presence, then it has been beneficial.

It is indeed a truism that perhaps the best way to plant your seeds is for the right hand to not know what the left hand is doing. This is perhaps why, when you feel you are being a total airhead, you may be operating more in the spirit than if you were "under control" or "on top of it." The less on top of it you are, the more sense you can make to other spirit hungry souls.

TRIESTE: Greetings, Gerdean, this is Trieste. I am in attendance. I know everything you have been going through, everything you have been experiencing, all your joys, all your perceived limitations, all your disappointments in yourself and in your fellows. I am your companion. I find it all rather interesting and it is well that I find it interesting, as this is where I am assigned. This is my assignment, as you are assigned to your assignment, and you have followed it nobly in planting your trees and your seeds.

I plant my seeds and allow the Father to nourish the seed to fruition. I can fertilize the seed and water it, but it is through the light of the Son, Christ Michael, and The Father whereby the plant reaches and ascends, ultimately to bring forth fruit. I abide with you, Gerdean, and only ask that you utilize my presence more often and more fully for we will become one in purpose.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. And, yes, to a certain extent your personal teacher Trieste is guiding you in cooperation with your Thought Adjuster toward your ultimate fusion, toward your ultimate one-on-one communication with your Thought Adjuster, in a manner and in/through a personality which will not burn you, will not overwhelm you. Yes, this is a correct presumption / perception and I, yes, am your Teacher.

As you know, throughout the mansion worlds you will fall under the jurisdiction of the Order of Melchizedeks, and you have learning experiences outlined for you in your ascension plan which would be overseen by those teachers in the Order of Melchizedek which, of course, is under Machiventa Melchizedek, so you see, if and when Machiventa arrives, you are realizing an incredible event of incredible power and energy.

It is a consideration that he needs to incarnate as before, for if he were to appear with all his power and dynamic energy, you would not be able to withstand the impact of his presence. This is not impossible; it is simply not that simple to accomplish, as he is your Planetary Prince and arrangements need to be made to baby-sit us all.

I am withdrawing for now and I encourage you to return to the original stillness and feel Our Father and feel the Spirit of Truth and see for yourself the Divine plan as you perceive it for yourself and for all of us in service to you, to your planet and to your Father.

Good night, Gerdean, my loyal student .

Session 3

April 27, 1993


TOMAS: Good evening, Gerdean. This is Tomas. I see your mortal circuits are busy with speculation and skepticism and I-told-you-so regarding the Correcting Time Mission and I am very pleased that you opt to stand by your path and your desire to follow wherever the Master leads. You are correct to turn to The Father and to the Father/Brother Christ Michael, for those entities, powers, cannot fail.

Those of us Teachers under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek have not failed either, nor have the humans who have waited patiently and impatiently for his materialization. This is not a simple matter. The important thing is that you maintain / retain your faith in the living fact/truth of the teachers who attend you and minister to you in your travails and your experiences as you ascend.

We are involved in this Mission to assure you that you are no longer isolated in your cosmic bubble, that you are now a part of the swelling wave of the living water. We are assuring you, as you sit in faith and in belief of this reality, that what you experience is indeed truth. There are those who are cautious, and yet, even those who are cautious, have felt a pang of disappointment that Machiventa, as you have learned, did not materialize as reported/reputed/scheduled.

The sympathy and loving kindness that you would manifest to those who did not believe in the Mission is now overturned, and those readers of the Urantia Book who did not believe in the Mission are now in a position of feeling compassion for those who perceivably are disappointed.

This is an unfolding which is in accordance with His way of doing things, in unfolding a new generation of believers, in unfolding this new era of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, of revealing to His children on earth this day the supernal personalities who attend you.

There is much discussion about the personal teachers, the transmitter/receivers, and, yes, there are myriad T/R’s coming on-board, and this is as it should be. As we have told you, the channels of communication, the circuits of spiritual power and energy and light are open for partaking. Whether or not all are in agreement as to their perceptions and their time schedules is irrelevant.

The true beauty of the Mission, at this point, is that we are in communication, that you are in communication, that you are no longer in isolation, that your fears of isolation are dissolving as you reach for us, and we reach for you in turn and assuage your fears with our reassurance that in fact and indeed we are here, we are a part of your evolving life henceforth.

It is well for you to understand that we are, as it says in your text, hosts of spirit personalities just outside your vision who anxiously await contact so that we may help you in your growth and thus you may help your fellows in their growth.

This is not, obviously, for egoistic purposes. This phrase "chosen people" is not to be misconstrued. The Master Himself has said that many are called and few are chosen. Many are called on a daily basis and some struggle and some deny and some grasp and those who grasp, those who grab the ball and run with it, are in fact and indeed chosen to carry that ball that they themselves have asked for and caught.

You are sons and daughters of the Most High, and if that is not chosen, then what is?

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