1998-11-03-See What You Are Taught To See

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Topic: See What Your Are Taught To See

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Tomas

TR: Gerdean




MICHAEL: This is Michael, your brother , your teacher. My friends, my loyal friends, be with me for a moment while I spend a moment in time with you, you who have been called, you who have been chosen, you who have made the commitment to answer the call to serve in this army advancing in spirit reality. Remember that many are called, few are chosen, only because they have not chosen. Your assignment is to go among men as one who has been selected to serve Me in my mission of saving souls, of finding lost sheep, of instilling in My children a realization of their place in our family, My Father's house.

When you remember your calling, as you go forth, I do go with you. It is My wish that you begin to perceive the true reality of those who turn to know me personally and yet have been afraid to step out of their bondage of tradition and convention. Let them know that I am able to comfort them and I will not require more of them than they are able to handle. Remind My children that they are loved, as loving parents love their little ones.

Encourage those who look to you as if they see in you a light, for indeed they do. Many will not see your light at all; pass them by, in love. And those who you are called to comfort in merciful ministry, do so in my name, but encourage and counsel those who would know Me better. You who are my ambassadors have established yourselves as ones who have been with me. If you have been with me, you have been loved and accepted as the divine child you are becoming, and your mortal frailties are understood, and are temporary.

As mortals, you may companion one another, comfort one another, be jovial and gay, but always open your arms to those who would appear to be outside, yearning to come in, for remember those who stand at the door and knock will be entered unto, and so, open your soul to the light of the Father that will embrace the new sheep into the fold. Our family will grow. Like all families, we will find challenges. Mortals are querulous, but when you have been with me, when you have felt my love for you and the kind of divine love that passes understanding and definition, it is enough to know that you have shared this Essence of Reality, even though in the course of time it will evolve and you as a group of people will also evolve accordingly.

Practice then, seeing what you have been taught to see. Listen to what you have been taught to hear for, and rejoice in my bidding. Good evening.

TOMAS: Good evening, indeed. It is always a bit of an adaptation in reconfiguring our arena, our format, when we have been in such lofty places, in the precious presence of our Prince's Prince.


Correcting Time

There has been much excitement in your arena and in other arenas as well as we begin to see the fruition of many, many years efforts. You are precious and dear, each of you. It is so thrilling to behold this time of evolution on Urantia. You must trust our perspective that allows for you to see the lights that have come on in your personal lives as a result of this new era, this new dispensation, allowing for light and life in your very lives.

Isolation has indeed ended and we rejoice to see your connections being made. It is our fervent hope that you will continue to maintain a connection with divinity, that you will continue to remain charged by the energy of reality, that you will not bask in the light of the sun and become complacent. But it is such an opportunity to rejoice, at these peak times of accelerated growth, in appreciation of awareness of the growth that gives this perspective its greatness.

It is so marvelous to behold your souls unfolding, your pilot lights becoming brighter, your yearning for fellowship reflected in your growing society of kingdom believers, your concerns about honesty, compassion, gentleness, spirit -- all these wonderful realities which are part of your true self. We are encouraged, but even so, we are mindful of much work which will be required while we develop and while we withstand the whirlwinds of confusion and fear that await the environment of the doubtful, the skeptics, the disbelievers. More and more it is necessary now for you to return to your citadel of the spirit, to base yourself in the Father's love and solid care. In this, Michael's Spirit of Truth will be able to anchor you in reality and support you as you are pummeled with the materialistic viewpoints in their maelstrom.


My many ponderous words and our relative serious atmosphere must not be construed as anything less than divine joy, for we rejoice greatly in the turn of events, in the state of affairs, in the ongoing and growing status of the brotherhood of man, under Our Father.