1995-01-09-Losing Your TR

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Topic: Losing Your TR

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Roinda



Greetings. I am a Melchizedek. My name is of no importance. It is of special importance I wish to speak with you this evening. It has been awhile since your group has had communication directly in connection with the Teaching Mission. We do not wish this. We seek one in your group who will be willing to transmit. We ask each of you to look within yourselves and see if this commitment is something you would be willing to do.


We realize the loss of Rebecca has devastated many of you, and do not wish to place added pressures on any of you. It is simply our desire to communicate more directly with your group. You are our beloved children and we wish to continue your growth in this tremendous cycle of life. You seem to be floundering about without much direction and this concerns us. Your group has many diversities, which in our eyes, is a blessing.

You must continue to reach out to each other, learn to accept and love each other without trying to change the others. This is possibly your hardest task at hand. It is a challenge for each and everyone of you to overcome your prejudices, your pride, your ego, your desire for self-fulfillment, and be what Jesus taught, a gift of love. It is with these words that I believe you will follow your heart, your soul, and you will be able to bring about changes from within yourself with such speed as that it may be frightening to you. But fear not--for change is not to be feared. It is a journey toward your Heavenly Father, for you change with the knowledge of becoming as He is, perfect.

This change is not expected to happen in this life time. It will take many, many lifetimes, so many you can not even conceive of the length of time it will take you. The reason we ask for you diligence is for your happiness, your fulfillment, so that you may pass this on to your brothers and sisters in this lifetime. This is mere practice for those lifetimes ahead of you in which your service will be invaluable. It is our honor to serve you in this way. You can not comprehend the joy it gives us to see and watch your growth, your understanding, your compassion, as life beholds for you.

You may make changes with leaps and bounds or at a snail's pace, they are still triumphantly your changes. There is no one to tell you how fast or slow you can go. You must determine this for yourselves. It is with all respect your goal here in this lifetime. Become happiness and joy. You shall see the rewards reflect on those around you.


It is with these words that I leave you. Be blessed, be considerate. Think about my offer. Many teachers are willing and waiting for any one of you or all of you to respond to my offer. We shall be in touch with those of you who are willing. Farewell.