1998-07-20-Gift of Knowingness

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Topic: Gift of Knowingness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Welcome, my friends. What a wonderful time when we can gather for sharing. Your open hearts make this a place of comfort where ideas are welcome. I thank you for allowing me to teach and also share my ideas.


When I was recruited to serve in our Mission, I was uncertain of the outcome of many tasks I was assigned to. Many times had I wondered how my smallness in this Mission could create very much needed change on Urantia. My goals were to serve where I was needed, and yet, I felt as though I was stumbling in darkness. My efforts seemed to be unfruitful and I was feeling unhelpful or inadequate. It was with time, that I could see Father's influence in my work. I have grown to be more secure and confident in my efforts. I know surely that Father has His hand in all my work.

Yes, it is evident you each have the heart to promote good and your levels of trust in Father have matured. When attaining goals, it is 70% mindal work that needs to be organized in order to be successful. One who desires to be financially stable knows that this is requiring physical work. Of course, Father grants you each abundance and the universe is opening doors for you. Father is generous in all ways, and yet, a wise person knows there is work to be done. This person does not expect riches to fall into his lap, no. There are small steps one must make toward attaining his goal; perhaps resumes to be typed, phone calls to be made, interviews to attend. Father does so desire His child's well being, and yet, to hand His child everything without the child's efforts toward them is to remove reason for experiencing life in the flesh.

Do you see, the small steps are eternal teachings that hold meaning to those who are aware? To map a plan for attaining goals looks somewhat like a pyramid, where the goal would be the top point, and the steps below would help ones mind to be organized and plan out the steps. A goal without a plan of mortal efforts is not to be successful. Your mortal effort is the reason you walk the earth. The small steps you take is your mission. You may be like I was where I could not foresee certain outcomes, but certainly in time, will you perceive Father's hand in all you do.

When putting your mortal plan into action, you must look at the degrees of difficulty. Are there doors opening? Are there coincidences that seem to help you along your way? Are there just brick walls you continually bump up against? What is the universe telling you about attaining this particular goal?

Man was destined to be more mindally connected with those just beyond his vision. The evolutionary difficulties have separated man from this gift temporarily. I can say to you that the planet is as it should be status wise.

You are each allowed this gift again, this feeling of knowingness. This knowingness is a compass to attaining our goals. This knowingness is telling you what Father has planned for you and your goal at this time.

Perhaps this is not a particularly good time for this goal to take place, more planning must be done. Perhaps Father would detain your goal to teach many more people than just you, yes. Perhaps Father is giving you a desire for a certain goal, and certainly He can aid you in developing a plan to attain it.

For example, one who would overcome anger, certainly this is Father's will and perhaps He would suggest certain steps you could take in attaining this goal. He could possibly guide you to meditate, or take in beautiful music, change your diet, or seek assistance from friends, and enjoy the relaxation of fellowship, yes.

You can each understand that all goals are for the betterment of one and all. They can certainly influence many lives, many individuals you would relate with. My suggestion for this week is to find your goal. Make a plan of steps towards attaining it. Watch for the universes assistance, the open or closed doors. Be aware of the inner knowingness.

Know that Father desires the very best for His children, and this sometimes is learning, and learning can be difficult. His goal is to one day become completely one with you and everything He does up until that day is guidance for you to help Him. You each in your own unique ways have a specialized Adjuster that would know the intricacies of our personalities. Yes, they are sensitive to your innermost desires and personality traits. There is not one greater who could aid you in attaining those things of your heart, yes. Know you are well watched over and carefully guided.


I again must forego questions for this evening. I will take questions at another time. Please be aware of my assistance as well as others during the week. My love is with you always. Until next week, shalom.