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Topic: Allegiance

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



The love of God enfolds us, the love of God uplifts us, the love of God is ever with us. Wherever we are, He is. My greetings to you tonight, this is your teacher, Will, who loves you.


The topic I would like to speak with you about tonight is allegiance. Those gathered in this room tonight all know too well what it is like to be faithful to a teaching. It would be nice if all knew, for when faced with daily life, it is difficult to remember at any one given moment what is the highest sense of truth. If you've rehearsed yourself, then you know at any one time what is your highest sense of good, and that allegiance pays off, for in the long run.. (T/R pauses)

Whenever given the opportunity, when offered two paths of behavior, you can take the higher, for in that highest sense of truth is your allegiance to what you know to be the best for you and for those around you. Test the waters, for nothing is lost in following this teaching. Serving two destinies serves no allegiance to either. So follow your sense of highest good and let the other fall to the wayside. Whenever you meet people throughout the week, treat them as you would like to be treated. Go forth (T/R apologizes for having difficulty, another continues...)

Your allegiance to what you know to be the Father's path is easy when the waters are smooth. But the real test will come in the greyness of the moment, where it is often difficult to tell which path is suitable for the moment, which path has the most love in it. Here is where your intentions become paramount, for when you approach a crossroad, and you desire in the pureness of spirit to take the highest road, if in doubt, take a moment and ask for help. For allegiance is not so much selecting the right path as it is intending to do so.

There is little doubt that any in this group, when tested, would not attempt to take God's path, to do God's will, to be about the Father's business. You have been under our instruction for many years. Each of you has been well prepared, and we have great faith in your abilities.

We have often said that this is an active ministry. Each of you, this week, step forth, make an extra effort. We have heard the request that these meetings involve discussions of a more spiritual nature. Now I expand that request, and ask that your lives be focused on the most important aspect of our mission - the spiritual. It's time to be about the Father's business in earnest.

As we reach out in love to our brothers and sisters this week, don't be hesitant to show your allegiance to the spirit, to express your intentions, to seek the spiritual path. For those that you encounter may surprise you, may actually be on the paths themselves, may encourage you to speak further, may ask for your assistance, or may teach you. This week, forego the habitual greetings that you so often utilize in your day to day activities, and instead speak in the moment. Take the time, look in the eyes of those you have discourse with. Listen to what they have to say, and then touch them through the heart.

If not today, then when will we be about the Father's business? My students, I speak frankly with you tonight. None of us know how long we have. We must make every effort to be soldiers in this mission of Michael's. We must be fearless, we must be active, we must be assertive. Each of you is where you need to be to influence those in close proximity. So joyously, sweetly but firmly, step out this week, this night, this hour. Reach out to your brothers and sisters and let them know that you care, and when doing this, do it for the glory of God. For we're each on a joyous and exciting mission.


Each of you has accepted these responsibilities, and the time for vacillation has ended. Go forth. Go forth. Shalom.