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Topic: Fear

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



I am Ham. Our thanks to you for coming this evening. Our lesson tonight concerns fear.


Fear is at bottom an animal urge for healing, whether this manifests in actions such as flight or hiding, or in inner psychic fears impelling the mental urge toward help of some kind. It is always an impelling motive toward self-defense. It helps sustain the ego, speaking in psychiatric terms, fears, then, impel defense of the ego or conscious self. Often during life this fear mechanism tends to instruct the ego to actively separate itself from parts of itself which cause discomfort or fear to the conscious mind where the ego resides. Certainly there are some aspects of all humans which are frightening. Some of your dream states illustrate these fears to the ego. Sometimes suppressed conscious impulses enter into this area which is behind the wall of consciousness. Unresolved anxieties and certain behavioral traits also can be suppressed. Now the result is that there exist two selves: the self which is consciously allowed and the self which is not allowing the conscious and resides behind fear in the unconscious.

Personality is more basic than its psychological surroundings. The personality invariably strives for unity and balance. As the psychic levels of development, the seven circles, are traversed gradually there must occur an awakening to the consciousness of unconscious fears about the self. In this way the ego, that is conscious self, gradually expands into and includes self until eventually all is balanced and whole. There cannot be any dark corners left when the soul unites with the pure fragment of the living God. Some of you, perhaps, are living through a process of exploring yourselves in these dark spaces. Though this may be painful and frightening, you must realize that fear is nothing more than a reaction of the ego, and that your core self, your personality, is the holder or possessor of all of you. Find this central point of calm and observe how fear has no more effect on you.

The imperative of the personality is to unify the self and to consciously unite with the spirit more and more, thereby creating the soul. Realize that there is nothing truly bad within you that cannot be unified, spiritualized, actualized and made perfect.

"And the Lord, taking him by his right hand said, 'Come, let us reason together. Though your sins may be scarlet, they shall be white as snow. " Therefore, these fears existing within are only unreal barriers toward self unity. Fear has no reality in itself, it is only an impulse toward self-preservation, which is limited as ego preservation, in the mind. The true self, the whole self, the complete self, the personality, unifies experience, actualizes spiritual growth, and coordinates the two in harmonious balance.

The Indwelling Spirit is completely focalized upon the personality center. He aids all inner striving from within and spiritualizes all inner worthwhile experiences as He spiritualizes always in totality. Psychic circles are not traversed in or by bits and pieces. You cannot be partially in one circle and partially in another, the total personality is where it is. Spiritual advancement is made by the whole coordinated self, the personality.

Human error occurs in not recognizing this striving for what it is. Humans know and are aware that intimate striving takes place, yet they limit this struggle to the area of the psyche, which in modern times is left orphaned and alone, apart from it's spiritual focal point Nothing is so complicated as this area of human science, for it verges on the metaphysical, yet denies true philosophy. Humankind always views the mechanism of the mind as it’s greatest mystery. It seems on the one hand to have a mechanistic seat, the brain, yet it, itself, defies the laws of matter constantly. So neither does mechanistic science grasp it, nor does psychiatry understand it. Only by allowing for spiritual action through the mind does one begin to understand the mind.

Viewed in this manner, the mind is a mechanism for the personality to expand into spiritual and morontial reality. It is not mysterious that when the command off self understanding expands, that the human personalty becomes more "real", and this expanded reality exerts great influence through the mind. Mind is the reality through which we know reality, and it is the mechanism by which we become part of reality increasingly. Do not, therefore, allow fears to impede the imperative of unity within. Always remember, it is our Lord who created you, and would He create something unworthy of Him? Learn to use His strength in time. Accept yourselves as you are, complete, whole, perfect. Allow yourselves to gradually become one with Him and show the world that you fear nothing. By example illustrate that there is no fear in reality. Give hope to those who suffer needlessly in fear by this valiant effort. Strive onward toward God and give freely of His love which banishes all fear.