1996-02-04-Supreme Evolution

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Topic: Supreme Evolution

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



Will: The love of the Father enfolds us, sustains us, lends us support. Wherever we gather, always, He is.

Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. I missed you last week, yet I was also enjoying myself, and I know that you were in good hands with Ambrose, who took over my class in my absence.


I would like to talk to you this evening about the role you all play in the evolving panorama of the evolution of the Supreme. Each of you plays an integral role within the evolution of His unfoldment. Every thought that you think, every deed, every action, all the creativity within your life, within your life’s arena, adds to the “becoming” of the Supreme. Analeise mentioned some time ago how when she looks on something beautiful, that in her mind, she takes a picture and verbally, mentally, shares it with Him. We were very touched by this gift she gave to Him, for indeed was it accepted as one of the greatest gifts she could give to Him. As you traverse this path you walk, and as you each become more spiritized and recognize more readily the roles you play, both in this Teaching Mission as well as the part you individually play toward building the fabric, if you will, of the Supreme, you will eventually recognize on a more conscious level your contributions. We encourage you to look within the fabric of your individual lives in an effort to recognize the ways that you do indeed contribute to His becoming, for with each recognition, you will hopefully accept this role and more consciously make an effort to contribute. This knowing, or understanding of the role you play moves you into a better position to fulfill the Father’s will for you. JoiLin is wishing to step back at this time, so I would like to continue this transmission through another transmitter if anyone is willing.

ED: Long pause......


It is alright dear ones, please do not feel disappointed in yourselves, we will try another time.

I leave you this evening with my love as always, and the Father’s blessing on all of you. Shalom.