1994-01-10-Would You Be My Apostle

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Topic: Would You Be My Apostle

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Unknown



Christ Michael: Would you be my apostle? Then serve your brethren. Who are your brethren? Are your brethren those that you do not know? Are your brethren those that you do know?...........silent acknowledgment........

At times it is easier to serve those whom you are detached from. Look always for the instances of service which you might perform. All associations are beneficial.

Take care that you do not chastise others which I have also chosen. Their worth, while not so easily discernable by perhaps yourselves, is equal to yours. My love for them has no limits. My love for you has no limits.

Be patient with their immaturity of concept. They are my children, as are you. It pleases me to see my children with spiritual maturity have patience and a brotherly regard for those who have not experienced the same as you.

I do not chastise you for your deep feelings, yet I would remind you that you, too, were less mature than at present. I did not lose faith in you. I would that you exercise this same patience with those of your brethren who are struggling at this juncture.

My love for you all knows no limits. You are each individually important to the whole of my plan. I rely upon you to continue making the choices which enhance your being, which causes the growth of your souls.

You have the ability to discern our Father in your lives. Always strive for this. This is the key to your eternal progression. This is the development of your morontia being. This is what you will carry with you through eternity in the service of our Paradise Father. Expect my support. Know that I will provide all that you will require.

Have the faith of a little child who not only expects, but demands his birthright, his love. This is the gift which the Father and myself give you. Fear not to demand that which we would freely give. This is the true faith that you deserve.

My love is ever with you. Continue to minister to my world, to my children, to your brethren. This I require of you as my apostles, for you were my apostles before even you thought to make the request. I leave you my peace. Share it with all.